Mars/IC Aspects


sparklersLeader of the pack. Taking charge of your home and household. Running the house. One parent “ran the house.” Actively involved in family affairs. An energetic family. Liking to work on the house. Family involved in construction or contracting. Lots of house maintenance. Always busy at home. Fire under your butt. Domestic issues get your blood boiling. Getting heated about familial relationships. Blood is thicker than water.

Involvement with real estate. Being a real estate agent. Driven to have a home of your own. Motivated to find a family that you fit in with even if it is not your blood relatives. A military family. A sports’ family. A family of champions. A family of heroes. Looking out for the people you consider to be family. Willingness and ability to stand up for the people you consider to be family. Willingness to fight for your country. Fighting for your family. Members of Genealogists. Many family gatherings. Family reunions.

Domestic life is an issue. How you act when you’re home. A bully in the house. Domestic violence. Secret family violence. Bottled up anger. Sitting on angry feelings. Sexual undertones in the family life. An aggressive parent. An aggressive household. Power struggles at home. Fighting with your parents. Inner battle. Angry feelings. Struggles at home. Struggles with racial identity. Struggles with people of your own “kind” – whomever you view as family. Taking the side of one parent against the other. At war with one parent. Hostile home environment. Home is the battlefront. Domestic situations bring up feelings of irritation and touchiness.

Withdrawn energy. Energy that retreats into itself. Desire to stay at home rather than doing something out in the world. Energy conservation. Exercising at home. Having a home gym. Making room for your favorite sport in your backyard. Backyard competitions. You need an outlet for aggression at home. You need an outlet for competitive desires at home. Having everything you desire at your house. Nurturing masculine influence. A male dominant household. Inner motivation. Inner drive. Hidden desire. Hidden courage. The hidden warrior.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Mars/IC, read Mars/Midheaven Aspects.


ic-aspects-report-cover Save yourself the time and trouble of locating all your IC aspects with the IC Aspects Mini Report!

Planets and points searched are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, Vertex, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, Juno, and Chiron.

Aspects searched are: conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile, quincunx, semi-sextile, quintile, biquintile, semi-square, sesquiquadrate, novile, binovile, quadranovile, decile, and tridecile.


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  • Joseph

    These definition are absolutely horrendous.

    In the first place, you MUST distinguish if the chart is diurnal or nocturnal, since Mars is far more malefic in a day chart than in a night chart. For example: If you are a female, and you have the Moon applying to Mars in Aries, while increasing in light, in a day chart, you will be the victim of very unfortunate attacks by men. Using Hellenistic astrology, you can even tell precisely when these will be.

    Thanks for the laugh guys.

    • Thanks for the criticisms, Joseph. Have any buried rage?

    • George


      I don’t know if you’ll get this four months later. But, am interested in what you said. I’ve been reading charts for quite a while, but only recently got into aspects to the fixed stars and learning about the proximity of orbs. But your post hit a nail.

      Although, this definition seemed pretty accurate. I do come from a professional sports family. The family was male dominated. And, I am into staying at home and making the rules to the point of coming across as a bully.

      BUT!!!!!, this is the first time am reading about diurnal and nocturnal charts. And I was born at 5a with Mars and Pluto in Virgo saddling the IC. And, no joke, I’ve been the victim of attacks by (mostly) men, for a great deal of my life.

      Like I said, you hit a nail.

      I’d also appreciate reading more about what you have to say about Hellenistic astrology.

      But, am assuming you may either never read this response or, if you do, you might ignore it. Although, you do have a lot to teach others.

      Despite, whatever happens, thank you for your critique. I will definitely google Hellenistic astrology and diurnal and nocturnal charts.

      If I could have been able to tell when these “attacks” would have happened precisely, I would have been spared some major trauma in my life. Mars is also conjunct fixed star Regulus and the MH conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut. Am wondering, if that’s what’s helped me survive the attacks.

      Thank you.


  • I am glad that you covered IC/ Mars aspect. I do have Jupiter conj my IC.
    IC shows the individual abilities, which may be reflected from individual history, life experience and which may need to be expressed during the time. Also IC shows the road of our life, or in other worlds it starts the axis (IC-MC) of our life’s direction; showing the source of our potency and power in the world. Actually, it makes a point from were we have come to where we wish to arrive during the lifetime.

  • Z.

    Michelle, I sincerely hope you write about Venus -IC aspects soon.
    There’s no finding interpretation of this over the internet. I believe I have the trine.

    • I hope I can do it soon. My life is quite busy right now and keeping me from blogging duties.

  • Z.

    I have the sextile (Mars 11 Deg Sag, IC 10 Aquarius) and my mum has opposition (Mars 25 Deg Libra) . I’d rather exercise at home as opposed to going to gym or playing sports outdoor… well, the patio might do for some exercises. And I am quite concerned with domestic life (attitude of “who needs to lift weights and run when you just can do chores and get the same result on the muscles”), though this makes me rarely travel.

    “Having everything you desire at your house” – definitely as the attitude, though I wish I had more room 🙂

    “Withdrawn energy. Energy that retreats into itself. Desire to stay at home rather than doing something out in the world. Energy conservation. ” – home is so often on my mind when I am away, and I so often get to wander whether homies are ok.

    Very long time ago there was domestic violence, though I only was witness to that and not participant.

    “Struggles with people of your own “kind” – whomever you view as family. ” – sometimes my sister and sometimes me are being the nuisance of the family.

    • Thanks for reading and sharing, Z.

  • Jahlia

    I have Mars square MC, so what would that mean for my IC?

    • Mars should also be square your IC.

  • Hey Michelle!

    This is the first post that I have read of yours, I loved it! I will definitely be reading more and keeping up with your blog.

    Question, what do you think “Nurturing masculine influence” refers to??

    Thanks for writing 🙂


    • Men who care about their families, their children, and how their actions impact the world. They foster positive action in their surroundings.

  • Hey Michelle!!! Great to see you back writing again! Another great article!

    I’ve got a wide(?) 4 degree orb of the 135 degree aspect that I don’t remember the name of. However, I related to this quite a bit. Many of the things mentioned I’ve been working through in the last violence, sexual undertones, sitting on bottled up feelings etc. Maybe because Mars had progressed to and moved off that 165 degree aspect.

    Gonna go back and but I would not be surprised if progressed Mars was on that aspect in the few years after I bought my house. During that time I really enjoyed working on my house and was alwyas working on the house in some way or another. And I put a volleyball ( yes a favorite sport) net in the backyard. And yep we’ve had some spirited backyard competitions. If I could, I’d have a couple of bowling lanes back there too. lol

    I loved these statement too “having everything you desire at home…energy conservation”…but I really identified with the whole post despite having a minor aspect in my chart.

    • Hey 🙂

      I’m trying to write but I’ve been incredibly busy. Seems saturn in the third, for me, has brought stressful issues of time management.

      Anyway, did you see if mars was in the 4th when you bought your house?

      • Chironsito

        Great Blog; Keep up the good work!

  • Viper

    Will you consider Mars in cancer fitting the description of Mars aspecting IC?

    • There are some similarities but they’re not the same. I also have Mars in Cancer. Mars is how you act, how you get things done and Cancer shows exactly how you do that. Having Mars in the 4th or aspecting the IC, shows more where you apply that Martian energy.

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  • veronica

    marte en aries casa cuatro, oposicion a pluton casa diez, disgustos domesticos, rabia, pelea, sentimientos de irriabilidad, enojos me me producen la conducta de ambos, padres, madre dominante competitiva, padre de expresiones violentas,,,,,,insatisfaccion que muchas veces debo ocultar, suprimir, no demostrar que callo dentro de mi para evitar continuas rabias y peleas, es un aspecto demasiado dificil de lidiar con el genera angustia interna, no se lo deseo a nadie y muchas veces me acuesto y me levanto con esa bola de fuego hirviendo en mi alma, algun consejo astrologico ?, namaste.

    • Iniciar abordar la ira que tiene hacia sus padres – enfrentarlos. Si usted vive en casa, mudarse.

  • Gobi

    Any problem when transiting Pluto conj. Asc.?

  • Sidelong

    “Withdrawn energy. Energy that retreats into itself. Desire to stay at home rather than doing something out in the world. Energy conservation. Exercising at home.”

    This definitely fits with my life.
    I have Venus conjunct Neptune in the 4th, and Mars is Biquintile Venus and Quincunx Neptune. Hmm, I’ll have to dig into this further.

    Thanks for the post.