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“Bright Colored Night” by Fuke

Home is where the heart is. Devoted to a domestic life. Married to your home. Good taste in home decorating. Spending too much on furnishings. Living with women. A household full of women. Jealousy within the home. Women fighting. The social household. Social pecking order at home. A beautiful home, but perhaps only superficial, not really “lived” in. Home-greediness: needing a huge house, with stainless steel appliances, marble counter tops, and a home theater when you’re almost never at home and don’t use any of your stuff. Owning a home in an exclusive community. Being stuck-up about where you live, who your family is, and how luxurious your house is. Wanting to live with more than just the basics. Taking the basics for granted. Being loved and cherished by others within your family, ethnic group, or among those who share your heritage. Loving people because they have the same background that you do.

Love of creature-comforts. Liking to be pampered. Growing up wealthy. Golden shackles. Daddy’s girl. A loving, indulgent parent. Having a favorite parent. Daddy’s gonna pay for your crashed car. Never worrying about money. Sitting rich. Cash cows. Parental rules aren’t strict. Getting your way pretty much all the time. Spoiled. Having one parent who incites jealousy and forces you to choose between your parents. One parent wants to be the favorite. Attraction to family members. Growing up pretty. There’s a lot riding on beauty.

Deep feelings are difficult to access. You have a hard time with negative, aggressive, confrontational situations. Using partying and drugs to cope with difficult emotions surrounding your home life. Hedonistic tendencies deep inside. A glutton. A lazy, indulgent household. People with gaming addictions. Overeating. A family with an obesity problem. A family of diabetics. People who become so heavy they can’t get out of their homes. Coupled with Neptune, there may be a strong tendency to avoid friction and discord. Likely to express deep emotions through art, music, or dance.

Making a living by working from home. Interior designers. Getting rich from construction, real estate, or interior design. With Pluto – flipping houses for profit. Building a home art studio. Doing your creative work at home. Jewelry designers, artists, decorators, knitters, fashion designers, singers, musicians, makeup artists, body workers. Deep creative resources. Deep pockets from family money. You have enough money to support the arts. You help build the foundation for the art scene in your area. Arts’ foundations. Arts’ trusts. Lush, deep, and sensual feelings deep inside. A romantic at heart.

A beautiful home. An artful home. Harmonious inner and outer dwelling. You must find a place to live that puts you at deep inner ease. Dwelling in beauty. Dwelling in art. Dwelling in peace. Habitat for Humanity (especially with ties to Aquarius/11th house). Finding peace within you. Home is a place to be surrounded by beauty and to feel at ease. Home is a place for social gatherings. Building a home with a spouse or partner. A lover at heart. The erotic home. Desiring to live with people rather than by yourself. Choice of living partner or roommates is extremely important. Can’t stand strife in the home. Will dance around difficult situations to avoid arguments. Must have a good rapport and peaceful relationship with roommates and living partners. Harmony in the home. Tied to Neptune … the longing for the ideal harmonious home. Desiring to own your own home, surrounded by a white picket fence.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Venus/IC, read Venus/Midheaven Aspects.


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Planets and points searched are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, Vertex, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, Juno, and Chiron.

Aspects searched are: conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile, quincunx, semi-sextile, quintile, biquintile, semi-square, sesquiquadrate, novile, binovile, quadranovile, decile, and tridecile.


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  • Hi Antena,

    Unfortunately you can’t see them on, or on most sites or astrology software. You have to learn to read degrees a little bit to figure out which aspects you have.

    • antena

      Oh i see!^^; thank you for your reply and info! Great website btw!!:)

  • I love the free association style of the writing! Just reading it gets me in that right brain intuitive mode. So interesting as I have Venus/IC square in Capricorn; seems to have brought out some of the difficult aspects in early life, and is now bringing the more positive ones as an adult.

    • Good for you … is Venus in the 1st or 7th?

  • Wendy

    I am totally fascinated by your blog. I just simply can’t get enough of it and I have to declare that I am starting to become addicted to astrology 🙂 haha So, indeed I am quite new and I am just discovering what aspects are and how to tell if you have an aspect or not. Do you recommend any webpages or sites explaining in further detail what are aspects and how to read them in your natal chart? I am also quite new to House rulers so any article relate to that will also help.
    Thanks, keep it up and lots of love,

  • Chepi

    Great descriptions, I love your blog! I hate arguments and confrontations, I just want a peaceful, pretty, clean home, no crazy unstable stuff. I have Venus trine MC, so I guess I also have an aspect with Libra IC?

    • Hi Chepi,

      With Venus trine MC you might also have Venus sextile IC but it depends on the orb.

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