Sun/Midheaven Aspects



You look up to one of your parents and they have a big influence on your career path. Your parents’ approval determines whether you pursue the path you want or whether you pursue a path they determine for you. Or, you may choose a path just to spite them (depending on your aspects). Blazing your own trail professionally may be a struggle because you want the admiration of authority figures yet it can take time to obtain that admiration. You seek role models for yourself, people you can model yourself after as you work your way to the top. You want to be known and you want to make a difference. You also want to be a role model to others. You want people to admire and look up to you. You hope that one day other people will want to be just like you and want to achieve want you have achieved. You want to be the inspirational story.

Your sense of self is tied to your ability to find a satisfying role in life. Your self-confidence is directly related to your ability to display personal power in the world. You want to be an authority on something. You’re a self-identified power-player. Your ego is bound up with achievement. Loss of status is a blow to your self-worth. You’re not a good loser. You lose belief in yourself when you fail to achieve your goals. You want to be on top. Your fear of failure may be so great that you never stretch yourself to see what is possible. You feel you have something important to share with the world – yourself and your creative vision. You feel it is your destiny to rise in status. You crave to be recognized by the world for your gifts. You want to be prominent in your field. You want to reach your potential. You want to be at the top of your game. You want to be a leader in your industry. You want to be a star in your field. You want to be respected by your peers. On a good day, you feel you can achieve anything.

Your profession is your identity. You live to fill a vocation. You aspire to make a mark on the world. You apply yourself to achieving your ambitions. You seek promotions and advancement. You don’t want to stagnate in one position. You feel most like yourself when you obtain a success. Failing crushes you. Bad experiences of failure can cripple you. You might never leave the house after a harrowing defeat. Hiding your light. You might give up too soon. You suffer an identity crisis until you are able to achieve your aspirations. If you cannot attain your aspirations, you may fall into a pattern of self-loathing. You may be too dependent on pats on the back, nods of approval, and flattery.

You feel most fulfilled when you put yourself into your work rather than running on autopilot. You want to be known for your leadership qualities. You want to stand out from the crowd. You have an opinion about your profession and you want to share it. You can be a visionary in your field. You bring a strong personal viewpoint. Your name becomes synonymous with the work that you do. You want to see your name in lights. You want a place in the sun. You care about public opinion of your work. You are your brand. You are the face of your company. Your reputation is important to you. Your status is important to you. Your title matters. Being noticed matters. You’d hire a PR team if you could. Slander is one of your worst fears. In your eyes, your work and contribution are beyond reproach.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Sun/Midheaven, read Sun/IC Aspects.

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  • Rom

    Is this different from my sun in 10th house?

    Can you tell me about mercury conjunct midheaven?

    • What sign is your Sun in?

      Mercury/Midheaven aspects’ post is coming up soon. Join the subscriber list or check back to see when it’s posted.

      • Rom

        Sun in Pisces

        • Yes, your sun in pisces will add more nuance to the delineation.

  • Scott

    This is great, and very detailed. Thankyou!

    I have my Sun trine Midheaven. For two years i lived and worked abroad and built up social contacts, developed a reputation and became an authority on the city i was living in (I was working in hospitality) i was passionate about the country/culture and city i was living in, and providing this information to travellers as a service gave me a great sense of satisfaction, however due to poor financial and long-term planning.. i had to return back to my home country. This was a massive defeat, not only was i broke but i felt as though i lost everything i had worked to build..

    I spent months self-loathing and operating at high levels of stress, but now im focusing on rebuilding my finances and and setting out to build my own business overseas, there is a strong need to be in a position of power and authority in a field of my own interest, and to develop reputation and status.

    My Sun is in the 2nd house, so money is inherently tied to my sense of emotional balance, for better or worse.

    • Wonderful delineation of your placements. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  • Michael

    Thank you for another great article. I have this one too strong I guess. MC 4′ conj Sun 6′ conj Mer 8′- Aqua. Ok help please for this part: Bad experiences of failure can cripple you. You might never leave the house after a harrowing defeat. Hiding your light. You might give up too soon. You suffer an identity crisis until you are able to achieve your aspirations. If you cannot attain your aspirations, you may fall into a pattern of self-loathing. – This is literally what’s going on with me now. I never thought I have such a high pride or whathehell is this.

    • What happened that created fear of failure? Do you have any major transits aspecting your Sun or the Midheaven?

      • Michael

        I had Saturn squaring all these (sun,mc,Mer) idk if influence can be this long lasting and recently it was and it is Saturn square Saturn 19′ Aqua + Saturn conj Pluto 25′ Scorpio in 6th house. Basically I was expecting that they fire me from the job I had because I want to do my own thing but I really feel like what you wrote there that it crippled me in a way lol. Anyways I’m 21 either I get through it or mom will kick me out.

        • Well, the influence of transiting Saturn should be over, though perhaps the lingering effects are not. Transiting Saturn conjunct Pluto in the 6th is pretty tough. To me, it points to a need to polish your inner resolve, develop grit, and to become tenacious regarding what you want in relation to work. Build yourself back up stronger.

          Did you develop any health habits during that transit?

  • Wesley

    I have a semisextile, my Sun is in Aries, in the ninth house. I have just two planets in my midheaven.

    • How does the aspect play out in your life?

      • wesley

        It is good, but as Sun in Aries is a great force, I believe this aspect brings me more proud and I do not appreciate to be seen as a proud and flamboyant person.