Mercury/Midheaven Aspects


mercury/midheaven aspectsProfessional comedians, plain jokers and singer-songwriters. Quick-witted tricksters. Precocious kids and the precocious child in the adult. You appreciate intelligence in others and are inspired by intelligent role models. You want people to recognize that you have something interesting to say … something that will pique their curiosity. You want to influence society with your words. Using your gift of gab or clever way of speaking secures attention from those in authority. You let it be known that you are an intelligent person. You feel bright. It’s important to you that society respects your words and thoughts. Although you can be scattered and changeable, you don’t want to seem like a flake.

You’d like your words and thoughts to have a professional venue … whether that means standing on stage to deliver a speech or writing a column for your local newspaper. Your words reach far and wide. Your language skills become renown. Being someone that others turn to for inspiration and direction, you could be an editor, a language teacher, a speaking coach, or work in another profession involving speaking and writing. You could be an acting coach, a screenwriter, campaign speech writer, social media wizard, or salesperson. If you’re striving to reach your potential, you’ll find you have a knack for connecting with people in your industry. Teaching reading, writing, language, and mimicry skills comes naturally to you. You apply these skills whether you’re reading a script as an actor or preparing a bit as a comedian. You probably doodle … unconsciously transcribing your thought patterns onto paper.

You are informed about your field. You gain a reputation as being someone with the inside scoop. You’re good at mimicking the best things about others in your field. You pick up tips and tricks left and right with no formal training. You’re the go-to person for information in your industry. You’re on top of the trends in your field. You keep up with the latest news about authoritative voices in your profession. You want to be an authoritative voice in your profession. You spread relevant industry news to your colleagues. If you’re not careful, you could become the go-to for gossip. You’d be great at updating social media for your company. Maybe you write the company blog. You need a profession that allows you to apply a variety of skills rather than being a specialist. Mobility is important to you. You’d like to be able to work from anywhere.

You have a lot of ideas for ways you could branch out in your career, but you’re not necessarily able to implement them all in a practical way. You may need to learn to focus on one project at a time. To feel really satisfied in your career, you need to be able to learn on a daily basis. You get frustrated and bored. when you’re not learning something new on the job almost constantly. You prefer gender balance in your profession. Maybe you work with siblings or build a reputation of being like a sister or brother to others who are learning from you. The more you learn about your industry, the more status you gain.

Mom is smart but not necessarily academic. She was good at a variety of things. She’s respected for being quick and clever. She probably has siblings and is close to at least one of them. She’s good at games, especially word games. You are probably like her in having the same aptitude for clever word games. You probably like puns.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Mercury/Midheaven, read Mercury/IC Aspects.

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  • Tamara

    Heyy is a 6.08 degree trine too wide to mean anything or does it still count??

  • Donna Haspel

    Looking to know about “No Aspects” 14 degrees 10th house

    • Hi Donna,

      If you have no aspects between these two then look to Mercury’s dispositor (the planet that rules the sign Mercury is in).

  • Rachelle

    Been waiting on your interp of Mercury/Ascendant. Merc exactly trines my AC. Hope you’ll write one soon! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Rachelle,

      I’m getting there πŸ™‚

  • astro-lover

    Yet another awesome Midheaven article!

    I have Virgo Mercury sextile my Midheaven. In fact, I have a ton of aspects to the Midheaven (as well as the Moon, which I told you, before, is exactly conjunct in Scorpio). Midheaven in Scorpio is also sextile Saturn and Neptune, trine Jupiter, conjunct Pluto. So, there is so much going on with my career and persona, obviously.

    As a writer and actor, I can totally relate to being bored with formal training. I left drama school because of it felt so confining and stifling. I feel like I’m much better off just learning as I go. I’ve always been super-comfortable doing public speaking and I have been known for having quite a mouth on me. πŸ™‚ In good ways, though.

  • Ebonystarr55

    I have Mercury in Virgo in the 3rd trine MC in Taurus and I would say that my words ARE indeed very important to my line of work. I am a trained therapist and teacher, so words, communication is vital to what it is I do.

  • rthoma37

    I have Mercury 10th house conjunct midheaven. I love it when I have chance to speak in front others, and always put my best foot forward. I have had my fair share of embarrassing speeches in school, but believe I can be good one day.
    I would love turn speaking into a profession, but I dont what field or steps to take.

    • That’s a great goal. Start listening to podcasts and read tips from others who are trying to the same. The Smart Passive Income podcast and blog has some entries on public speaking. Maybe start a group through meetup that allows you to host on a topic you’re interested in.

  • Iris

    I have the square. I think it makes me shy. I don’t feel secure enough to joke with people until I know them better and feel comfortable.

    • Does Saturn aspect Mercury or the midheaven?

      • Iris

        No to both. It’s probably something else. I was born during a Mercury retrograde. I don’t feel that comfortable speaking, even though I write my feelings, thoughts, and ideas very well and true to my feelings. I also have Mercury quintile Mars which contradicts this reluctance to speak that I have.

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  • Great article Michelle.
    Mercury sextile Midheaven right here! LOL…

  • wesley

    I would like to have that aspect on my original birth chart, but I do not have… I have Neptune and the Sun aspecting my mIdheaven. I must have this aspect on my personas charts, but I do not consider them so important as the real birth chart.

    • Which characteristics make you wish you had this aspect?

      • I wonder too. Sometimes I find it to be a curse. But my Mercury is in the 8th house. Maybe trine is better. LOL…

      • wesley

        You are informed about your field. You gain a reputation as being someone with the inside scoop. You’re good at mimicking the best things about others in your field. You pick up tips and tricks left and right with no formal training. You’re the go-to person for information in your industry. You’re on top of the trends in your field. You keep up with the latest news about authoritative voices in your profession.

        I believe my mercury trine ascendant is a good one though… But I would like to have more planets on my midheaven. Just Sun and Neptune is a little too vague for me. How Sun in aspect with midheaven works?

        • Did you see the Sun/Midheaven post?

          • wesley

            Yes. I did. My ruler midheaven is Taurus. Astrofix. But when I think about professions, I have more the traits you described on the Sun-midheaven post!

        • You can also look to the ruler of your Midheaven for more information … where that planet is, what aspects it makes.

  • Uldis

    Huh, this is cool!

    I have static Mercury conjunct Uranus at midhaven in sagitarius (they both are in sextile with moon and jupiter which conjuncts asc in aquarius). I guess, this is quite a bunch of aspects to determine exact qualities of each force, but I have to say, that what you write in this article is very true to me.

    After secondary scool, I didn’t pass exams to became theatre director, so I got into IT school. Some years before I had started to play improvisation theatre and it was like a new world for me. All the time I have been a witty joker, often with jokes that connect things that are normally not connectable (paradox?). I write short and strange poetry. I get frustrated if people ignore me or don’t listen to me (because I speak not that much, but say only important things πŸ™‚ ). I have huge interest field, I like digging deep, but even after some years of exploring subject, I have a feeling that I don’t know enogh and feel modest about myself. Lately, though, I have noticed that interesting things happen when my knowledge stars “floating” between these fields. I have a feeling that I have to invent new occupation for me, because I don’t fit for too long in a lot of everyday standarts.

    • Neat … maybe you’ll find a way to make your two interests work together?

  • George

    Great article! Kudos to the astrologer/writer who scribed this. πŸ™‚

    I have Merc conj Sun in the first house trine the MH by a 1 degree orb and this is a very accurate description. Am a professional writer. Have worked for many years in the ad industry for clients like McD’s, Crocs, blah…blah…blah.

    Unfortunately, though, I get really bored doing the same thing over and over, so now I switched to screenwriting. I have yet to finish a commercial script, although, am signed with an agent in L.A.

    Am re-reading this and it sounds like am bragging, but am not. I just wanted to concur with what was written up top. Am beyond super shy in person. Even though, like it’s written here, I did work as an actor for many years too. But, it’s easy to hide behind a script.

    Anyway, I had a play produced off-Broadway in New York and directed by up and coming documentary film director, Dante Alencastre.

    The downside of this aspect is that it’s really hard to sit still. I have a lot of trouble focusing on just one thing. My mind is always fantasizing about other things when I need to stay on just one topic. Think that the reason for that is because of the signs the planets are in. Mercury is Rx in Cancer with the MH in Pisces. Both are in Decan 1, the first ten degrees of the sign. And, conjunct some interesting fixed stars by just minutes.

    A Merc that makes aspects to the MH, by default, has to make aspects to the ASC, right? That also makes this position hard to stop writing or talking about oneself. And conjunct the Sun, it’s even worse.

    Luckily, (am assuming) since it’s all happening in the first house I keep people interested in what am saying, but….dot…dot…dot…I have run into my share of those who wish I would just shut up. Which I will do right now.

    Great blog/site btw. I’ve been following it for months and held my breath until now, because this description was an absolute nail.

    Thank you for being an astrological genius. πŸ™‚

    • I love the details in this response … thank you!

      Which fixed stars are your Midheaven and Mercury conjunct?

      • George

        Thanks for asking genius. πŸ™‚

        The MH is conjunct Deneb Aldige, superstar Fomalhaut and Sadalmelek.

        Eric Morse, claims that Fomalhaut is now just as, if not more regal, than Regulus- since the birth of Jesus. Am just getting into these fixed stars, so am reading about him, Marina Marciaro ( and Vivian Robson (British male astrologer).

        Interestingly, even though my MH is 4 degrees Pisces, Fomalhaut is in the constellataion of Aquarius. Wild. Because it is such a Piscean star. Fantasy prone and hopelessy romantic. But promises to deliver the guy or the girl of your dreams, in the end. Still waiting to see if that’s true.

        Merc is 3 degrees Cancer conj. a 28 degree Gemini Asc, making aspects to the MH, IC and Desc (like you pointed out very, very accurately – the best actually) and is conjunct Tejat Posterior and Propus (by only a 7′ orb). I have yet to really study those. Again, not so bright stars. Am assuming in the constellation of the crab.

        My Sun is 10 degrees 1′ Cancer and closer to Sirius, but I give fixed stars less than a two degree orb. Otherwise, their effect is very slight. Lame, actually.

        My Ascendant is right on Betelgeuse, though, which is another super star. And Mars is right on Regulus. Two very bright stars. B is a supernova, so it’s almost too bright. It has it’s downside. It’s called burnout.

        Venus, on the other hand, I won’t even mention. Unless you want to write me directly. Even though it is my strongest planet by so much magnitude and intensity, and trine Saturn square Moon and square Uranus, in Taurus, the fixed star it is conjunct to is a nightmare that comes to life by attracting many, many broken souls to my life like a magnet. Again, more details in a private forum? Do you give readings? Sorry if I missed the link.

        My Mercurial mind races light years a parsec. Even though it trines Neptune in the 5th, it’s hard to sit through a movie.

        I must have done something really good in a past life to have so many wonderful aspects to Mercury and some other planets. But I also must have done something really bad to get a Venus that’s constantly testing my love life.

        I know I answered more than you had asked, but you nailed it. Mercury conj. Sun conj. Asc trine or sextile IC trine MH (not sure what opposition Desc. means, yet…) all coming from the first house, makes me a master communicator. It really is hard for me to stop once I get going.

        But I shall.

        Anyway, thank you so very much for your interest in my fixed stars. I look forward to reading more of your planetary aspects. Someone like you definitely needs to be published. Am certain you’ll be a force of nature in Astrological literature.

        Let me know if you ever tackle the fixed stars.



        • George

          Just saw ALL of your links. Like I wrote, the downside of too much Mecury means that you’re mind is perennially caught in an amazing race against itself. So I mised them the first few thousand times on your blog.

          You still need to put a book together. I’ve read every one on Astrology – and your writing style is much easier to process.

          I have NN conjunct Uranus in the 3rd House too. Coincidence? Never. Only it’s in Leo. Am destined to push your Scorpio NN into the limelight. Even though, that is the last place NN Scorpio ever wants to be. But not with that Aries Sun. πŸ™‚

          Clearly, you’re fulfilling your destiny with this blog. Am just a visionary for other people. And I do see you doing well on a Border’s bookshelf or on Amazon.

        • I’m traveling right now and don’t have my books with me. I was into fixed stars for a bit and read some of Robson and also Bernadette Brady. I got into Algol for a while. My brother’s ascendant is conjunct Algol, and it makes numerous connections to his other planets at 26 cardinal placements. Marina and I have known each other since she used to write The Lilith Pages way back when πŸ™‚ I like to give fixed stars less than 1 degree orb, and really, the closer, the better.

          As far as readings go, I’ve been feeling that I really need to concentrate on writing for now. Also I want to brush up on my knowledge of the history of astrology, and maybe even take a few courses in counseling before resuming. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Mom Issues

    Mother excelled at doing crosswords, full of sarcasm. My Mercury loosely square MC from Taurus to Leo MC . MC conjunct Pluto. She and I fought over being know-it-alls. I got in trouble with forceful opinions…especially with her. I speak fast and am told to slow down. We both talk alot. We both liked witty banter and puns. She was quite pushy with my career choice, which I later held against her. Felt guilty quitting even years after he passing.

    • What signs are your Midheaven and Mercury in?

      • Mom Issues

        Midheaven at Leo 27 degrees, Mercury in Taurus 19 degrees just below Descendant in 6th house…8 degree orb. Pluto in Leo 28 degrees. Square ASC @ 24 degrees Scorpio.

    • Mom Issues

      Oops! Mercury retrograde! I did not read ‘fixed stars’ in question! And I don’t usually look up fixed stars, sorry. I’m a lazy amateur, I guess…three planets in Taurus! LOL

      • Mom Issues

        Now I’m chuckling out loud…I thought you directed the fixed stars question at me. LOL I forgot to mention that I have five retrograde planets, including Mercury and Pluto, Saturn, Neptune & Saturn. So I’m either behind or ahead of the crowd, often misunderstood and quite private. But during transiting Mercury retrograde, I seem to communicate better than others. Not this time. *wink*

        • Lol … this Mercury retrograde is extra difficult for me. Interestingly, I’m dong exceptionally well with tech, but very poor in speaking/communicating. Probably doesn’t hurt that Mercury is in Aquarius for the tech part.

  • Gabby

    Cool πŸ™‚ I have the exact square from the 1st house in Libra attached with an extreme tight conjunction to Uranus. Having a lot of ideas, keeping up with the industry news (several ones), but having problems in practical implementation. And my mother is very good at playing cards.

    • What industry are you in?

      • Gabby

        I have a business degree and worked as a product manager for large companies.
        Year ago I started my handmade organic cosmetics business. I’m very interested in essential oils, so just took a course on aromatherapy 2 weeks ago. Currently this is the deepest interest.
        I also have a degree as a horse riding instructor. I specialise in dressage and have 2 horses and 2 students. Used to read all available information on the net.
        The 3rd interest would be astrology, but I haven’t really started practising it besides reading charts for friends.