Reader Question: Mercury and the Moon in the 1st house?


 Astroboy asks:

Hi Michelle, I’m sorry for asking you something so common but I have a Capricorn rising which naturally means I have Saturn influences when I move about in the physical world. However I’m curious to know what it means when I have Mercury and moon also in the 1st House. Now from what I understand, Mercury in the 1st is not the same as having a Gemini/Virgo ascendant and information on something so specific is scarce. Do you mind giving me your two cents?

Capricorn 1st house

At the surface level it appears that you uphold the status quo. You do what you’re supposed to do according to your family’s expectations. This is the way you learned to navigate the dynamics of your environment when you were young.

Saturn in Capricorn 12th house

Saturn is in dignity in Capricorn … but, being in the 12th house and in partile conjunction with Neptune, you’re much softer than a typical hard-driven Capricorn. You’re actually much more regimented about the spiritual side of life than the business side. You might find it hard to hold a routine in daily life and you slip into sweet periods of relatively unstructured nothingness. Saturn is the ruler of your 1st house and it is placed in your 12th house: your focus may shift to charitable causes or not-for-profit organizations where you can feel useful and express compassion at the same time to make a difference.saturn-12th-house-calvin-hobbes

Moon in Capricorn 1st house

The Moon is in detriment in Capricorn. The Moon is angular in the first house, and in a cardinal sign: you’re driven, and you can get defensive about your ambitions, most likely because your soggy Saturn doesn’t hold you accountable enough to achieve what you want. People with Moon conjunct ascendant also often have a strong relationship with the women in their life. Many times they have a mother who is “right up in their face.”

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury is closely semisextile your Capricorn ascendant. Mercury is pretty happy in Aquarius. You express your community-conscious, progressive ideas openly. Mercury is the ruler of both your 5th house (in Gemini) and your 8th house (in Virgo): getting sexual attention, creating bonds of intimacy, and being playful help shape the way you project yourself in the world and encourage you to speak your mind in a direct and unique way.


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  • Samaira Khan
  • Dan Anti

    What a beautiful site, thank you!!! Cant wait to read the new posts…

  • Tasha

    Michelle your observation regarding saturn not holding astronomy accountable enough stands out to me with a packed tenth house in my own chart. Saturn is in sag in my chart in the fourth house and squares Mars in the seventh. Are there ways to mitigate the effect of soggy saturns? My placement isn’t the most practical either.

    • Tasha

      Wow astroboy was what I meant. Forgive me. Darn autocorrect.

    • Sounds like you have a strong relationship emphasis in your chart. With Saturn in the 4th, you want to learn how to limit dependent relationships that prevent you from furthering your career. If someone in your family dampens your natural enthusiasm and spontaneity, try, at least within, to limit the amount that it affects you emotionally.

      • Tasha

        Yea. I’m a bit embarrassed by such emphasis on relationships. I want to elevate to a leadership position but feel that ironically how I interact with others is more important and critical than it is for most. So I’m more disciplined in the area of relationship.

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    I would like to know more about this position of Pluto because Pluto in Scorpio is considered to be more of a collective influence than individual in the birth chart.

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    What about a Pluto in the third house?

  • jeantalbott

    Hello! If I may, reader: the Moon in House 1 in Capricorn basically means that you have a strong drive for making things happen, and do it your own way. There is a very important sense of strategy in achieving your goals, and you’re probably not so good at following other’s orders. Emotions don’t enter much in the picture : you’re a strategic achiever. That’s your inner profund drive and it’s also the image you project to others. This is how you present yourself to the world.
    The lack of Fire in your chart suggests that you sometimes lack the impulse to “go for it”, but still, with the Moon in the 1, you’re more at ease leading than following, even if you’re style is more long distance runner than sprinter.
    Mercury in 1 in Aquarius means that your mindset works better when you think in an inovative original way, and probably, given its position in 1, that you like/need to asert your individuality and uniqueness in the way you express and think.
    There is clearly a “science/politics” feel about your chart.

    • Thanks for adding your thoughts, jeantalbott. I hope astroboy shows up t respond!

    • astroboy

      Thank you for your inputs on my moon and mercury in 1st. I really appreciate it. I’m wondering what chart systems you used Michelle, I know I also am very mercurial-like at work and that’s prob due to my Gemini in 6th as well. Since I was a child my MIND has always been going but I was (and still am) less communicative than I should be. I should work on that. People have referenced how I always look as if I’m always thinking, analyzing, and that I’m in my own world when I speak. I never understood that part of me especially since I didn’t notice any placements suggesting that mental ability on a full time basis. I know Capricorns have a “smart” look to them but it never explained my cognitive abilities completely. All the thinking takes a toll on my body at the end of the day requiring a lot of sleep for me, but sometimes going to sleep can be tedious as there’s always still something bouncing around in my head. I constantly need mental stimulation and I get bored quickly if the subject stays too superficial for too long, despite that I make it interesting to the other party. When It was pointed out to me that I had Mercury in the first and the effects it had on my first house it explained quite a bit, especially the constant mental alertness, quick powers of observation, hunger for new and interesting information regardless of the subject, ability to grasp things quickly, constant switching from one thing to another, basically “typical mercurial qualities”. I’ve noticed my chart changes slightly depending on what system people use but it’s scary how much can change about someone when they do. Although I feel sometimes as if my mind is like a race car on a track, but the Capricorn feels like its putting too many sharp turns and yellow lights to structure and restrict the cars movements. That’s how I feel sometimes, and that causes mental irritation. I also notice many switches in personalities. Ranging from warm and comforting, to cold and detached, to a soft and shy, to child like and hyper active, to sensitive and morbid. I’m still self exploring which is the beauty of astrology, your always discovering something new about yourself even after years of studying. How long have I been writing? Two years now lol? Sigh

      • My boyfriend has Mercury in the 1st with Moon conjunct ascendant as well. He’s extremely mentally active (both in Libra). Very curious, is on the web researching and reading constantly.

        • astroboy

          It must be exhausting having it

          • He not shy at all. A smooth talker, really.

            What do you do? Do you focus all that Mercury through any particular line of work?

            • astroboy

              Yes figures. Libra (the charmer) in 1st. Lucky guy (I’ve got to put up with this cappy

        • Ingrid

          Hi Michelle,
          look at my Chart: 05.10.1964; 06:25 Uhr, Ingelheim, Germany!
          So my Mercury in libra ; conj. Asc., conj. moon and Sun…
          I´m always mentally active ! I can´t stop thinking, reading about EVERYTHING: Medizin, Psychologie, Astrology, Cars, Houses, Vacations etc….. Greetings to your boyfriend ! 🙂

          • With your North Node conjunct Venus in the 1st house, it looks like you’re on the right path 🙂

      • Great observations about your own chart. Each house system has a different insight to offer. I don’t necessarily stick to one. I think it’s not such a good idea to get attached to just one viewpoint of yourself. I’m sure you seem different to different people – just like you seem different depending which house system the astrologer is using. Which system do you prefer?

        • astroboy

          None I particular. Like you I bounce around from placidus to equal to koch to regiomontonus (or something like that

    • astroboy


      • I think the shyness and reluctance to be speak can be attributed to Saturn conjunct the ascendant.