Pluto/Ascendant Aspects


pluto-ascendant-aspectsMesmerizing. Magnetic. Intense. Captivating. Entrancing. You don’t reach out to people, you wait for people to be drawn to you. You’re an enigma and people are fascinated by you. You don’t engage, you hypnotize. Opening doors to secret places with just a look. Gaining access to mysterious places by looks and manner alone. Making people believe you are powerful. You intimidate people. Making people believe you do in fact know secrets. Curl of concealment. No one says hi to you first.

The Persuader. The power of presence. Your physical presence alone influences others. You make an impact wherever you are and whomever you are with. You make people squirm. In the shadows. Walking unnoticed in the underworld. The ability to navigate shady places without drawing attention. You can pass among thugs and criminals if you want to. You could be cast as a villain, or maybe the good guy who’s misjudged as one. People project their image of the bad guy onto you. You try to control what people perceive of you. Never revealing your hand. Never showing anyone how it’s done. Magicians. Going to the grave with your secrets. Should we trust you? The awareness and ability to prey on the weak and easily duped. The blackmailer. Digging out the dirty deeds of others. Stop looking at me like that! Eagle eyes. Drawn to the dark. That voodoo that you do.

Your face may be left in a state of perpetual grief after enough hardship. Your appearance transforms after every upheaval. You’re not gregarious – unless you’re hiding something. The ugly duckling who transforms into the beautiful swan. Complete, drastic makeovers. Plastic surgery addicts. Having power over your looks. The theater of appearance. Liking to wear costumes and dressing up. Halloween is your favorite holiday. You know how to dress up to either command a room or disappear into it. People can’t take their eyes off you. You appear to be a mystery. Unwilling to let others in. You break others down to see what they’re made of but you won’t let them do the same to you. You consider yourself an agent of change and transformation. People fear you’ll out their secrets. People feel like you’re probing them – what will you discover?

Living an intense existence. Approaching life as a struggle for survival. Need for privacy. A tendency to control yourself and others. Not free-flowing. Focused outlook. Not scattered. Controlling through concealment. OCD. Ability to regenerate your approach again and again. You don’t give up. You’re relentless facing life’s storms. You can start from scratch … setback after setback. The struggle to be noticed … to be truly seen … is it even possible? Do you really want it? Tension with parents and authorities because of extreme living conditions. Keeping what you notice to yourself. Waiting for someone to acknowledge they know you see things. The immediate environment is so extreme that there is nothing else to be afraid of. The pressure of immediate circumstances make you shine like a diamond. Surrounded by death. You experience so much that you lose fear, which draws weaker-willed individuals closer to you. Bearing the brunt of heavy circumstances.

I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.”
― Clint Eastwood

Being raised by much older, wiser people. Spending a lot of time with grandparents and elders as a child. The controlling influence of family members. Being the object of a power struggle among family members: Grandma v. Mom, Mother-in-law v. mother-in-law, Mother-in-law v. daughter-in-law, etc … Being controlling because you feel overly controlled. Eventually learning to be unperturbed by intense people. Being able to handle the scrutiny of others. In the extreme, wanting control over other people the way other people have control over you. I can destroy you, but you can’t destroy me. Being aware of death in the environment from a young age. Initiating states of change. Feeling like you’re waiting for permission to live your life.

People with this placement often have lived with a grandmother in the family and often established a stronger bond with her than other family members – and this in a culture where the extended family is increasingly a thing of the past. ~ Sue Tompkins, Aspects in Astrology

Not being truly content to sit back and go with the flow. Needing to have influence and sway over others. Using fear of change to control others. Forcing others into states of transformation. You are most likely someone’s compulsion and obsession. The mask of death. You’re not good at being truly casual, it’s all too contrived. You act all secretive. You act like a spy. You act like a researcher. You act like a investigator. You destroy your self-image over and over. Are you purposely trying to ruin your looks? Or, are you so afraid to deviate from your look that you haven’t changed in 20 years? Deep fears of rejection based on appearance. A fascination with your own appearance. In the extreme, obsession with your appearance. Transforming your external appearance. Or, so deeply involved with the underside of life that you hardly ever look in the mirror. Inability to let go and be free-flowing in expression. Destroying people’s expectations. Not being who you appear to be. Concealing your real self. Concealing your super powers. Hiding in plain sight … yet people can’t take their eyes off of you.

Planets in aspect to the Ascendant are also usually in aspect to the Descendant. Posts will be split up between Ascendant and Descendant to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Pluto/Ascendant aspects, read Pluto/Descendant Aspects.

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  • Dora

    I came here from the Pluto/Descendant aspect which I know I have and I probably have this one, too.. Please help!
    Im a nice mild Virgo sun who looks intimidating and intense no matter what (piercing black eyes, pale skin, red lips, dark brown reddish hair) .. Aquarius rising, Venus in Leo *exactly* on the Descendant, Pluto in Scorpio in 9th house (as near the Midheaven as my 10th house Moon is!)
    Result: family power struggles, parent death, more deaths, very close to grandmothers, very few relationships and unrequited loves where I feel Ive a talent for getting out the worst from ppl and/or the shy nice guys I like prove to be into mind games, power trips etc
    Ive no idea what my life purpose is but true love and family doesnt seem part of it.. Does this aspect at least mean anything good for the Midheaven/career?

  • No1

    What does it mean when Pluto in Sag 16, degree Squares Asc in Virgo, 12 degrees? Does it still apply?

    • Yes, these descriptions would still apply.

  • Rozarrianne

    I have Pluto conjunct Ascendant and other people are a bit bothered by my presence lol

    • Cole Evans

      I have the pluto opposite of my ascendant which is in leo. I am always told by others that I am intense. I feel very misunderstood but it seems like people with strong energy and intensity I get a long very well. I am very much a loner and never feel quite comfortable to talk to people unless they are like me . I have a moon in taurus , people have made comments that im stubborn , reserved but also really sweet. It almost like I walk into a room people notice me and they see the
      my birthday is 05/30/1992 . I practically feel I am different person than my asc in leo and sun in gemini. There seems to always be trust issues, power struggles with authority and no matter what I am always on the other side .

      • Your own interpretation and understanding is correct.

      • Dora

        Im a Virgo sun, Aquarius Rising, Venus in Leo on Descendant with the Pluto Square the Desc/Asc aspect.. Lets say it really influences how one looks and the mask they have to wear. Ill elaborate below and if you want to stay in touch, lets exchange emails! I find itit exciting to meet others my age with the same aspects!

        @Cole Evans Wheres your Mercury? Virgos and Geminis are brother signs ruled by Mercury. If its in Scorpio or/and in 8th house you have Scorpio/Pluto influences. Gemini is a mutable sign and you’re even more prone to these often unpleasant transformations. Typical Scorpios face lots of ups and downs in their lives and they often feel like karma or life punishes every little mistake they make (although they do self sabotage a lot)
        As a Gemini you really need to be careful with your communication and values- honesty, control of what and how much you say and integrity are areas to always work on. Show respect to authority but assert yourself politely when needed. Your Jupiter is in Virgo like my friends whos born a month before you- your luck will definitely be associated with selfless service and it will alleviate your Pluto problems. Ive Jupiter in Gemini and even though its badly aspected I actually found solace and money in blogging and my Pluto was happy to feel influential too!

        @Rozarriane Does it influence your appearance? Pluto’s colours are apparently dark red, black and a yellowish white which are also my colours (my face never tans)
        The lesson with those aspects seems to be in commanding RESPECT and being INFLUENTIAL Without abuse of power or fighting for control.

        • I love black so much that I don’t want to dye my natural black hair, I wear black a lot and I love all shades of red as well. In my country that receives too much heat from the sun, almost everyone here gets a tanned skin including me. Physically, they say that Pluto-Ascendant people are blessed with “Pluto eyes”, and it gives me a hard time to produce tears despite too much emotional pain. In my private life however, a lot of people want to manipulate me, so I was living a life fighting for control because I hate to be manipulated.

  • T

    Does Pluto inconjunct the ascendant have the same result?

    • It has the same energy combination. How you use that energy and the opportunities available to you depends on many factors.

      • T

        So what aspect is it Mosley similiar to (square,conjunction,opposition,sextile,trine)?

        • All. I didn’t focus on one aspect while writing this. With the quincunx you probably feel uncomfortable with the incongruent energies you experience through the placement of your Pluto and ascendant in relation to each other.

  • w

    Will Pluto sextile asc with an orb of 5 degrees be effective?

    • Yes, I think so. Some astrologers give sextiles a smaller orb of influence. I tend to give up to 6 degrees.

  • Vivian

    I have pluto opposed ascendant, am wondering if that alters my looks….

    • Vivian

      @AstroFix:disqus omg THE “stop looking at me like that” family friends, even coworkers always tell me that

  • Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth.

  • Տɑղցմíղҽ_ϲե

    I have Libra ascendant, Pluto In Libra and Mars Scorpio in First House. Can someone please explain?

    • Is Pluto conjunct the ascendant?

      • Տɑղցմíղҽ_ϲե

        Pluto in Libra ascendant in 1st house

  • Elaina

    Wow.. This is so accurate! The short sentences truly help with the big picture. I have a Scorpio sun conjunct Pluto tight aspect, as well as Pluto sextile my ascendant in virgo, and even with my Virgo ascendant, people often still see my Pluto aspects, But in a gentle way. People, children, women, and men often stare at me all the time, but I still receive more hate then anything else, even with my Venus and Jupiter being in the 1st house. .. I have been a long way with my self, and the treatment I receive may never change, but I still do not know how to truly use my plutonian power. ..

    Can you please take a look at my chart, is there any patterns or other placements that will help with this plutonian energy?

    • Hi Elaina, Do you know where your north and south node are?

      • Elaina

        Yes, north node in Sagittarius, south node in Gemini. Venus, Mercury, and jupiter in the first house?

        • To start I would say to be aware of how much you may be staring at them. Also ask yourself whether or not the hate comes back at your from judgmental attitudes you might project. These are questions to ask yourself, not accusations. I wonder from your positions if some of the hate you attract is because of your race, religion, or ethnicity, whatever they may be.

          • Elaina

            I would say i might come off as if am staring. I often get acussed of flirting, or most get the idea. I would say my eyes scorpionic, piercing. People at times feel uncomfortable especially during conversations with me, I have a tendency to not want to look away at times, sometimes they also don’t want to look away lol. I sometimes get accused of being judgemental because I try to understand both sides to things. Most never know what side am on, they just know I know the game,or situation well. Am extremely clear sighted to my own detriment. I also have a mercury retrograde at birth, so I struggle expressing myself more than others.

      • Elaina

        Yes, north node in Sagittarius , south node in Gemini

  • James23

    “Sadly”? 😳😑😩. Thats not an easy placement to handle my friend, believe me…

    • Nadir

      Why is that?

  • One thing to ask yourself Nadir is how do you view the people who seem to view you this way? Is this envy on their part? Maybe they project their shadow side onto you for some reason. How do you view them in return?


    When I walk into a room…..:)
    Pluto sextile Ascendant

  • Jenna

    So I’m curious about this and wanted to ask you a little more about the sesquiquadrate. I’m trying to get a full understanding (at least as best as I can) about all the “minor” aspects. The one sesquiquadrate I have is between everyone’s fave Pluto 0° Sag and Asc 17° Cancer. The sesquiquadrate examples you listed above are celebrities who happen to have their ascendant also in Scorpio so with that I’d imagine it intensifies that aspect. Would you mind interperating mine? I want to know what sort of energy this is between Pluto and Cancer Asc with a tense minor aspect like this because I’ve tried reading things like Pluto square ascendant but I just don’t know how much to take from it or if it’s at all accurate. It still puzzels me so any help with be super appreciated!

  • andy mack

    I see George Galloway (famous for being expelled by the UK Labour Party) has Pluto conjunct his ascendant and also his Sun. I would say the descriptions above are pretty spot on for him.

  • The Hash Slinging Slasher

    I have the exact same question as you Kathleen. Pluto tightly conjunct descendant in Scorpio in the 7th opposing ascendant

    • Kathleen

      Nice to see someone else also has Scorpio descendant & Pluto in the 7th house.

      • The Hash Slinging Slasher

        I know its so cool! I wonder what you look like lol

        • Kathleen

          I look like my Taurus rising since I’ve got an oval-shaped face, & thick, brunette hair. I got that info from astrotheme

  • Kathleen

    I’ve got Pluto dignified in Scorpio opposite ascendant. Do only the bad qualities of this aspect affect me since I have the opposition or can others be fascinated by me as well? Also does this aspect affect physical appearance for the opposition, sextile, trine & square or is that only for Pluto conjunct ascendant?

  • PhoenixPluto

    Im a Pluto conjunct the ascendant, which conjuncts venus, which conjuncts my sun all in the 12th house. Oddly enough (considering) I dont get off on controlling others or with power games. I feel the only true control is over the self. I think Im much more in tune with the transformative aspects, to truly know and master the self. All other power games seem trivial, and inauthentic to me.

  • Jean Janse van Vuuren

    Well my name is Jean (french) haha just to get that straight first.
    I’m a ScorpioAscendant 29° conjunct pluto 12th house ✌ and Trine sun moon and Mercury and a whole load of extra stuff like Mc in Leo. Venus Gemini and Mars in Virgo then Jupiter in libra and Saturn in Aquarius. Then it’s the 5 year conjunction of Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn. Feels actually just good to have such power over others. And trust me I use it responsibly 😊 oh and cancer sun. Fortune found on the Ascendant….

    • How do you use your influence over others?

      • Jean Janse van Vuuren

        “Power over others ” not influence lol but yeah like “Destroying people’s expectations. Not being who you appear to be. Concealing your real self. Concealing your super powers. Hiding in plain sight … yet people can’t take their eyes off of you”. Such kind of powers lol

  • Rob

    Ok. Pluto in Scorpio, first house along with SaturnR and the south node.
    I’m 31, still stuck in a bullshit codependent situation and I feel purposely held down no matter what efforts I give. I’m very much into astrology, philosophers like Alan Watts. I’ve always thought about suicide because of feeling trapped in all areas of my life and the people I’m forced to be around, especially family members who are no what like me at all. Narcissistic father, active codependent mother. Inside I want to explode.
    It irritates me even thinking about this shit anymore.
    My “friends” don’t understand who I am.
    And yes, the grandmother thing would be correct. My great grandmother is the only one I’ve had a strong bond with.

    Any viewpoints from anyone else with these 3 placements would be appreciated.

    • Hi Rob,

      Try looking into flower remedies. Something like Black Cohosh, Love Lies Bleeding, Bleeding Heart, or Chicory could be helpful for you.

  • Vallin SFAS

    I have Pluto 10° VIR in Xth (conj Psyche-OH!) sextile my hot-ASC mess Neptune-ASC-Venus-Mercury all in SCO opposite TAU Moon. (I just discovered I was born when England got The Pill and The Rolling Stones). I also have SCO Sun conj SAG Mars both square the (in)famous “m-m-m-my g-g-g-generation” Uranus-Pluto 60’s conj’n.

    I. WANT. TO. BE. (IN)FA-MOUS! As you can see my my (aptly called) “ICON” I work at it. But I never get the credit I deserve or even the proper format to present my work. Even if the bulk of my (in)fame(-y) is posthumous, I still need a lifetime platform from which to ship my sultry MOJO. I presume some sort of quantum/volcanic eruptive [SO metaphorically apropos in my case };)] dynamic is at work here.

    • May I see your chart in whole signs?

  • Mark

    Oh my God, and people say Astrology is BS? This is so accurate for me. I have Pluto in the 1st House with a Scorpio Ascendant. The thing about the grandmother thing is so true too, I had such a close bond with my grandmother growing up. She’s the only one in the family who knew how to tame me as a child.

    But anyway, these are probably the worst placements to have in Astrology. People always stare at me, people always talk about me, people are obsessed with me. A lot of people felt so happy to see me self-destruct too, like “YES, finally.” It’s really pathetic.

    People either love me (which makes me very uncomfortable) or despise me. The one’s who despise me, even strangers, are so fascinated by me and they constantly think I’m going to do something bad… And I notice this about them when I watch them, and in turn it makes me feel very paranoid. Knowing that they think I’m evil or going to do something makes ME feel awkward around them and it just confirms to them their delusional beliefs about me.

    I used to be very respected and very powerful until I had a horrific public breakdown! Now I’m super secluded and dealing with very serious issues. Then I got into Astrology and looked up all the other celebrities with Pluto in the 1st House, like Britney Spears for example, and it ALL made so much sense. Can’t wait to transform out of this mess, be reborn and prove all the haters wrong who love to see me suffer. Most people have already counted me out by now but I know it’s not over.

    • Thank you for reading, Mark.

    • James23

      Goosebumps after reading your comment! I already spoke about it here when i found i had this placement and i was confused if i should be happy or worried.
      Unfortunaly a few weeks later, toda i feel very worried with this unwanted attention, some of my closest friends are getting envy because of woman attention and i tried to explain him about this placement and i think it was a mistake, i shouldn’t say anything.

      And woman with another man(dating), woman dating friends of mine staring it is also getting very awkward. Sometimes you just want to dissapear and stay home by yourself but at the same time i know i can’t blame myself.

      But for now it is really like a “curse”. Maybe i still need to learn how to earn my pluto in the first house and pluto conjunct the ascendant energy like i read a thread about it.

    • Maria

      Carl Jung made the observation that the Scorpio types subconsciously want to be unloved and usually feel that way anyway even if they’re not unloved. The reason? Because they know that the only one they belong to is God. The monasteries have always had lots of Scorpio types living in them.

  • Hi waki,

    May I see your chart to get a better picture of what you’re talking about?

    • waki

      Sure, and many thanks again!
      Born on 8 feb. 1968 in Cannes, France, at 2;25 am (save light time)
      May I dare a few notes:
      I wish Neptune now in Pisces was not deluding me, as I find it hard to stay focused and productive. Current progression has too many things in Pisces (Moon, mercury, Venus), right now all of them right on IC, opposing MC… (While I have no home I can call mine).
      Neptune on the DC is out of sign 4th angle of a grand Cross. I have no idea how this plays out. Do yu think it’s significant?
      In that grand Cross, or otherwise T-square, Jupiter-Mercury are both in perfect opposition and in mutual reception, yet both Rx, and weak by sign, but in their own house. The focal planet, the Gemini Moon loosely conjunct DC, is out of bound. I wish I was less scattered, especially now (for the last 2 years)
      Venus and Mars, rulers of the Nodes axis, are in mutual reception too, and the Sun sits on their mid-point (otherwise Sun is not aspected, save its exact conjunction with Vesta. (and I am a nun, an uncoomon one, but ordained). NN Aries is a challenge to me. Getting there, if ever I must (with Venus loosely square the Nodes, not sure), involves a huge inner transformation and healing and although I am aware of that, still not done.
      Currently Pluto transits on my tricky Venus, while Uranus is sextiling my Sun. The Nodes transits are possibly active right now too.
      When Saturn was in Scorpio in my 12th House, I touched the bottom and since then keep bouncing but still unclear about how and what and where, and scattered — I feel if I could just stay focused on some tasks and complete them that would be great but I am somehow reluctant, and tired too.
      Any advice would be so very welcome!!

      • waki

        ?? The above chart doesn’t show the Venus-Saturn square (orb 7 degrees)
        Oh I wish this square did also not show in my life, but it seems Venus in Cap cannot but fall under Saturn spell.
        I was told the Heroe that would rescue her, her lover through mutual reception, is Mars in Pisces (trine Sco Neptune -AS, and charged by Pluto and Uranus) –a spiritual Mars that could maybe even find the Graal. 😉
        However as i said, the Mars/Aries energy as a path indicated by NN Aries is a challenge. Neptune these days is making the whole thing –my life, what I am supposed to do and create, how i can express my potentials– so elusive somehow.
        I am courageous for sure, and not afraid of trials if the Graal or whatever is at stake, but I need a direction while I feel scattered, and getting older and tired and reluctant to make the next small step that needs to be done
        I did face many trials, and bear deep scars, many still hot. if not all
        Ha. Pluto again!?
        (and Chiron return…)

        • Hi Waki,

          A few flower essences I would suggest for you based on your current transits are:

          Sagebrush – to clear away existing self-perception. (enhancing transiting Uranus conjunct your natal north node)

          Madia – for focus and clarity (working with the transiting node conjunct natal Pluto)

          Self-heal – to help you discover exactly what you need and to encourage self-reliance (combating the transiting Pisces south node and Chiron emphasis near your natal Mars and Chiron)

          Echinacea – to contract into your body (to support transiting Saturn in Sag and transiting Jupiter in Virgo)

  • waki

    Scorpio rising (with 12th House also in Scorpio)
    AND Pluto in 10th near MC & Pluto sextile ASC.
    => I must be sooo plutonian… but there are many other themes in my chart, so this is just one, and rather subconscious?
    I am not aware of being such an object of fascination, but moreover I think I am reluctant to take the responsability for what others may feel. It’s frightening, isn’t it? because yes I am somehow intense. Certainly not shallow.
    Could be shallow with Sun is in Aquarious and Moon in Gemini.
    Sun makes no major aspect to anything.

    Pluto exact opposition with Mars in Pisces — the stongest aspect on the chart. Makes Pluto hard to handle peacefully
    Neptune in Scorpio conjunct AS (from the 12th)
    Neptune sextile Pluto and trine Mars.

    I feel these days that I need badly to uncover and heal underground subconscious toxic ressentment –ressenting the whole world…
    and toxic suspicion of control and power games….
    (currently Jupiter transit on my Pluto in Virgo might bring this awareness?)
    This strong Pluto energy might be a gift but it’s a heavy one, it does not bring happiness or skill of being light, delight
    Seeking help for going through this unvovering and healing. It seems to be a proper time with the Nodes transiting around too…
    Can you please advise?

    • Hi waki,

      Head over to SkyWriter and try Donna Cunningham’s How strong is your Pluto quiz:

      There’s hundreds of comments by other Plutonians to give youinsight and comfort.

      As far as dealing with the energy … try reading some of the books out there on Pluto. Donna has her own called, Pluto Problems. There are also good books by Jeff Green and Steven Forrest.

      Other than reading, I find flower essences to be genuinely helpful. Contact me if you’re interested in a custom blend based on your natal chart.

  • Hi John, In astrology you want to look for repeated patterns. Usually if something is true you’ll see it in a chart said in 3 different ways. This is called “The rule of three.” You have to follow the thread of the story of Pluto through your chart.

  • John

    Would a Pluto sextile ascendant still hold much of the same qualities and make the same impression? Is the relevance and projection of this particular placement, based much on Pluto’s House placement and other placements?

    • Hi John, Much would depend on how close your sextile is and how much Pluto figures into the rest of your chart. You don’t want to overemphasize one aspect in isolation. So yes, If your ascendant, sun, north or south node are in Scorpio, or you have an emphasis on the 8th house, those placements would impact the sextile too.

      • John

        Thank you. I would appreciate some clarification on pluto’s influence and relevance in my chart, if you wouldn’t mind. I’ve been enjoying your book on planetary placements. Very informative thus far. If the pluto influence is substantial, it would make a lot of sense to me. Chart below if it’s working correctly.

        • Hi John,

          Pluto is too big a topic to examine in a comment. You should check out Jeffrey Green’s work, and also Steven Forrest. I think the reason you’re resonating with this post is because your Sun is conjunct Pluto. That conjunction adds considerable more emphasis to Pluto in your chart. Along with Mercury, that stellium sextiles the ascendant … which gives more emphasis than a single planet giving a sextile to the ascendant.

  • neptuneplutorising77

    I can definitely relate. I have Pluto 1st house conjunct Ascendant in Scorpio. It can be tough but rewarding; you’ll meet people who will really be intrigued by you or repelled. Life gets to me through extremes, but through this placement you are shaped soul wise. Embrace this placement with open arms, and you will reap rewards in unexpected ways.

  • lll111

    This is the worst placement of Pluto – 1st house and if conjunct the ascendat or if you have hard aspects with Pluto to personal planets, then it just doesnt get worse then that.

    • Why do you say that? There is something good that comes out of every “bad” placement.

      • lll111

        AstroFix do you have a first house Pluto yourself?

        • No, I have Pluto in the 2nd house. Pluto is sextile my ascendant by 55′
          In my progressed chart however, Pluto recently crossed over my ascendant (separating).
          By Transit Pluto is trine my ascendant (separating).

          • lll111

            Can you share your view on how any Plutonian should own their Pluto energy? I read this often but dont really understand how you can do that, since it pretty much owns you, or does owning means to control it? To control the planet of control?

  • plutonian

    Write me – I am intrigued. Plutonian.

  • Brasil23

    This is unbelievable.

    I have pluto in libra in conjuction with my ascendant(also libra) and Pluto in the 1st house, i also have mars(cancer) conjuction my asc and mars square pluto and it seems like my life was just wrote now in this text. Im also a leo sun, venus in virgo and lilith in scorpio(if that means something).

    Im kinda of new to astrology and i came to look for a reason why people(mostly woman, im a male) stare or hit on me in parties and almost everywhere, even when im trying to stay quiet and unnoticed or not feeling confortable with my looks, it seems like they can feel something and im not talking about been good looking or something, its a different look, like they dont care if i will notice they are staring at me, it is exactly what the text said, seems like the cant the eyes off you, and it doesnt matter if they have boyfriends or even are married and with their boyfriend/husband right beside them.

    And the ‘intimidate thing’ is so true, i wish i had read this a long time ago lol, im 34 now and it seems like i was living a whole different life because i never thought about it or care. I thought they were looking for any other reason, or maybe is my low self steen speaking.

    • Plutonian

      Sooner or later Pluto catches up with you. I was told that with Pluto (after difficult birth) it takes time then before one becomes aware of it. It usually depends on the transits it seems. Welcome to the Pluto club.
      Just to say that the fact that they stare at you does not mean that they will approach of you will approach. At least that is how it is in my case. In my situation I generate interest because of mystery and not because of desire.
      Feel free to write
      I am tired to be sort of a mystery to others and myself, I want to be friends with people who understand and are the same.

      • Brasil23

        Exactly! And i heard that something happen when my mom was pregnant, something bad but i never wanted to know.

        And i was thinking exactly that about the way people look at us, and i feel like most of the time when i open my mounth and say something to them it seems like the brilliance of my eyes or their interest kinda of diminishes and i dont say anything bad or something.

        But i noticed that it is getting “worse” now, it is happening more than ever i dont know why, maybe because now i expect that will happen. But it is getting kinda of “embarissing” because friends of mine that are know for being good looking and popular just disappear when in parties with me and im not bragging myself and they notice what is going on but i pretend im not seeying anything so they wont feel bad or something but i think theres nothing i can do about that.

        And im very shy and have my psychologics problems(maybe social phobia) and my friends pressure me a lot to do something(about the girls staring at me).

        Like someone said, seems like ir is a bless and a curse to have this aspects.

        • lll111

          Pluto in the 1st house

          “A strong, bewitching and fascinating personality, usually solitary,
          connected to the collective unconsciousness. Tendency to reach the
          extremes, often great creative power. This constellation brings a
          radical change of character during the lifetime (e.g. because of a
          dramatic event). The personality undergoes development through crises
          triggering the self-destructive tendencies and the ultimate anxiety in
          some individuals. The ability to get beyond the surface of the things
          and the great desire for intense experience. Often irresistible, almost
          magical sexappeal.”

        • lll111

          James23 look up to see if you are going through the middle life transit of Pluto square natal Pluto, then these things increase A LOT, if you are 34 it must be there around the corner or maybe you are already going through it. I passed it 4 years ago, still cant recover from it.

          • James23

            Sorry, but like i said, im new to this astrology thing. How can i find out about this transit? I was born in 08/14/81 09:50am. Thanks for the advice!

            • lll111

              You dont have it yet, it will start for you in Feb. 2018 and it lasts for 2 years, but I see in your chart except Mars square Pluto all other Pluto aspects are harmonious which is very good for you.
              For the fact that a lot of people stare at you, if it bothers you or makes you uncomfortable you can wear black sunglasses, it helps, cause some people feel awkward to stare at you when they cant see your eyes or dont know if you look at them or not, but dont imagine this will stop the starring, its pretty much impossible if you are Plutonian.

  • Was your mom a career woman?

    • Stephanie Ir

      No, not at all. She was an housewife. Always there for me. My father is a different story 😉 but I think this is typically about the mother.

      • lll111

        Stephanie how do you deal with the constant male attention, which for a woman with 1st house Pluto and conjunct ascendat I automatically assume is a really pesky problem.

        • Stephanie Ir

          I always have a lot of attention, that’s right. I learned to not pay that much attention. And I’m a real trustworthy woman. Also in a relationship. But the main problem for me is that most of the guys are already in a relationship. I always attract this kind of guys. And most guys are not serious, they find me sexy and maybe mesmerizing but maybe to strong for a serious relationship. while I’m a really sweet and caring person. It’s a crime :-p

          • lll111

            I dont think its the too strong for a serious rel.ship the problem, I just think from personal experience also that they seem to be extremely sexualy attracted to such Plutonian women, to the point of not being able or even willing to see you for anything other than that. Its a shame and such a curse…because Plutonians have so much depth and hate everything superficial.
            Do you also get hit a lot, or men leering at you and checking you or approaching or flirting with very direct and in your face sexual interest? Sorry if Imasking too persoanl things, I just want to know if its a common thing. I have Pluto in 1st house, conjunct asc. and Pluto also aspects almost all of my personal planets.

  • Starr Seedd

    Does this description also apply to individuals with pluto in their first house?

    • Hi Starr,

      Yes, it can .. especially if Pluto and the ascendant are in the same sign.

  • hyperreal

    fantastic article. Thank you so much for writing it.

    i came here because i have a scorpio sun squaring my leo ascendant. two cardinal signs. Also, my chart makes me want to cry. Sag, Cap, Scorpio and a moon in Pisces. That’s it. What does one with zero balance in their chart and a harsh aspect like the aforementioned do?! the struggle is real lol Is there anything in there that I can meditate on?

    • hyperreal

      *fixed. two fixed signs…

    • Is there anything in there that I can meditate on?
      Work on developing more insight into yourself. With Sun conjunct Pluto at the IC it would be helpful for you to read, meditate, and educate yourself to gain more psychological depth.

  • Metamorphosis

    This aspect is a curse and a blessing.. I never realized that I had an influence over others until now. It’s strange. People act timid around me. When I stare, they become nervous or blush. I’m calm up until someone rubs me the wrong way. All. Or. Nothing. I get my way because I’m forceful, assertive, and convincing. But I’m constantly depressed. There are weights on my heart. I trust no one. My soul is lonely and yearning for love. What if I let someone into my circle and they betray me or worse.. break my heart? I can’t afford to be damaged and broken again. This life of mine has been miserable. It’s filled with agony and disappointments because I want to let others in but still I’m extremely apprehensive.. I wonder if I’ll ever find happiness in this lifetime before I perish. I’m always in pain. What are we even here to gain..?

    • I’m not sure what we’re here to gain other than getting to know ourselves better.

  • Vallin SFAS

    Try this “goobie-dust” cluster: My ASC is 12°SCO10′, Neptune 11°SCO41′, and Venus 12°SCO50′. My double (Sun-ASC) ruling Pluto is 10°VIR00′ (conj. Psyche same degree). My chart dispositor is Mercury at 15°SCO00′. Here’s the “motha-f%*”: My beloved has her Pluto at 12°SCO35′ (you read that right) This whole sultry swamp is in her 8th house (LIB-SCO), and my Pluto conjuncts her DSC which is 12°VIR40′. Yes, our ASC’s trine within one degree!

    She’s more than a little resistant–however futile that will ultimately prove–to my inevitable charm and logic. Any ideas to grease us through this bottleneck?

    • Are you actually dating her yet? Is this love interest still active 20 days later?

      • Vallin SFAS

        We’re off-on. She’s AQU Sun-Moon-Mercury, and I’m SCO Sun-Mercury/TAU Moon. Her Venus is in my 5th house trine my Ist house SAG Mars. She’s also SAG Mars, and we share CAP Saturn as well. We have a double key Yod involving that Venus-ASC-Pluto, and we have 3 synastric Quindeciles. It’s SLO-MO-JO-RI-‘ZIN, but I am working a root on her. Obsessively. Cue Sting, Cock Robin, Animotion or Nicole Atkins here


        • Vallin SFAS

          Currently our second progressed Mars’s (“Marsies”?) are exalted together at 15° CAP; the conj began when we met in 2012. Also my exalted SP Moon is conj her SP Venus at a snuggly 11° TAURUS (opposite my natal Neptune, etc).

          Oh I’ve quite a War Room here!

    • Vallin SFAS

      Don’t y’all love my naughty metaphor “grease [us] through this bottleneck” };)?

  • Manasi Kumar

    I have Pluto conjunction libra rising in the first house . I also have the north node in first house in libra . Mars in Gemini in house 8 and Jupiter And Venus both in Gemini , house 9 . Saturn mercury and Moon in Leo in house 11 . Sun in cancer in tenth house .
    Currently experiencing immense internal changes …. Would appreciate any help and clarity !!

    • Can you post your chart Manasi?

      • Manasi Kumar

        Hi .
        Where do I post it ? And ( not being rude !) but how does this work then ? Regards

  • QueenJ

    Happy Hoilday

    ‘The immediate environment is so extreme that there is nothing else to be afraid of.’
    This is good stuff!

    Thank you

  • psy

    Hey i dont know if i can post it here but i want to ask again because my mercury is determined and falling in pisces how does it acts i mean its acting alone? I have mercury in 6th house and in 3rd house which’s mercury one i have pluto with scorpio rulling that house. Also my aries is falling in saturn, but i see saturn is in 7th and aries in 8th hose then aries acts by itself alone? I have mars in first house with virgo asc are they acting together because again mars retrograde and its in libra detrimined? Im sorry for disturbing you i rlly try to search info here is my chart

    • Hi psy,

      None of the planets ever really acts alone because the whole chart is connected. Yes, Mercury is in detriment and fall being in Pisces, but it is angular on the 7th house cusp (and it would be considered in the 7th house using Placidus and the 5 degree rule). Mercury is in a stellium with the Sun and Venus. Venus is in a very good position because she is exalted by sign and receives accidental dignity by house placement. Venus is Mercury’s dispositor. In this chart Mercury rules the 1st and 10th houses – so again it is connected to the angles. Mercury is the natural ruler of the 3rd and 6th houses because those are the natural houses of Gemini and Virgo. All of this information interweaves to tell a story. None of it acts alone.

      Saturn is in fall, being in Aries. Using Placidus, Saturn is in the 8th house using Placidus and the 5 degree rule. Saturn isn’t too happy in the 8th house or in Aries. Mars is the dispositor of Saturn Mars is in detriment in Libra in the 1st house (using Placidus) or the 2nd house (using whole signs). Because Saturn opposes Mars, which is conjunct the north node) there is something to be said about actively giving more of yourself to others rather than holding back from forming deep relationships because of fear or selfishness.

      • psy

        Thanks very much,that mars opposite saturn is hard for me i think in this aspect it represents my father im in very hard attitude with him and also pluto square mc i think it is also related to my family.My childhood wasnt very well i had family problems i was shameful kid no confidence and always fearfully. When i grow up like 13yo i had became different person like socialising and searching the true me and what i like what are my ambitious. Now im very active in sports , Im weightlifter and that changed my mental and physical level .Ive became self-disciplined but my family is very irresponsible to me ,confronting and being aggressively.I cant put my anger out and im very emotional intense when im in conflict to my father is that moon square pluto also saturn opposite mars?Sometimes i cant controll my energy in action im in melancholy mood and that is also relative to my relationships im very often thinking and care for others not for me that makes me angry.I think north node virgo with mars says i have to learn to take care for myself and then others .I had firstly very hard moods with my health when i have started to train i had painful rejection of my body because of so many trials in life.And i think the moon of aquaris helps me a lot both with mars to take action and thinking not to give up 🙂

      • psy

        Mars dispositor of saturn does that means i have diffictult organization in making routines, im very hasty sometimes and i dont think.. i have a lot of energy and sometimes go in chaotic mood.. And pluto in 3rd house what controlls i have hard aspects with moon and venus is he dispositor of something, and i want to ask i have very hard attitudes with my family and im emotionally intense acting to my father sometimes i get fearfully by him.. is this mars opposite saturn , also pluto aspects with mc? When i have hard confrontations with my family im getting affected and dont have desire to do anything.. And last i have read that 6th house is related to health care i had played a lot of sports and i had injured myself a lot because of my own irresponsibility and does the house with her planets shows something like that health problems becuase of lack in care for myself ?

        • Hi Psy,

          These are a lot of questions. I really can’t answer everything in a blog comment. Yes, Mars opposite Saturn could certainly represent a part of your relationship with your father. The chaotic routines could be shown by all the planets in Aquarius, especially your Moon in the 6th house.

          • psy

            Im srry really how can i contact you like email? For consultation, thanks a lot i appreciate it :))

  • psy

    Hi my asc is virgo first house and pluto is in third house (in scorpion), i have pluto square asc at -9degrees? Does the described stuff are related to square aspect because i feel some of them and does square aspect means change something like Growing in physical manner?thanks 🙂

    • The article does describe the square aspect, but with your ascendant and Pluto being sextile by sign, they do have some compatibility. Squares tend to show pressure that pushes you to change.

  • Unkwown

    Would I be considered to have this aspect? My Pluto squares my ascendant at 9 degrees and I relate to everything in this article.

    • Nine degrees is wide, but acceptable. Much of it depends on how accurate your birth time is since the ascendant is a point and not a physical body. If you have a Scorpio ascendant or Pluto in the first house some of this will resonate too.

  • Aaron

    Good Article! I have a question what would the person be like, if he/she had a Pluto-Moon conjunct the ascendant?

    • Similar, but with a more emotional component.

  • Leo

    Wow. I really agree with this post. I have Pluto Sag quintile Aquarius Ascendant, Pluto conjunct Scorpio Midheaven, Scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto, Virgo Moon Square Pluto, Jupiter quintile Pluto, Saturn trine Pluto, and Uranus sextile Pluto. My Sun and Pluto are both in 10th House while my Moon is in 7th House. Also my Ascendant sextiles with Mercury and Saturn, and conjuncts with Jupiter

    My friends told me that their first impression of me was that I am mysterious, unapproachable, secretive, and manipulative person and that I am living up on their impression. I also intimidate people because I have this psychopathic stare when infact I am just spacing out. My family also misunderstood me ( by the way my family is Air dominant and I am the only one in Water sign). I was also bullied by my friends and abused by other people when I was a kid that is why I totally relate on the perpetual grief of the face. I am also pretty talkative when needed, but I never share my secrets to others even to my closest friends. I feel that they could not understand me and they will use that against me.

    *Sorry for my long comment and my grammatical errors. Thank you for this article. I really enjoyed reading it.

  • Leo

    Wow. I really agree with this post. I have Pluto Sag quintile Aquarius Ascendant, Pluto conjunct Scorpio Midheaven, Scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto, Virgo Moon Square Pluto, Saturn trine Pluto and Uranus sextile Pluto. My Sun and Pluto are both in 10th House while my Moon is in 7th House.

    My friends told me that their first impression of me was that I am mysterious, unapproachable, secretive, and manipulative person and that I am living on their expectations. They also told me that my eyes looks like I am going to kill someone when infact I am just spacing out and that is the reason why people avoid me, but they also stare at me which is very uncomfortable sometimes. I am also a moody and obsessive person especially in academics and friends. I also felt that I am misunderstood by my family ( my parents and my youngest brother are Geminis while the younger one is an Aries).

    Also my mother told me that when she was still pregnant on me, she almost had a miscarriage, but luckily I survived. And when I was born, the doctors found out that I was a blue baby, but I also survived it. I think Pluto aspects is really connected with life and death.

    *Sorry for my long comment and my grammatical errors. 🙂

  • thyler

    interesting … I’m not that kind of aspect, but the regent my upward is in section 8, and identified myself with the description … This is really possible?

    * Excuse me for grammar errors. I just do not speak English

    • Hi thyler,

      I think you mean that your chart ruler or Sun is in the 8th house? Yes, those placements could give some overlap in interpretation.

      • thyler

        sorry: my chart ruler who is in 8*. And I have no aspect between Pluto and ascendant, but still I identify myself. I wonder if this is common, please 🙂

        • Hi Thyler,

          The only way I can know if it is a common experience would be to create a poll. I used to have polls on AstroFix for each post. I’ve been thinking of bringing them back if I can find an easy, free, lightweight poll plugin.

  • swampwitch

    I really enjoyed this. My Sagittarius Pluto squares my Virgo Ascendent at 2 degrees.
    People are either intimidated by me or think I’m hyper-critical and constantly judging them (it’s like they have this perceived expectation of me which never turns out to be true). I’ve had a friend tell me that she thought I was boring at first and another tell me that they felt like I was constantly looking into their soul lol. It’s funny because I’m always super anxious in public and I feel like everyone is judging me instead. It’s something I’ve often felt a little conflicted by; I’ve always been envious of my friends who could naturally draw people to them with carefreeness. Takes me a while to initiate a conversation and for others to initiate ones with me.

    I also related a lot to the having ‘power over your looks’ bit. I guess it ties in with it being easier to control what people think about me when I wear clothes/look a certain way that’s more representative of me.

  • kelsey

    I have an intensely overcrowded ascendant!

    My ASC is 10*Scorpio:

    (in the 12th) PLUTO 9*Scorpio / SUN 27*Libra

    (in the 1st) MERCURY 11*Scorpio / VENUS 13*Scorpio

    One myth that has always resonated with me is “The Rape of Persephone”. With a Libra Sun (and Moon, and Mars), it was incredibly awkward for me, growing up, to handle the intensity of life – both the personal projections that met me in the world, and the reactions I received from my peers. I use to try and suppress this unstoppable dynamic energy – I often fumbled. I remember longing for the companionship of others, mostly, the acceptance of others – but regardless of my intent, my attempts, or my desires I was never able to bridge the gap. I continually felt like the kid “from the wrong side of the tracks”.

    Into my teen years, I adopted a “devil may care” attitude, and recklessly stampeded through the first years of adulthood. I only felt tamed in the intense relationships I formed with a few individuals. The romantic relationships never lasted, much like the grand finale of a fireworks show. The friendly relationships HAVE lasted, and they remain today, as vital forces of light. I attracted individuals whose inner conflict/wounds were a reflection of my own (as most people do). I would play the role of vice grip – grasping my partner so firmly that no change was allowed, as I would attempt to understand/examine/comprehend/dress the wounds I sensed.

    It’s like I was looking in a mirror, noticed a cut/scratch/wound on myself, and instead of applying a band-aid to my wound, I would apply the bandaid to the mirror. The feeling of foolishness that sweeps through me, when I discover these types of mistakes, use to be the most intensely uncomfortable emotion for me – that savage prideful streak present in Pluto/Scorpio types, gets humbled. Fortunately, I developed the ability to laugh at myself, which helped bring in some light (but only under the right circumstances, controlled by yours truly). The entire spectrum of emotion is intensified in my field of vision. This has been the cause of blindness in me.

    The experience of being blind to what everyone else claims as true, is incredibly frustrating. Like fumbling around in a dark cavern, while everyone else has the advantage of a flashlight. Why wasn’t I told I needed a flashlight? Why can’t I see as well as everyone around me? It’s a very isolated existence. I eventually got to the point where it was unbearable, and I came upon the most extreme of crossroads; the crossroad of life+death. I thought that If life was to be spent fumbling in the dark, then death would be more satisfying, because then I would be inert. Fortunately, thoughts can be fleeting when you have a workhorse for a mind, that is lightening-quick at deflating any false claims, or faulty logic. One of my first realizations of light was the immense importance I place on relationships, and the obvious realization of my faulty logic: inertia does not equate to peace, which is what I desired most (for myself, and others – as a Libra) in the frustration of blindness.

    I began exploring the possibility that I was worth it, and that regardless of the intensity I had felt my wounds to impact me, they hadn’t killed me. If I am still alive, then I can still have purpose. My first goal was to discover methods of healing, and as my search began, so did the light begin to pour in. It wasn’t that I found a flashlight, or stole someone else’s – I didn’t use any mechanism devised by man, nor did I deceive myself through dogma. It wasn’t that my eyes began adjusting, either. It was the dark cavern beginning to give. What I found to be the most healing experience for me, thus far in life, is maturity (of my Whole Self). I have found redemption in my relentless pursuit of truth, wisdom, and ways to be of service. These are the tools that have aided me in the excavation process, of my Self.

    I cannot help but feel there’s a sort of compulsive self-sabotage mechanism. Compulsive, because I am not aware of it (as I usually am of intent/motivation), therefore, cannot control the odds in an attempt to gain a favorable outcome. In hindsight, it’s most often triggered when I am most selfishly controlling my environment, to the point where my energy has become malevolent to others. Basically: I cannot operate insidiously without destroying my Self at the same time. Some people are incredibly attracted to this malevolence. They either want to have a mirror for their own self-destruction, or they have a compulsive need to test the limits (the limit being death, Pluto, etc).

    However, as I mature, I understand the fundamental necessities that my Soul requires, more and more. The first realization that hit me was the absolute need of a proper relationship with my Self – to “Know Myself”. I began developing my knowledge and understanding in several spiritual/philosophical/esoteric subjects as a way to comprehend the vast intricacies of Self. My body of knowledge is ever growing (I would never foolishly attempt to put a restriction on it). And what’s truly amazing about the process, is my growing ability to transform what energy I output into a gift (for others) rather than a ticking time bomb.

    My Soul has no interest in uselessly wasting the incredible transformative power that I sense in potential. On occasion, I still grapple with the desire to selfishly pursue power/material comforts, but usually know this conflict of interest is arising from a personal imbalance (of body/mind/soul). I am learning how to effectively correct these imbalances. Since I began this route, I have felt (for the first time that I can remember) like I am thriving.

    A lot of interpretations of the Pluto+ASC conjunction describe the nature of Pluto being equivalent to the basest form of human nature – survival instincts. I don’t disagree with this interpretation, but I do wish to elaborate on it, based off my personal experience. While I am quite capable of analyzing other people/situations (quickly and accurately) for possible threats, and also, determining what actions I can take to best handle them, I have learned that this mentality is actually prone to attracting threats. I suppose paranoia is a fitting term to describe this. Words as a tool, tend to feel hollow to me – like they never capture the resonance of intense feeling I try to express with them.

    Anyway, I have been known to keep a paranoid/defensive mentality during “first impressions” I received (of people, of situations, of everything!). Is it any wonder people are disturbed by the Plutonian (to use Donna Cunningham’s term)? The plutonian is always internally developing strategies, like how best to destroy you, should you become a threat. I have discovered, during my maturation, that this defense-paranoia is a mask I wear to hide my vulnerabilities – ignorance being the greatest one: ignorance of my own fears, of my own strengths, and of my talents.

    When I am operating in a way that is conducive to my Path, I am not fearful. I am consciously, and intentionally building up my strength, and I am joyfully discovering and sharing my talents. The paranoia-defense mechanism is hushed by my own awesomeness. I am empowered by my ability to survive, which provides me with the ability to experience life as thriving.

    As these positive manifestations of my Self develop, so does my belief that my experience of Self is leading to a greater understanding of the Plutonian. That there is a light, positive, beneficial side, to all the negative and dark interpretations of the Plutonian.

    When Hades abducted Persephone, not only did he act as a catalyst for her to transform from a girl to a woman, but he also shined light on his heart, and his awesome capacity to love.

    • Brasil23

      This is unbelievable.

      I have pluto in libra in conjuction with my ascendant(also libra) and Pluto in the 1st house, i also have mars(cancer) conjuction my asc and mars square pluto and it seems like my life was just wrote now in this text. Im also a leo sun, venus in virgo and lilith in scorpio(if that means something).

      Im kinda of new to astrology and i came to look for a reason why people(mostly woman, im a male) stare or hit on me in parties and almost everywhere, even when im trying to stay quiet and unnoticed or not feeling confortable with my looks, it seems like they can feel something and im not talking about been good looking or something, its a different look, like they dont care if i will notice they are staring at me, it is exactly what the text said, seems like the cant the eyes off you, and it doesnt matter if they have boyfriends or even are married.

      And the ‘intimidate thing’ is so true, i wish i had read this a long time ago lol, im 34 now and it seems like i was living a whole different life because i never thought about it or care. I thought they were looking for any other reason, or maybe is my low self steen speaking.

  • Priscilla Dhillon

    I have pluto conjunct AS at 9’18 degrees. what does that mean? Also sun trine pluto at 6’04 and moon trine pluto at 7’35

    • Hi Priscilla,

      You read the post? That should give you some idea of what the aspect means. In particular a conjunction usually indicates that the energies of two planets are fused and it’s difficult to differentiate the energies. I have posts for Sun/Pluto and Moon/Pluto aspects too … just use the search bar up top.

  • Carmela

    Husband has Scorpio Asc at 1 degree Exact Conjunction his pluto In scorpio at 1 degree also!!! Highly highly Potent!!!!

  • Dark Knight

    how much wide can the orb be? I have it somewhere between 7-8 degrees, Pluto Conjunct Ascendant

    • Orbs depend on who you ask. Some astrologers use very tight orbs for everything, some very wide. I would go up to 10 degrees for the ascendant, maybe a little more if the conjunction was with the Sun or Moon … but this also depends on how accurate your birth time is. For Pluto, with an accurate birth time, 7 or 8 degrees seems reasonable.

  • begreat

    Interesting read….I have sun moon Pluto t square. Sun opposite moon at 2 degrees. Sun square Pluto at 0. Moon squeare Pluto at 1. Pluto biquintile Ascendent.

    • That’s an intense t-square!

      • begreat

        Agreed. I can definitely relate to this whole post.

  • AnaTheHorrible

    i have a yod with a pluto/ saturn conjunction sextiling neptune and all of them quinqunx my ascendant conjunct chiron. feel like it makes me very dark, rigid and vulnerable at the same time.

  • Pikka

    Really interesting..what about Pluto opposite Ascendant or conjunct Descendant? Does this description apply to that aspect too? I have it and my ascendant is in Taurus, along with Sun in Scorpio conjunct with Pluto, Moon in Cancer trine with Pluto, Pluto in Scorpio in the 7th house cusp that in my chart is ruled by Scorpio and Saturn And Uranus in the 8th house .So i’m i right if i say i’m very plutonian and watery? I can identify myself with those characteristics but i’m confused about if it’s just my perception or if others really see me in this way? Thank you very much for your insight

    • Hi Pikka,

      If Taurus is your ascendant, then your chart is ruled by Venus. Yes, I’d you were Plutonian with the Sun and Pluto in Scorpio in an angular house, along with having a few planets in the 8th house. It’s easy enough to tell if you’re watery … just count up the number of planets in water signs to see if they dominate.

      • I’ll be writing about Pluto/Descendant aspects in a future post. Subscribe to AstroFix so you don’t miss it.

  • Priscilla Dhillon

    haha that was such a cool read.

    • Thanks, Priscilla … which Pluto/ascendant aspect do you have?

  • Aeon

    Hmm interesting. I have Scorpio Rising conjunct Pluto, Pluto Moon 2 deg Conjunction in Scorpio, and my Venus in 0′ Sagittarius making an out of sign conjunction to both, 5 deg to moon, and 8 deg to Pluto(not too sure how this plays out), have had trouble since the day I was born. Someone accidently poured boiling water onto me, a kid stabbed a pencil in my stomach, my sister was playing with an empty air gun and fired it right on my ear, had a part of my ear cut-off with scissors. School life wasn’t too great socially, although academics went pretty smoothly. Kids just hated me for some reason, maybe it was due to me being left handed (I was the only kid in the whole batch) and even teachers used to give me weird stares at times. Still don’t understand why they think left handers are evil, how can someone hate their own hand for god-sake. Mom’s a good person but she was depressed due to family troubles and hence couldn’t really give any attention. Fought hard for years, went to college, always focused on making something of myself. But I always had this war going on inside, and I got so accustomed to it I didn’t really realise it until I met this girl in my college. Damn, I saw her, and her smile just put a stop on it all, it was that powerful. Life had its own agenda though, turned out she felt nothing in return and went in a relationship with another guy. First time in my life I felt really down. Got tired of fights, all the power struggles and bullshit of others’ minds. Still going through it, don’t know when it will stop, guess I’ll just have to fight till the very end. Ahh I so wish people could understand. In my opinion I don’t think life gives me much of a choice, its either use your will to completely focus on a goal, or let the shit get you down and turn you insane. But there is some fun too, watching people fidget when you give them a look, I remember a friend of mine once said, don’t give me looks man, it seems like you’ll murder me. felt strange at first because I never like hurting anyone, but reading your post does give a possible reason for it.

  • Lola

    I can really find myself in this post but I only have pluto quincunx my ascendant,… is a quincunx too minor aspect to be considered? Regards

    • Hi Lola, no quincunxes are not too minor to be considered for this post. You’ll want to keep your orb righter though … maybe 3 degrees max.

      • Lola

        Thank you

  • mik

    wow. I have Pluto on the ascendant, conjunct to my Libra Venus. People generally find me quite attractive, elegant, pleasant (i think it’s the Libra rising), I don’t think I’m threatening since I don’t act as overtly sexual. In the past I never had much trouble in my love life, I don’t fall in love easily and when it happens I choose well 🙂 I have to see things quite clear but (there’s always a ”but”, LOL) , I’m attracted to intensity, to introverted and mysterious men. They bring me the depth that I crave. This aspect is kind of scary now, since I’ve met a Scorpio man/ Scorpio rising. We have a Venus-Neptune conjunction in sinastry and I always feel a subterranean drawing force between us… I wonder if Pluto is related, since a friend of mine told me that it adds a Scorpio quality on me (I’m a Virgo, btw).

    • Just be aware of giving away too much of your own depth to someone else.

      • mik

        thank you! Alas, I think you’re spot on!

  • hypnotic

    I have Pluto on the ascendant, in the 1st house, Pluto trine Sun and Pluto sextile Moon…people have always had problems with my intensity…sometimes even without me doing anything, just the presence is enough, and i don’t know what or why is it…it seems that it’s just the inner strength that radiates outward..because that’s something difficult to hide i guess. Anyway, i still love it, and i thank Force for having these placements 😀 We are deeper than deep, and probably with the greatest power possible in Zodiac.

  • Standoffish

    Shit.. No wonder why people give me rude looks. It actually makes sense now. I’ve been told I have “bad energy” too and no one says hi.. They just stare and treat me like I’m poison or something. I do nothing but mind my business and others still act stand offish around me. How strange..

    • Sometimes people like to project their shit onto you. You probably do it to others too … we all do.

  • Micaela Fiegelist

    So I felt absolutely identified. My life was a constant struggle, constant transformation. I was raised by my parents but I’m the last child. I grew up in and older environment and I always even say it myself I like older people than I like people my age. For me my sun and moon are in sagittarius and ASC in scorpio with pluto in the 12th house. I don’t have a lot of friends but the few I have are the best. Also everywhere I go people stares not only because of good ways or bad ways but also bc I’m 6ft tall! Reading all of this makes me feel bad because it makes me feel like idk my life sucks. But sagittarius at the same time makes me a very optimistic person. struggles struggles I just want an easy going life.

    • Do you feel like all these experiences have given you a deeper perspective?

  • SharpTongue

    People just do not like me. I’ve been said to have “bad energy” Uh, ok..? And once I’m insulted I use my tongue as a weapon. Having Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Rising, and Scorpio Mercury along with this aspect is a double-edge sword. I’m too vicious and hurtful. Growing up I would feel so lonely because people would avoid me but then I realized that the way I speak comes off as too rude and ruthless.. I’m the type of person who calls it how I see it. I have no remorse. When someone tries to verbally bring me down I come back ten times harder. My mom has always called me vindictive and evil. One of my friends told me once that “for someone so quiet and deceivingly innocent, you’re actually a cold b****” but they fail to realize that I’m cold on the outside but sensitive on the inside. I just try to conceal that vulnerable part of me.. I need to protect my heart and my emotions. I will always be seen as a rude b**** when in reality I’m just very sensitive to my emotions as well as others. My intuition is extremely accurate. But anyways, Interesting article..

    • I’m sorry you’re suffering from such negative surroundings.

  • Mazzai Burton

    I have Scorpio Rising with Pluto in 1st house and Pluto conjunction Ascendant. People are drawn to me after like two or three days. People misunderstood me a lot and teens my age would pretend to like me. I do have some friends though and I feel like I’m the outcast when I’m out with friends. I’m quiet and reserve person and I guess people are just intimidated by my quietness. Older people like 25 and up like me. When I walk into a room I feel there is tension. I do have 9 other Pluto aspects so I’m definitely a Plutonian. Sometimes I like that everyone that I’m close with try to control me in some type of what.

  • EagleEye

    “I don’t feel like an intense person, perhaps just seen as someone that can’t be trusted or that has something “off” about them.”

    “..which leaves for a lonely, almost paranoid feeling of me against the world.”

    Oh my god, YES.

  • I have a resting bitch face

    Almost an obsession with self-discovery and ‘who i am’ to myself and to the world. If I’m not the one destroying in some way my self image, others will do it. It’s a deep struggle and purge of the ‘self’ which leaves for a lonely, almost paranoid feeling of me against the world.

    So well said!

  • Ramses Tremols

    God… So accurate that is even creepy. I have Scorpio Rising with 1st house Pluto conjunct to it. Everywhere I go, EVERYONE stares. EVERYBODY that is around me has to approach me in some way, good or wrong. Teens my age cant stand me. Older people like me a lot. If I go to Walgreens then they all think I work there & they are all asking for help… It’s always a strong reaction! People are ALWAYS drawn to me. Either in a very good way or in a very bad one. It always feels like the whole world is out there to go destroy me & betray me so I dont trust anybody & cant open up. My life has always been so lonely & with a childhood FULL of secrets. My dad would cheat on my mom with her own cousin who would come & visit me often & a bunch of other heavy stuff to deal with. My grandma raised me part of my life & she was so attached to me & wouldnt let me go when my mom wanted to spend time with me. Is this “being part of a power struggle”? She cried so bad to stay with me… Poor thing. As a kid, I had no friends & was my mom’s only child & the oldest grandson so I had nobody to have fun with. The issue with this conjunction is that the native always feels that everyone out there is out to screw them over & it can be SO SO HARD for them. This conjunction is a tough one to bear.

    • Thank you for giving us more insight into this aspect combination. Fascinating stuff.

    • Lace

      Literally just summed up my life. Everyone I knew hated me and only liked me when it benefited them. I’m so fucking gaurded. I was in between my parents arguments a lot and I felt very lonely because I didn’t understand why nobody really liked me but it’s funny because at the same time, I could endure the loneliness and I could easily spot bs people from miles away. In friendships, I can almost be too good to people so I have to have alone time. Relationships are so confusing I want you one minute but then I want you gone the next but I want to mind fuck you with all the psychotic love I have within me lol.

  • Marcus Loader

    I have a Scorpio Sun/rising, and I have Pluto in the 1st. People always look at me crazy, especially when I walk into a room. Most females act all scared, or creeped out when when I look at them. I rarely try to talk to them nowadays, & I hardly ever smile now because. I used to try all the time, I just got tired of getting dissed & rejected. I lost all hope and confidence in the aspect. I guess that’s because of my Venus conjunct Saturn in 2nd house Sagittarius. I think people get the wrong vibe from me or something. The only people that try to talk to me really are weirdo’s, crazy people, and females I have NO interest in what so ever. What makes it even worse is I have Mars in the 12th. It’s in Libra, so I wouldn’t know what to say or do if a beautiful girl was interested anyways.

    • Marcus, Maybe you should try hanging out with a different crowd of people? With your Venus conjunct Uranus, it might be in your best love interest to socialize with an alternative crowd.

      • Marcus Loader

        Would the Venus Conjunct Saturn, & Mars Sextile Jupiter placements have something to do with this also?

        • Probably yes.

          • Marcus Loader

            Do you how those would effect me? Specifically Venus Conjunct Saturn? I also Mercury Conjunct Pluto is heavy in my chart, would also effect me bad?

            • Every aspect presents challenges and potential gifts.

  • EagleEye

    People think I’m trying to seduce them all the time. That’s the only thing I don’t like about this aspect. I think they feel as if I’m mentally and emotionally undressing them (sometimes sexually too) .. I always get winks from hot and bothered men who think I’m suggesting something based on my facial expressions or the intensity behind my glare. It’s pretty annoying at times especially when the feeling isn’t mutual. I feel as if my privacy is being evaded when people stare but maybe I come off as strangely suspicious and paranoid to them? I’m not sure? I rarely ever smile and the thought of having sex with someone near me who catches my interest is something that dances around in my mind to tease me. I want loyalty and trust from everyone but not too many people possess these qualities. I don’t mean to be explicit or weird or anything, I just wish I could come in contact with more people dominated by the lovely but deadly planet of Pluto.

    • Is Pluto conjunct your ascendant? If so, is there a planet opposing it?

      • EagleEye

        Well, yes. Why else would I comment on this post? Also my sun, mercury, ascendant, venus, and obviously pluto are in Scorpio. I know a couple Scorpio Suns and I’ve noticed that Scorpio risings are very similar to us (on the surface.) kind of like an imitator, however I don’t think I’ve met someone else with Pluto conjunct Ascendant. I would love to see how they act though and that would give me some insight on how I act. Maybe I come off as overly sexual for some reason. I’m not though.. I could go months without intimacy if I feel like I havent found the right person to release my passion with. But men can be so annoying at times. You give them one look and they automatically assume that you want it. Ugh. Anyways. It’s an interesting aspect.

        • Hi EagleEye,

          Pluto wouldn’t have to be conjunct the ascendant to have a Pluto-ascendant aspect.

          I’ve noticed that Scorpio risings are very similar to us (on the surface.) kind of like an imitator

          Interesting observation.

          • EagleEye

            Oh, ok. I was unaware of that. Do you also have Scorpio Rising?

            • No, I have Virgo rising with Pluto sextile it.

        • Jean Janse van Vuuren

          I’m a ScorpioAscendant conjunct pluto in 12th house ✌

          • Zuzz

            Exactly the same aspect. Plus Sun conjunct Pluto. And Sun conjunct the Ascendant. 😛

  • Raya Delipavlova

    I have Scorpio ascendant. Pluto in Scorpio making a conjunction with my ascendant. What’s the meaning of this?

    • Focus on being intensely present in your life – no drifting off or spacing out. You are incredibly observant, yet you have the ability to remain unobserved by others.

  • Zaxper95

    My ascendent is in Virgo, and moon sign in Leo which is also tightly squaring Pluto. My mid heaven is in Gemini with is also in opposition to Pluto. My Pluto is in my third house. And also mercury in Scorpio. I have Pluto in Sagittarius. I thank you a lot for replying to my comment, especially in the manner that you have done, I have been searching on the web for the specific meaning of Pluto square ascendent, for a long time but I mostly just find Pluto conjunct ascendent. You have given me much insight about my Pluto aspects, and what you said explained a lot about me. I thank you again for your reply. If you have anymore insight into what I mention above I will be looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

  • River Phoenix

    This is literally accurate down to every word. I try to observe people by their actions and body language but I guess I come off as a bit intimidating when doing so.. People are strange around me, they either turn red or act jumpy or fidgety.. It makes me feel odd but I also have Scorpio rising /pluto/jupiter/mercury, Venus conjunct pluto, pluto conjunct ascendant, & a whole bunch of pluto aspects. I’ve been called one-of-a kind, different, and hypnotizing several times but on my end I just feel like a loner, a very alienated one. anyways thanks for this article, its really insightful!! Take care :-*

    • Interesting, River. What do you do, or plan to do, as work?

    • YoungPrince2k14

      Ahh We Share all those Planet’s, We are truly blessed! Except I have Leo Ascendant Conjuct Marz and My Sun is Scorpio, I am A Scorpio. I have the Pluto square Asc which is why I read this article. Me being attractive I tend to squire these traits specially on Women, I’m very seductive.

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    I am very anxious to see a post about Neptune-Ascendant because I would like to understand my Neptune-Ascendant on my personality.

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    I am very anxious to see a post about Neptune-Ascendant because I would like to know more about my Neptune Ascensant on my birth chart.

  • Hi jj,

    Yes, I will eventually write both of those posts.

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    When are we going to have new posts?

    • When I make it a priority. Life has given me other priorities lately.

  • peter

    Damn! So tru, n yes i do have better relationship wit my mother in law, grandma then my actual mom, too much pluto in my chart though>> sun square pluto, pluto 1st house, scorpio asc, pluto semi sextile asc>> goes on, i get strong reaction, people starring, random people approach me in public, girls starring, people starting on me, very uncomfortable

  • Maria Polmeer

    It was such a relief to read the Pluto /Ascendant info. My Pluto is Leo in 7th opposition Aquarian ascendant and square fourth house Mercury which also squares the asc. I don’t try to spook people and have tried hard all my life to fit in, but no luck. However; without being able to figure out why,women copy my style. Moon in Leo in seventh as well, but ten degrees away from Pluto. Now that I’m a senior it’s easy. I’m just my reclusive self and if anyone wants to be around me, well ok. (But don’t fence me in.) On 14 April turned 72 and have started teaching beginner’s astrology and art. If I’d had the opportunity in my life I’d have loved to be a spy or detective. Both grandparents lived with my family as I was growing up and were a big influence. Finally, I married twice to interesting, easy going men who felt like past lifers. In both cases, before marriage, we lived together in harmony. However; when I married them~ literally from the wedding night~ we were uncomfortable together. Old Pluto is not a cosy seventh house bedfellow! After divorce they remained in my life as friends.

    • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

      Generally the transsaturnians work asaA way of introspective learning between our lives, even Pluto needs sometimes to get attached on the person´s soul. When Pluto gets too fierce and violent, the planet energy is being used with too much passion and it must run on the contrary side.

    • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

      Generally the transsaturnians work as a way of introspective learning between our lives on Earth, even Pluto needs sometimes to get attached on the person´s soul. When Pluto gets too fierce and violent, the planet energy is being used with too much passion and it must run on the contrary side.

  • Zaxper95

    I have Scorpio sun, sun conjunct Pluto as well. I have Pluto square ascendent,what does it mean specifically? And does the description above apply to me also? For my Pluto square ascendent.

    • Diana Vallejos

      well when you have the ego (sun) glued to intense/transformative pluto this gives a whole new dimension to the intensity you experience – Pluto energy overpowers the ego, Pluto energy becomes so instinctual to you that you may not even recognize it – people with this aspect like to psychoanalyze everything especially themselves, hence why you are here trying to figure out and understand more about yourself, psychological transformation is the goal. People with this aspect are always trying to get to the heart of the matter, they know more lies behind the surface and they won’t stop until they get to the bottom of things. This intensity for finding the truth makes them very skeptical and pron to very negative thoughts and circumstances. Recognizing the intense and catalytic Pluto energy about yourself is the first step for you to start channeling this energy in constructive ways. People with this aspect can read people easily because they are not swayed by superficial distractions. People with this aspect detest superficial people. Anyone with lots of scorpion influences makes for good detectives, they do a lot of their work behind the scenes hence why they are so private and lone wolfs for the most part, as this article states, they notice most everything but keep it to themselves.

    • What is means for you specifically depends on the way those aspects plug into your entire chart. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to give individual delineations within the comments of this blog. The description above will apply to you too.

      • Zaxper95

        Thank you.

  • plutonian

    One of the best descriptions of Pluto Asc ever. Will bookmark it. I did live with my grandparents and my great grandmother as a child and it was my grandmother who had the most profound influence over me. I can see now how alike I look to her even if I am a male. I have met some other people with Pluto Asc and they do not have much impact on me probably because I can see through them. Transformation is key for me. Always changing, improving, constructing. I am told I create mystery out of myself – although I do nothing in purpose for that. I do not have powerful dark eye effect probably because my eyes are grey. People do think I have unusual eyes, not threatening though. My Pluto and Asc are in Libra within almost the same degree 1st house. I am considered handsome but not in the traditional sense. I try to hide my good looks by making myself ugly on purpose and then becoming almost like a saint. I think I have not reached yet the full potential of my Pluto. It is well aspected in a positive way to my Sun and Neptune. What I do or don’t do has an impact on people. I cannot hide even if I wanted to. I am noticed and remembered instantly but nobody can figure me out. I do long for someone who would understand me and who would see me for who I am. Yet, with Pluto Asc it is impossible… I am always transforming myself. I do not drink, I do not smoke, I am a vegetarian and I am asexual which is unusual for Pluto probably (it is all internalized) but because of my rare Venus – retrograde between signs with single difficult aspect (near IC 4th house) and non-aspected weak Mars. I appear physically weak but I have lots of energy when I have a purpose. I have a lot of negative internal emotion which I fear to release because I also fear it could kill… Pluto is magic. I do not seek out people, they are drawn to me. If I want someone to be around me it is easy to draw them to me. Yes, also difficult birth (revivived, clinical death – being brought back from death). I am a secret love child – which I figured out in the most unique way after my mother has long passed away. Besides I do know all the secrets – people tell me this because they know I will not tell others. I know everything about everybody and with years more and more. It even becomes boring at times. I try to change the world. I do not live – I transform. It is even painful to let go, enjoy, relax – live my life as it is. I am not interested in anything casual (so always only serious). Cannot stand anything artificial, all must be natural. All is intense. I have had access even to jails and closed palaces… (as a visitor). I have been in secret meetings as an observer. Yes, I can also hypnotize and cannot be hypnotized myself. I can calm others down and soothe them too. Many people believe I am weak and childlike and do not understand how I survive. This is all me – Pluto Asc. An astrologer friend told me many years ago when I was young – that I did not know yet Pluto Asc. I still feel I do not know it despite all of it above. I am a mystery to myself… most unique, magic and internally powerful. Yet lonely… I reach out to all those who want to know me (or who I would probably not let to know me)… I am sorry – I am unpredictable… as everchanging, yet graciously spiritual… All well concealed and hidden against my own conscious will. You would not tell I have Pluto Asc if you met me…

  • kelli

    Holy smokes, this is a great post! I’m an Aquarius rising and my 9th house Pluto in Scorpio squares it. Pluto also squares my 1st house Mercury, which is conjunct my ascendant. It trines my first house pisces sun and sextiles my 11th house capricorn Neptune, however. I get stared at… a lot, and it makes me extremely uncomfortable. I’ve had more than a few creepers/stalkers. Yikes! I’m usually the first person to say hi or smile at someone, haha I swear I don’t bite! I do find it easy to read people and see through them, but people don’t really know me. I’m usually the funny positive one, even a bit of a perv at times! But I’m not always like that…it gets dark in my head sometimes. I am not afraid of much anymore, after going through hell and back, ya know, a few times. I wasn’t raised by my grandmother, I kinda had to raise myself. Sorry, haha I’m rambling. Anywho! Thanks for an amazing post! 🙂

  • Thanks, Brian. I also have Pluto (2nd house) sextile ascendant and opposite Venus (wide).

  • VIper

    “Not being who you appear to be. Concealing your real self”

    I definitely agree heartily with everything you said, especially with the quote above. I’m a leo ASC and have pluto in scorpio square my ASC really tight. I somehow molded myself in a way , that I appear approachable and personable with others but in a subconscious level I’m much of a hermit and want to be elusive as possible. Its like a dichotomy , wanting to be personable but at the same time having a disdain for human contact, is a struggle I go through all the time within myself.

    • Thanks for the insights into that combination, Viper.

  • Anima

    Great article! Although Pluto just semisextile AC, I found almost everything said true for me. Maybe because ruler Venus exactly conjunct Pluto, too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Where is your Sun and what sign is your ascendant?

      • Anima

        Libra Sun, AC Leo, Venus/Pluto Virgo

        • I’m not sure with these positions, Anima, If Leo is your ascendant, then the Sun is your chart ruler. Are the sun and Pluto in apect?

          • Anima

            Yes, Pluto/Venus in 2nd also semisextile Sun with Sun sextile AC. Don’t know if this aspect is strong enough, but I recognized most of the text true to me 🙂 Thanks!

  • Cher

    This hit home. I was raised by my grandmother and have gone through so much adversity and overcame so much in life I feel as if I was born to walk through fires and tell how I made it out. I have Pluto conjunct ascendant in Leo. I have always wondered and still wonder how people perceive me. I have transformed my look after every upheaval so funny! No stranger to death. Have been around thugs and downtrodden without problems. I help a lot of unfortunate people. People have said they were intimidated by me to my surprise. Thx for this!

  • SJS

    I’ve got Pluto exactly conjunct the ASC. Aside from a difficult birth, I have had many health issues that were severe and almost caused death. I was able to overcome all of them and re-worked myself from the depths many times. I’ve always had a very blunt, cutting way of speaking. So much of this rang true. I believe had I not had this aspect in my natal chart, I would not have had the strength to go on living. I’m very thankful that although I have had more than my share of issues in life, I have been made stronger by this placement.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, SJS.

  • Frida

    i do recognise a big pot here and its a well written text full of drama and mystic with a swift of northern light now and then …hidden

  • Gabby

    Pluto is in my 12th house out of orb. I do know what you are talking about. But I’m consciusly trying to live my true Libra ascendant and being able to go with flow and letting go the need for control.
    That book of Sue Tompkins is also fantastic 🙂

  • Rossana

    Spot on. I have Pluto in the 1st, 8 degrees from my Asc but I also have Mars conjunct Saturn in the 1st. I think I first have to master that Mars/Saturn challenge in order to let that Pluto flow. I dunno… what do u think?

    Btw Mars/Saturn are in Scorpio and Pluto on 29 Libra. And I also have an 8th House Stellium. Seems like I have a lot of Pluto/Scorpian shit to deal with!!!

    • Does Pluto flow ever? This seems like a topic for a philosophical debate 🙂

      • Rossana

        Lol. You’ve got a point there. I guess Pluto never really flows. My Mars is the one that’s completely stuck then. Especially cause I’m not Saturnian at all. I have too much Gemini and that clashes completely with it. My Saturn Return was hell. It’s still complicating my 2nd house. I wish Saturn would just transit my 12th house. It never bothered me there!!

        • Saturn through the 12th was a total fallout for me, but it ended up being really by the end. I let go of a ton of baggage and became much lighter and easy going.

  • BAB

    I think some of those apply to those with Pluto in the first house but not close to the Ascendant, like in my natal chart. I do recognize a few of them in myself, although I’ll admit the effect seems more diluted than any of your descriptions, or so I hope! Possible disclaimers: that Pluto does oppose the Sun; and the Moon is in Scorpio.

    • Yes, people with pluto in the first would share some of these descriptions, but likely diluted as you mentioned.

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    Good. I am going to write about my pluto square ascendant with your post. Thank you, Michelle.

    • Where are you writing about it? Journal?

      • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

        In fact, I have a notebook about almost all your posts you wrote about aspects that I have on my birth chart and I am writing a very full scale of my birth chart with asteroids and others points. Your post about Pluto Asc came up in an almost miraculous way.

        • Sounds ambitious!

          • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

            And it is… I pretend to write about the asteroids all by myself. With an intuitive knowledge because I did not find serious and interesting information on the web.

  • awake

    dead on accurate. thanks.

    • Which aspect do you have?

      • awake

        i was in a long term relay with someone with this Pluto square ascendant. he is basically everything described.also with Uranus square moon 8th house Pisces too, so it was quite difficult and intense. i have Jupiter moon conjunct Pluto in Leo 10th square Venus Taurus 7th house , so it was quite intense. he promised deep commitment, could not provide it, incredible passion, my Venus Taurus thing was too demanding he live up to his promises.

  • Leah

    Umm..all of the above? Lol. Pluto squares my AC/mercury, but is also trine sun/moon, sextile neptune (generational) and is both ruler of and conjunct chart ruler Saturn. Good times.

    • is both ruler of and conjunct chart ruler Saturn.

      A little confused … which sign is your ascendant?

  • Camelia

    Do I read this if I have Pluto opposite Ascendant?

    • Some part of this is you, part of your personality, but you are probably going to relate way more to the Pluto/Descendant post. These are characteristics that you most likely see in other people but you don’t really recognize in yourself.

      • Dee

        Is the Pluto/Descendant post up? I’ve had a look but have struggled to find it; could you post a link to it if the post is up, please? Thank you 🙂 Have loved reading about Pluto/Ascendant, it all rings true so I’m looking forward to reading about Pluto/Descendant next.

        • Hi Dee,

          No, it’s not up yet. I was planning to get through the rest of the ascendant posts first then the descendant posts. Sorry for the wait. I hope I can get there soon.

  • Grace

    Often I remind myself to smile at people. I figure I will get more friendliness back but I am sometimes surprised at how plain relieved they look. 🙂

    • Lol … yeah. I’ve had to learn that one. Hardly anyone ever says hi to me; they just stare. I used to think I was paranoid, but then I realized people were actually staring and not saying hi.

    • Now I say hi to people, shake their hand, and look directly deep into their eyes. It’s a little freaky, but fun 😉

      • Grace