Capricorn Sun 5th House



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With the Sun in Capricorn in the fifth house, you work hard and you play hard. You discover personal power by commanding authority on your chosen stage. Your central purpose is to know the rules of the game. You build confidence by playing boss. You shine by maintaining composure even in the most casual setting. Coming into your own means you know how to blur the lines between work and play. Being you means that you take calculated risks.

You never help others by allowing them to getaway with giving less than their best efforts. ― George Foreman, Knockout Entrepreneur

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  • Marcus Norman Tayebwa

    Will you ever do a Capricorn Sun in 11th house? I’d love to know what that means

    • Hi Marcus Norman Tayebwa,

      Yes, I will complete this series. I’d love to get it done before January. If you are a subscriber you will get the posts as I finish them through your email to stay up to date.

  • SkyAstrogems

    Want to have a good path for your future?

  • Jeelains

    I have a Taurus sun in the 8th house… in the house of scorpio, the opposite sign

    • I’ll write about Taurus in the 8th house eventually.

  • S.Jones

    Please write about Mars/Ascendant aspects,i have a sextile and i don’t know what that can mean.

    • Hi S.Jones,

      Yes, I will write about Mars/Ascendant aspects.

      • S.Jones

        I don´t want to bother you but,I would like you to write about Venus/Ascendant aspects too.

        • I’m going to. It’s on my list.