Neptune/Ascendant Aspects


neptune-ascendant-aspects-2Life is a dream. Vapor. Mist. People see through you. Difficulty making yourself noticed. Difficulty making an impact. In camouflage. Karma chameleon. Melted faces. Slip-sliding through life. Anywhere the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to you. Blending in. Not standing out from the crowd. Someone you pass by without noticing. The invisible man. Mystic. Spiritual outlook. All the makings (or trappings) of a spiritual person. An infinite, boundless outlook. Rose-colored glasses. Having the appearance of a prophet or martyr. Spiritual leaders. Blind to the world. Missing what is right in front of your face. A bride wearing a veil. Other people are obscured. Letting people’s projections and criticisms slide off you. All the roles forced on you erode over time. Shiftless. Shifty. Shape-shifting. Astral projecting. Lucid dreaming. Channeling. Artists, musicians, poets, and dreamers. Seeing through the painter’s eyes. Poetic vision. Surfing the atmosphere. Inability to believe that life is actually happening right now, and you’re in it. Difficulty grounding in the here and now. Did it start yet? One foot in this world, and one foot out of it. Straddling planes.

The spiritual social worker. Empathizing with a difficult path. Inability to see past sorrow. Blinded by self-pity. Extreme sensitivity to suffering. Endless compassion. The sailor. Riding the waves of life. Drifting along. Weakness. Being gentle with yourself as you determine your path. Being so gentle that you become a burden and drain to others. Energy leaks. The urge for a spiritual discipline which gives you a path, guidance, and practical instruction for daily living. The need to connect to your spiritual guides. Subtle perception which needs to find integration in the daily approach to life. Blending what you “see” versus what is right in front of your face. Fears of becoming too hard and structured. Fears of crystallizing. Fears of manifesting. Fears of commitment to a path. Fear of commitment to a persona. Transient persona. Fleeting presence. Ethereal energy. Am I really here? Intuitive functioning in the world. Trouble identifying with the current reality. Exploring without boundaries. Letting life pass you by. The passive observer. Lack of interest in the material world.

“If you were to ask me if I’d ever had the bad luck to miss my daily cocktail, I’d have to say that I doubt it; where certain things are concerned, I plan ahead.”
― Luis Buñuel

People feel sorry for you. You look like a slob. Presenting a pathetic visage. You are aware of critical looks to your appearance. Sometimes you say, “Accept me as I am.” Other times you bend to meet expectations. Wanderers and travelers. Not all who wander are lost. Lack of ambition. Lack of direction. Looking lost. Being lost. Not sure where to go or what to do. Leaning on others to point you in the right direction. Not caring about the right direction. Falling into an alternative, non-materialistic life path. Everything looks promising. No signposts. It’s all equal. Deluding yourself. An unreal approach to life. Living a fantasy. The desire to merge with everything. Poor personal boundaries at the outset. Having difficulty manifesting in the physical universe. The urge to disappear. Difficulty taking on responsible leadership positions. Leading through complacency. Sacrificing a direction in life. Bending to the will or direction of others. Letting other people tell you what to do. Giving yourself up to a guru. Giving yourself up to an unreachable ideal. Merging with a fantasy. Having a well fleshed-out alter ego. Wasting time through having no goals. Unsure if having goals is a goal or should be a goal. Drifting is the goal. Being a wanderer is the aim in life. Vagabond. Homeless. Wanderer. Hippy. One long yoga festival. Confusion about what the point of one’s life is. Perhaps waiting for someone to point you in the “right” direction instead of figuring a direction out for yourself. Delicacy and refinement. Fantasizing and day dreams. The collective fantasy.

Embracing each fleeing moment. Yearning for a way around money. You are balanced by the people in your life who are organized and punctual. You are balanced by a partner or best friend who can help you sort out reality. Receiving hand-me-downs. Being the recipient of care packages. Expecting divine intervention. Wishing to live in a fantasy world. Wiling away the days wishing for the ideal. Bemoaning real life. Other people bring real life to your doorstep like a cat bringing a dead mouse. Presenting yourself as the victim. Presenting yourself as someone who does no harm. Lack of awareness of how your movement through the world affects others. Too much awareness about your movement in the world and the inability to take action about it which leads to giving up. Giving up and going with the flow. Giving up and announcing defeat. The white flag is up.

The flow towards becoming your ideal exterior self. The need to learn spiritual discrimination to determine what is worthy of your attention. Spiritual intoxication. Artistic intoxication. Hallucinating your life. Leading an enchanting life. The spiritual seduction. Subtlety. Deception. Sneakiness. Mooching. Letting go of earthly limitations. The infiltrator. The leak. The elevator. Getting high. Transcending reality. Psychedelics. Sorrow teaches you to see the world differently. Compassion calls you into serving others. Your own sensitivities make you sensitive to others. You seek the divine teaching in each defeat. See through an illusion. You are the illusion. Life is an illusion. Rowing merrily down the stream.

Planets in aspect to the Ascendant are also always in aspect to the Descendant. Posts will be split up between Ascendant and Descendant to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Neptune/Ascendant aspects, read Neptune/Descendant Aspects.

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  • Anna Carolina Velozo Nader

    I have Neptune opposition to ASC conjunction to Jupiter in Sagittarius. I don’t fell Neptune as described. Any insights?

    • What degree is your ascendant and what degrees are Jupiter and Neptune?

  • Michael

    It was weird growing up with my (only) brother – get these aspects – he had Neptune exact on his ASC at 0º Scorpio, in a t-square with his Sun at 0º Aquarius and his Uranus at 0º Leo. He concealed everything, never let you know what he was thinking or about to do next. In his behaviour it was like living with a replicant – an android who learns how to be have by silently observing and imitating others. I could go on…. needless to say, we never formed close filial bonds. I realise now, of course, that with Neptune in that position, at the beginning of Scorpio, stuck in that fixed-sign square, his early life must have been hard, feeling like the man who fell to Earth.

    • Interesting analysis. Thank you for sharing, Michael.

  • Peter Chen

    Neptune sucks, Im glad I only have one neptune connection (ven opp nep) Thank god its also a wide orb. As a follower of both tropical and sidereal astrology, imo neptune is similar to ketu (spirituality, detachment) as neptune dissolves and ketu takes away. There seems to be a large resemblance between the two. Either way, they both suck and glad they dont have a big impact on my life.

    • Neptune does suck. I agree 🙂

  • Vivian

    sun conjunct neptune . People often describe me as being spaced out or a daydreamer. I try but cant help it . I also have Sun conjunct Uranus (original) as am described as being weird and sun conjunct mercury for intelligence. I have pluto oppose ascendant … my friend says i sometimes look like a crazed killer… i dont know .

    • Thank you for sharing, Vivian.

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    Neptune in Capricorn 5th house inconjunct my Ascendant. This is a very challeging aspect for me.

    • Why is that?

      • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

        Because the Neptune energy is too difficult to control and you get totally lost in the world and inside yourself. Neptune can not be controlled as the other energies as Venus, Mars, the Moon. I am almost everything that you write on this post. I would prefer not having any contact between my ascendant and Neptune, but I have and it is not a positive aspect.

  • Ashley Castillo

    My ascendant, Libra, is square Mars, Neptune, & Uranus, while trine Saturn. I’m wondering how all of these interact? It seems like a lot of squares in one place ahah. This is the post that resonated with me the least, at least now in my mid 20’s. During my childhood and teenage years, I was completely lost in day dreams, with no direction or interest in school. As soon as I turned 19 I went back to school and have been a pedant since. Uranus & Neptune are in my 3rd house though.

    • Hi Ashley, can I see your chart?

      • Ashley Castillo
        • So, part of the reason you’ve probably lost your daydreaminess is because transiting Pluto in Capricorn is going back and forth over your Uranus-Neptune conjunction in the 4th house. This transit forces you to grow up. Everyone goes through the conjunction of transiting Pluto to natal Neptune in their mid-twenties.

          The squares between Libra and Capricorn could show a struggle between your ambitious side and the side of you that doesn’t like to rub people the wrong way.

  • Nicole

    My progressed chart shows Neptune, Moon and Uranus opposite ASC, as well as sun square Neptune and Mercury, and Mercury square Mars too….. Ahhhh I just want to dissolve. I’m desperately trying to fit in and be disciplined with all my responsibilities, sorting my finances and going back to university, build up a new life with new friends etc, but I feel so so lost

    • Are you having heavy Neptune transits too?

  • Murilo Oltramari

    I thought this would combo with my uranus conjunction to my ascendant and make me more difficult to read, kinda foggy or smoky, but this is subtly mentioned. This conjunction is the furthest I have to my ascendant, but it takes on some very specific points and makes me much more gentle and sensitive, more subtle when I need and to be and probably makes me blend in easily in groups or even invisible sometimes. And the unrelatedness to be an earthly being is very real, uranus might help this part as well.

  • Egregore

    Yup I’ve got Ascendant Gemini opposite Neptune in Sagittarius. That’s exactly what happens. Pure motives exploited over and over until you completely withdraw. The world does not deserve us.

    • Well, you have to be careful of how many unrealistic expectations you’re projecting onto the other person too. It’s not really fair to them to have to live up to your fantasies (with Neptune on the descendant).

      • waki

        well said.

  • RedDawnX

    I think this is the victim aspect- this is the kind of aspect that leaves one very vulnerable and exploitable. There is an innocence and kindness about individuals with this aspect- however more often or not especially with the tight opposition and square in water signs- I see these individuals becoming the bullied, the scapegoat and the humiliated within society? which is sad really because they are the most peaceful and calming. I think overtime individuals with this aspect who have undergone such negative experiences become withdrawn and loner types. I think other people may often project their issues on these type of individuals, consciously or not.

    • I think that people with strong Neptune aspects (and I have it trine my Sun and aspecting all 4 of my angles) have an obligation to take responsibility for their part too. We eventually have to learn to stand up for ourselves or to stir up the kind of compassion that creates change on a large scale … as we have seen recently with parents and teachers and other authorities finally creating rules against bullying.

      • Philippa Runnacles

        Yes, I absolutely agree with this. My mother has Neptune at the same degree of Virgo as her ascendant, only it is just in the 12th. She is one of the most open-minded people I’ve met and is a ‘listener’, ie people come to her with their problems, though she gets little in return for listening and taking on their issues. In other words people dump on her. I’ve seen her do this all my life (I have moon conjunct neptune natally!). She’s a kind person who is eager to help others, but all my life people have bullied her and she doesn’t fight back. It’s heartbreaking. She lacks boundaries (she also has sun in Pisces opposition Neptune, natally).

        My brother also had Neptune rising in the first house – we are a rather Neptunian family – and also had this open, enchanting innocence. He was constantly taken advantage of because he chose somewhat chaotic people as friends and was unmaterialistic to a degree. These people can tend to lack egocentricity and therefore are easily used and targeted by more exploitative and aggressive personalities.

        • Interesting, Fipz. Thank you for sharing.

    • I have Neptune 17, AC 18, in Sagittarius.

      I like what you have written; I read so much about Neptune-people, which is not always on-point.

      While people with “trines”, and such, might have a better time with it, the whole point of “Surrender”, is that there is NOTHING you can do about it.

      I was born with the kind of life-changing compassion society needed, but too much trauma has, in fact, damaged me too much.
      Not seen as I am.

      Neptune Rising people were likely meant to be raised in Temples; surrounded by context. Surrounded by walls of protection where sensitivity lives.
      Spiritual Leaders; Priests/Priestesses; Spiritual Conduits; the whole point of being born this way is to be highly sensitised, and informed by the immediate – and greater – environment.

      The canary in the coal-mine.
      Tweet, tweet.

  • Gerazee

    In my chart:
    Neptune conjunct Ascendant in first degress of Capricorn (3 deg orb)
    Neptune square both Mars and Venus in late degrees of Pisces

    And oh boy!

  • moonchild

    so true, I have such a strong neptune in my chart with my ascendant and moon in pisces in the 12th house, with neptune in capricorn sextile my ascendant and in addition to that neptune in strong conjunctions with my venus mars and uranus. I feel like my whole life is a dream and everything I do is smoke and mirrors even if i don’t intend so. My heads always in the clouds but luckily with my sagittarius sun I manage to stay optimistic, lol. Thank you for this insightful post!

  • Sabina

    Yes, sometimes I seem to be invisible to people, or they see me as something other than what I am. Actually, quite a lot of your descriptions apply, yet I only have a semi-sextile (1 1/2 degrees orb). Asc Virgo, Neptune in Libra 2nd (exact cj Arcturus and Spica!). Being invisible (Neptune sextile Pluto as well) has its uses (Venus in Scorpio).

    • Being invisible can be helpful in many situations!

  • Manylak

    Great post !

    I have Neptune in Aquarius conjunct my Cap rising and sextile my Mc, and I do think that it’s difficult aspect because as you wrote I have difficulty to believe that life is really happening, RIGHT NOW, and I’m always daydreaming.

    • Interesting, Manylak … I have that same issue. I started taking California Wild Rose, Blackberry, and Rosemary flower essences these past two weeks to help me materialize! Been feeling out of my body and out of the present moment.

  • Great post as always, Michelle! I love your blog, you put so much detail and work into it. I have Neptune square my (Pisces) Ascendant/conjunct MC. You are quite accurate in your description! This aspect was difficult for me as a child, but I think once a person learns to let go of the victim mentality that can come with a harsh Neptune aspect, it actually turns into an advantage. Do you have the square too?

  • Kathleen

    I’ve got Neptune in Capricorn conjunct Midheaven & trine Ascendant in Taurus. I daydream a lot & lack interest in the material world even though Neptune & Ascendant are in earth signs.

    • Are there planets in your 2nd house? What the sign on the cusp?

      • Kathleen

        No planets in my 2nd house. Gemini is on the cusp & the ruler of my 2nd house is in my 10th house.

        • Do you see your lack of interest in the material world as a problem, or are you fine with it?

          • Kathleen

            I’m fine with it

  • Jee

    I’m a Taurus
    I have the square!
    Ascendant in Libra, neptune in Capricorn in the 3rd house!
    I daydream a lottt !! 🙂 feeling high
    I have difficulty on concentration…
    Lack direction in life it’s hard to make decisions.
    Not knowing what i want.

    • Hi Jee,

      You certainly seem to have a unique and poetic communication style 🙂

    • GURU GEM

      I have Libra Asc too, with Neptune Capricorn (end of the 3rd house)
      You described me. Im more about making my career match my fantasies. Or going to work in the harsh career world then escaping into my peacegul fantasy world when I come home.

  • veki

    great article, so much of me: neptune in 4th (sco) squre asc (leo). I am waiting article on neptune desc aspects, thanks!

    • Hi veki, It will take a little while to get to Neptune/Descendant because I plan to go through all the ascendant aspects first.

  • Douglas

    I have Neptune in the 1st House but with no aspect to the AC. But I still feel this text. Uranus is in conjuction with Neptune though (My Asc is in Capricorn by the way).

    • There will be some similarities if Neptune is in the first house.
      What do you do for work?

      • Douglas

        I’m doing nothing for work (and never did). In fact, I was in college, but I dropped out recently lol.

  • momiji

    If Neptune is in the house which the sign of the Ascendant rules traditionally (for example Leo rising is connected to the 5th house), does it have a similar effect upon the native, eventhough Neptune and the Ascendant are not in aspect to each other?

    • I think it’s a stretch for it to have a significant influence. What other Neptune aspects do you have?

      • momiji

        Thanks for the reply. Almost everything I have is aspected to Neptune: Moon, Mars and Mercury.

        • What is your ascendant? Does Neptune make an aspect to the chart ruler?

          • momiji

            Since my rising sign is in leo, my chart ruler is the sun, right? No, neptune doesn’t make an aspect to it. But neptune is conjunct saturn which is my final chart dispositor 🙂

  • Michael Dallas

    Hey Michelle,i love your posts,please write about Saturn/Ascendant aspects.

    • Hi Michael,

      I’m going to. It will be Uranus/Asc, a few Capricorn Sun posts, then Saturn/Asc.

    • taostaos

      I also have saturn conjunct ascendant in virgo…I do not think I am too hard on myself, though..

      • Interesting, taostaos … why do you think that is? I know someone with Saturn conjunct ascendant in Virgo and he absolutely hates it. He says it make him hesitant and withdrawn and critical.

  • ValleyOak

    Neptune in Sagittarius Square Ascendent in Virgo. Life IS but a dream and it’s hard to be serious about something that can end with a snap of the fingers. Once you start building and nurturing and accomplishing, it gets taken away. Know what I mean?

    • How close is Neptune to the North Node?

      • ValleyOak

        Neptune is on the IC, while NN. looks like it’s heading into the 5th house. In fact, it’s conjunct the 5th house cusp.

        • Well, so I’m not so sure that putting down roots is part of your life path, but creating structure (with a Capricorn North Node) is. I have Neptune conjunct the IC as well. For me, I am becoming more comfortable with a more fluid root system. I don’t need to have a traditionally solid home base to feel comfortable with myself. It allows me to be flexible with myself and others.

  • lucy snow

    Hi Michelle, I like the style that you write in,and your descriptions are so nicely descriptive. My Scorpio ascendant squares my (practically, it is right on the edge of Cap.) Aquarius neptune.

    • Thank you, Lucy. So you have Neptune conjunct IC? Me too 🙂

      • lucy snow

        I guess so 😛

        • What degree is Neptune and what degree is the Midheaven?

          • lucy snow

            Neptune (Capricorn 29 degrees) and Midheaven (Leo 14 degrees)
            😛 thank you for asking

            • OK … so that’s a bit wide for your Neptune to be conjunct the IC at 29 Cancer.

              • lucy snow

                Yup, my IC is 14° aquarius. My IC is conjunct Uranus (9°), though by only a 5°orb. :3

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    Finally. Thanks for posting about Neptune-Ascendant aspect. I am going to read and write about this aspect that I have in my own birth chart.