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Expanded vision. Seeing far and wide. Broad horizons. A desire for wide-open spaces. Born free. Visionary. The eyes of the world. World vision. Cultural vision. Cultural exposure. The ability to see from another’s viewpoint. Growing your viewpoint. Opening your eyes to the world. Future vision. Seeing the possibilities. Expanding to take in the larger picture. Seeing the broad overlay. Life is an adventure. Life is a journey. Move first, pack later. Looking for adventure. Up for anything. Big bouncy fun. Enthusiasm. A casual manner. A relaxed and joyful attitude. A positive outlook. Everything will work out. Everything will fall into place. A leisurely pace. Taking it easy. Big Lebowski. Self-satisfied. C’est la vie. A comedian. A Buddha.

Search for meaning in everyday life. Finding meaning as you go along. Seeing the big picture. Expanded perception. Taking it all in. Seeing opportunities. Seeing opportunities for growth. Trying your luck. Putting caution to the wind. Entering situations with gusto. Boldness has magic in it. Seeking more education. Becoming a teacher. Seeking a teacher. Traveling to foreign lands to become inspired. Traveling to foreign places to expand your world view. Liking to be around people who have different culture and customs than you do. Filtering life through a meaningful lens. Finding meaning in everything. Inability to buckle down and get to work. Wanderlust. Stars in your eyes. “Backpacking through Europe.” Having a hostel punch pass. Accumulated frequent flyer miles. A-list preferred member on travel sites. REI club member. When’s the next X Games?

Judgments from on high. The judge. The sentencer. The proclaimer. The preacher. The prophet. Leading with opinions. A talker rather than a listener. Not allowing others their turn to express opinions. Preconceived notions. Not listening to others because you’re too enamored with your own opinions. Feeling that you’re better than everyone. Deep thinking doesn’t mean you’re better. Broad vision doesn’t mean your better. Sometimes luck is just luck. Sometimes you make your own luck. Don’t take good fortune for granted. Recognize your good fortune by giving back to others. Prone to exaggeration. Pomposity. Arrogance. Better than thou attitude. Looking down on people. Interest in world culture, events, and politics. Seeing plenty rather than lack. A stoic surface. The ability to take more and bounce back. Gaining fortitude. Conscious awareness and conscience. Having innate faith. Believing in your own vision. Believing in your path. Getting the most out of life. Leaps of faith. Keeping a sense of humor. Not getting pulled down into the muck of life. Retaining an optimistic outlook. Bouncy castles.

Having a big presence. Making an impact. Wanting to experience a range of life experiences. Knowledge through first-hand experience. A hands-on approach to embracing your role in life. Taking on big roles. Playing Dad. Playing God. Playing The Thinker. Playing the King. Playin The Ruler. Playing The Priest. Playing The Fool. Philosophic outlook. Interest in world affairs. Interest in politics. Taking risks. Prospecting. Justice. Truth. Preaching. Right and wrong. Talking at people rather than to them. Loving the sound of your own voice. Teaching. the accumulation of knowledge. the search for meaning. You seem foreign. You grow up in foreign surroundings. You’re dealings are with foreigners. You deal with big wigs. You deal with the wealthy. You deal with influencers. You run in big circles. Extra of whatever is represented by the sign that Jupiter is in.


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Planets in aspect to the Ascendant are also always in aspect to the Descendant. Posts will be split up between Ascendant and Descendant to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Jupiter/Ascendant aspects, read Jupiter/Descendant Aspects (Coming soon).

People with Jupiter/Ascendant aspects:

  • Antonio Banderas (actor): Jupiter quintile Ascendant
  • Barry Bonds (Baseball player): Jupiter quincunx ascendant
  • Robert Altman (Director): Jupiter sextile ascendant
  • Benjamin Bratt (Actor): Jupiter quincunx ascendant
  • Jacques Chirac: Jupiter quincunx ascendant
  • James Dean (actor): Jupiter square Ascendant
  • Bonny Lee Bakley (Gangster - Bonny & Clyde): Jupiter biquintile ascendant
  • Zooey Deschanel (actress): Jupiter sesquiquadrate ascendant

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  • malik

    aries rising progressed Jupiter quintile ascendant ?

    • I haven’t worked with progressed quintiles so I’m really not sure how that would manifest.

  • Sandra

    Jupiter in Gemini 7th rx opposition 1° opposition Sag ASC. Very strong placement but it’s getting easier for me. 😊

    • Do you speak multiple languages?

      • Sandra

        Unfortunately, I don’t. I would love to learn a few languages though.

  • Jay Dee

    I have Jupiter 1st house, 15° away from rising, but I feel that this applies to me…

    • What is your rising sign?

      • Jay Dee

        Cancer :)…l guess that’s why, it’s exalted.

        • That is probably a contributor, yes.

  • Z

    i have Leo Jupiter septile Libra ASC. But the Jupiter is retrograde. Is this a bad thing?

  • Carmela

    When the article say there’s “extra” of whatever Sign is in jupiter what would that mean for me? My Jupiter is in Gemini Trine Libra Rising 🙂 also trine Mercury in Libra too which is conjunct my Rising! 🙂 thanx for any insight on mt jupiter..

    • The Jupiter in Gemini people I know are so on-trend. They tend to have great style, to be very chatty and social (social butterflies), they have a lot of interests, and a few are fluent in multiple languages.

  • Honzo Horus

    I have Jupiter trine ASC natally, with 6 degree orb. Relocated to this place where Jupiter is exactly trine my relocation ASC 6 years ago. Connected with a highly resonant spiritual community that I was unaware of, before moving here. Also joined a camping (wide open spaces) meetup group that have become like family.

    • Aweome, thanks for sharing, Honzo Horus.

  • ValleyOak

    Thank you. Jupiter in Aquarius bq Ascendant Virgo. It’s not easy, but I’m trying to be more positive and not get bogged down in the muck. One step at a time. Have you written a post on Saturn/Ascendant aspects?

  • Douglas

    The ruler of my ninth house is in the first house, these characteristics also apply to me?

    • Yes, I think that some of these characteristics would apply.

  • Candy

    Would Jupiter/Asc give Piscean features or is that more Neptune aspecting the ascendant?

    • Interesting question, Candy … I don’t know. I can’t think of any references I’ve read describing appearance based on the traditional rulers’ correspondence to the signs. So, I’m not sure if Jupiter would give Piscean appearance traits … what does your experience tell you?

  • Jesus Moñux Moral

    Good report!

  • taostaos

    I am a Jupiter 6 degrees Pisces 6th house Descendant (11 degrees Pisces), Trine Venus/Uranus Conjunction (4 and 6 Degrees) Cancer 10th house opposite Saturn 16 degrees on Asc. What is it like with Jupiter coming from the opposite of the Ascendant. Does it mean magnanimity of the subconscious…or the partner…or the “other” as opposed to the self?..

    • Jupiter on the descendant signifies that you are generous to your partners. You’d probably prefer someone with an abundance of Piscean traits … someone who is imaginative, spiritual, compassionate, and musical or poetic.

  • Frida Berning

    How big orbit for trine asc jupiter? I have the sun in 7 degr Canser and Asc in scorpius 17degr and jupiter on 11 dgr Canser? anyone? 🙂