Mercury/Ascendant Aspects


mercury-ascendant-aspectExcessive worry. An active, agile mind that asserts itself in the environment. Having something to say about everything that happens. Alert. Making constant connections. Cunning linguists. Word gymnasts. Fans of slogans, limericks, sayings, phrases, etc … Intentionally confusing. Lying or tricking to get ahead. Switching angles to make a sale. Marketers. Cars. Deals. Sales. Used car salesmen. Fluent in communication of all types. Fluent in the internet. Texting. Social Media. Forums. Lol. LMFAO. LMFAO. ROFL. SMH. BRB…

Continued … On top of the trends. Blending trends into daily life. On top of the gossip. Having the right connections. Knowing who to go to for what. Married to the Mob. Wheeling and dealing. Drug dealers. Spitting out a word-storm when you’re mad. Fast talkers. Talking up a storm. Obfuscation with language.

Enemies are so stimulating – Katharine Hepburn

The need to speak, persuade, or sell others on your ideas. Brainy. Voracious readers. Sharing facts with friends. Knowing a little about everything everyone is talking about. Connecting the dots. Seeing how things in the environment are interrelated. Amazing networkers. The ability to build rapport with others quickly. The ability to trick or dupe people. The ability to inspire curiosity. Taking advantage of people’s curiosity. Being talked about. Being the subject of gossip. Knowing a little bit about everyone. Chatterbox. Too many voices in your head. Inner dialogue is relentless. You drain other people with your energy. Unintentional energy vampires. Stressing. Not knowing how to relax. You connect to others and suck up their energy too. Busy. Twitchy. Switch-hitters. Confused … because of too many distractions. Sexually ambivalent. Sexually ambiguous.

~ Blur

The need to move freely about. A spirit that cannot be contained. The tendency to get quippish and biting when trapped. Nervous ticks. Tapping feet. A deluge of words. Your ability to articulate your immediate experience. Talking about what’s happening in your surroundings. Hosts. Presenters. Commentators. MCs. Officiators. Conference organizers. Wheelers and dealers. Let’s make a deal! Liking work that allows you move around. Finding it hard to sit still. Attentive. Observant. Involved. Boots on the ground. Being aware of prices and cost. Being aware of where to get what. Being ahead of the curve on new shops. E-commerce. Buying and selling. Merchants. Store owners. Dealing with vendors. Dealing with the transportation of goods. Shipping. Closing the deal. Crunching numbers. Selling your point of view. Laying it on. Flexible outlook. Reality is bendable. The messenger. Speed is your ally. Fleet-footed. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Sly.

She’s crafty and she’s just my type. ― Beastie Boys

The desire to speak up. Can’t keep quiet. Telling it like it is. Super-smart. Well-read. The uphill battle against ignorance. Differences in opinion. A forceful opinion. Born salesman. Learning how to match waht you say to what you do. Striving to have word and deed be one. Mouth at the forefront – does it open? Does it close? Do you know how to be silent? Filling silence with words. Awkward silences. Head over heart. Speaking not listening. Mentally stimulating. You bring a current of nervous energy wherever you go. You can unnerve others. You make people jumpy. You’re jumpy. Can you sit still for a minute? Itchy brain. Scratching your head. Bug brain. Hearing voices. Schizophrenia. Improv skills. Comedian. Life in the fast lane. Trickster. Magician. The ability to put two and two together. Putting the pieces together.

Writing. Writers. A way with words. A good vocabulary. Pen name. Screen name. Nom de plume. Flexible working hours. A portable work station. Biking. Bike maintenance. Car maintenance. Mechanics. Paper boys. Delivery men. Courier. Author. Giving your word. The ability to keep your word. Words at the tip of your tongue. Word is bond. One of your siblings demands a lot of attention. Siblings at the forefront.

It is greed to do all the talking and never to listen.
— Democritus

Check out the big brain on Brad.

Planets in aspect to the Ascendant are also always in aspect to the Descendant. Posts will be split up between Ascendant and Descendant to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Mercury/Ascendant aspects, read Mercury/Descendant Aspects (Coming soon).

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  • EABH

    Does each ascendant give these aspects a different “flavor”? For instance, I’m Aquarius rising. Would that give my trine a Uranian and/or Saturnian influence? Sort of like Mercury trine Uranus or Saturn?

    • Yes, your ascendant sign will give the aspect a different flavor. Although signs and planets are not completely interchangeable, there is overlap is their meaning. Maybe consider it like a watered down version of Uranus or Saturn trine Mercury. This is an interesting way to think about the ascendant! Thank you 🙂

      • EABH

        You’re welcome and thank you for your response. Didn’t think there would be one because the question seems so amateurish haha. It just made sense to me. Also, descriptions I’ve read of Mercury trine Uranus fit me pretty well, so I thought there had to be something going on there. I also have been wishing I had an actual Mercury/Uranus aspect in my chart haha. I know someone with the opposition, and they’re so delightfully insane. I wish I were naturally that way. But I’ll settle for a watered down aspect haha.

  • Aubrey

    Thanks for this insightful article. I have a 10th House Mercury Squared the Ascendant/Descendant and my communication skills seem to vary with the day.. sometimes it seems like I can’t get any more socially awkward and then other days you could mistake me for running for office.. it’s really unusual..

    • Hi Aubrey,

      Are Saturn or Chiron connected to your Mercury in any way?

      • Aubrey

        Hahaha.. how’d you know? 🙂 Yep, Mercury Conjunct Saturn.. he’s tighter on my AC than Mercury.. so I’m guessing those two are what the fuss is about.. I need to go read your Saturn/AC aspects and Mercury/Saturn as well, obviously. 🙂 Thanks again!

  • I have Mercury (7th house) opposite my ascendant…
    But I also have Mercury square Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, in opposition to Uranus and Neptune and trine Pluto….
    As you can see I got a lot of Mercury Aspect and my chart ruler (Saturn) is in the third house… So communication is really an issue…

  • Ferianna

    My Virgo Mercury in square to the Ascendant/Descendant axis (additionally, on the tip of a YOD, with Aquarius Moon and tight Aries Pallas-Eris-IC conjunction as the YOD basis), intercepted in the ninth house, seems to bring me a lot of trouble, which I have been trying to deal with all my life. I can’t get organised almost at all. It’s extremely difficult for me to finish any of my projects. I easily forget things, including these which are important for me. Example could be, I had been waiting in excitement for an event to come in few weeks just to realise I missed it. I use a dayplanner, but I forget to check it regularly. I must collect all my thoughts I find worth remembering written down, so I end up swimming in notes. I’m somewhat obsessed with being exact and with correct, reliable speaking and writing. At the moment I’m very unhappy and sorry that my English language skills don’t allow me to keep this comment free of mistakes! Imperfections of others’ communication style drive me crazy – and I’m not able to stop driving some of them crazy by trying to help fix those issues. Although I like to talk about my ideas and views (Leo Sun in ninght house, I guess) and often have much to say, in the course of discussing I spend long whiles trying to find best words, to the point my interlocutors become impatient and really irritated. I cry inside of my head when I hear or see vulgarisms (except in certain songs – I love metal music :3). I panic at the possibility of misunderstandings, yet sometimes I am completely blind to meanings hidden between the lines. I’m an extrovert therefore it hurt being frequently a class outcast as a kid. Today I also don’t have many people to talk with… In any case, I still hope to finally learn how to not scare others away, maintain bonds and lead a life that I want to lead. After all, I’m a Sagittarius by Ascendant 🙂 And I’m not that bad if somehow I succeeded in getting married to a Capricorn 😉 One sentence more: perhaps it might be relevant that Venus and Mars both accompany my Mercury being too intercepted in Virgo, each of them falling 10 degrees away of Mercury, Venus at the left, and Mars at the right.

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    I have got the trine and my ascendant is Leo, so should I read more about Mercury in Leo even if my original Mercury birth chart is in Aries? I am confused now.

    • No, you should read Mercury in Aries.

  • Z

    Libra Asc square Mercury in Saggitarius over here 🙂
    Well, i dont talk too much (capricorn sun), but I say the truth, I dont like lies, tend to talk very fast, especially when Im nervous..and I am often nervous, stressed, and i do spitt out a word-storm when I am mad. And yes, my inner dialogue is relentless. I used to write poems when I was younger, like to read and speak two foreign languages.

    • is your Mercury in the 12th house?

  • Manylak

    I have my Mercury in th 7th house (and leo) opposite my cap rising !!!

  • Neptune- queen of illusions

    completely love this. Mercury in Taurus conjunct my ascendant in the first house. I guess the fact that my mercury is in placid Taurus kind of dulls the impact of this aspect. I also have Neptune square my ascendant and moon squares my ascendant as well. Could this be the reason why many people say I’m evasive?

  • Carmela

    Hahaha I have this!!! As a 1st Decan Virgo at 8′ i have My Mercury in Libra at 1′ Conjunct My Libra Rising!!! Lol

    • Can you related to anything in particular? Thanks for reading, Carmela 🙂

      • Carmela

        Definately a Big talker and Huge Conversationalist! Always Had a way with words with Libra do you have any thought on this aspect with this sign astrofix?? 🙂

  • Jahlia

    Energy Vampires?

    • Hi Jahlia,

      I’m not sure if “Energy Vampires” is really the right terminology. I was thinking of people who are so hyper that being with them ends up being draining … they don’t drain energy intentionally.

      • Carmela

        Thats a Good analogy of this aspect chica! Lol Ive been known to Drain a few!! 😉 lol plus im sicilian

      • Chijiru .

        Do you have this placement?