The Weekly AstroFix

Weekly AstroFixSo, after a reader emailed to ask whether I was a program or a person I decided to create something that is distinctly human. (The reader was astrologer Marci Winters, at

Below is a list of most of the astro info that I consumed this week:


The Third House: The Heresy of Perception, by Steven Forrest


Astrology Forecast and Elections for March 2016
The Professional Astrologer Book Interview
The Significations of the Seven Traditional Planets
The Outer Planets and Relationships


Zodiac Faces, with Russ von Ohlhausen.


Yup, I read my horoscope. I’ve been reading Free Will Astrology since I was 16. I always read my Sun sign (Aries) and my ascendant (Virgo).

Other Stuff

I love Inappropriate Tarot Readings on Facebook. Cynical, sarcastic, offensive, yet funny, memes. Sometimes they make fun of astrology. It’s OK, they’re funny.

What’s your list this week?

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About AstroFix

I’m Michelle and I have an Aries Sun, Leo Moon & Virgo rising.

  • ValleyOak

    Good to know you’re human, Michelle. Lol. I’ve never listened to a podcast before,,,, hell, I’m 42 and still don’t have a cell. Well, I have one, just have yet to activate it. The longer I go without one, well, I think I might ride the wave until I’m dead.

    • Lol, well there’s something to be said for avoiding technology … but you wouldn’t hear it in a podcast.

      I’m enjoying podcasts a lot. It’s nice to hear someone’s voice talking about astrology.

  • ubu_noir

    i’m so glad to find out you’re an aries like me! ultimately it doesn’t matter but i know of very few aries astrologers, and i’ve always been curious about their takes on things.

    as for this week, i read austin coppock’s weekly forecast, astrobarry’s recent post about upcoming pisces stuff/eclipses and part of LUA astrology’s march forecast. i’ve also been re-reading erin sullivan’s “the astrology of family dynamics” and delving more deeply into my family’s signs.

    • Cool, ubu_noir!

      I’m in a cycle of listening more than reading right now. Actually, for the past 6 months or so I’ve been scouring the podcasts and other audio sources. I have a podcast list up under the resources (it’s a free download) but it’s sparse at the moment. I have a lot to add.

      Do you have your own blog?

      • ubu_noir

        yeah i want to listen to podcasts more. i have a lot of time to read at work though, so that’s why i read so much, plus so many mailing lists!

        i have a sort of blog…i dont really update it often (im mirrorghost on twitter though) i thought i logged in with twitter but i guess i did a disqus profile and forgot, ha.

        anyway i am looking forward to look at some of the resources you’ve posted!