Capricorn Sun 7th House

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With the Sun in Capricorn in the seventh house, you discover personal power by playing an important role in purposeful partnerships. Your central purpose is to have relationship goats, oops … I mean goals. You build confidence by sharing the wisdom you earn through experience. You shine when you negotiate business deals. You’re a hero when you prove you are someone others can lean on. Being you means you enjoy hard work when it lifts others up.

I do like directing other people’s material.— Brian De Palma

Capricorn Flower Essence

Flower essences for astrology

Have your own flower essence made specifically for people with the Sun in Capricorn.

What is a flower essence?

A flower essences are vibrational remedies that restore energetic and emotional balance. They are made by letting flower at peak bloom soak in water in the bright sun. Flower essences can help you move through limitations, recognize family patterns, and see your strengths and talents.
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People with Capricorn Sun 7th house:

Captain Beefheart (musician), Paul Cezanne (artist), Brian De Palma (film director, Mission Impossible), Stephen Arroyo (astrologer, Astrology, Karma & Transformation), and Casey Affleck (actor, Ocean's Eleven).

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