Capricorn Sun 8th House



With the Sun in Capricorn in the eighth house, you discover personal power by taking on an office of leadership or responsibility handling finances. Your central purpose is to persevere in the pursuit of your innermost power and strength. You build confidence by maintaining established personal boundaries in the midst of intense relationships. You’re a mystic goat when you have the patience to grow and endure through painful situations which are not entirely of your own doing. You shine by averting crises and knowing all the rules to follow. Being you means you most likely have your will in order.

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  • Aly D.

    Thanks for doing this series 😍 Waiting on Capricorn Sun in the 10th House.. which I suppose is just a more intense Cappy Sun? ❤

    • Hi Aly D.,

      I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the series! I’ve debated quitting this series since it doesn’t get many responses. I hope to get Capricorn 10th house out next week or the week after.