Libra Sun 1st House


With the Sun in Libra in the first house, you discover personal power by learning how to take turns with others when it comes to being in charge and making an impact. Your central purpose is to experience your personal energy extended into the world through the lens of a partnership. You build confidence by pairing up with people who enhance your self-image. You shine when you prove that you truly do have an impermeable inner harmony to project, no matter what the world throws at you. You’re at a disadvantage because relationships with your best friends and partners directly affect your health and vitality. Being you means you always look both ways before crossing the street.

Air is beautiful, yet you cannot see it. It’s soft, yet you cannot touch it. Air is a little like my brain. — Jean-Claude Van Damme

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  • Logan

    Can a person have a libra rising and the sun in scorpio be in first house?

    • Hi Logan, yes that is possible depending on the house system you’re using.

      • Logan

        can you write about it?

        • Hi Logan, I’ll keep it in mind. I will be writing about the Scorpio Sun when I finish this Libra series.

  • ValleyOak

    Ha, ha. Like the Van Damme quote. Can’t wait for Libra Sun in 2nd.