Libra Sun 4th House

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With the Sun in Libra in the fourth house, you discover personal power by resting on an unshakable foundation of inner balance and harmony within yourself. Your central purpose is to take root and establish a home base with a partner. You gain confidence by creating a beautiful home where you hold private gatherings with artistic people. You shine by making peace with where you come from. You’re at a disadvantage because you have been conditioned by family, ancestry, roots, and traditions to be polite and to be nice, which can get in the way of authentic self-expression and can lead to being two-faced. Being you means that helping your family members keep harmonious relationships and solve disputes make you feel valued and special.

One should judge a man mainly from his depravities. Virtues can be faked. Depravities are real.
— Klaus Kinski

Nothing ever begins. There is no first moment; no single word or place from which this or any other story springs.
— Clive Barker

I’ve worked with a lot of people who are more famous than myself who are terribly insecure.
— Barry Gibb

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  • ValleyOak

    Nice. Love myself some Kinski, and not just because we share the same birthday. 🙂