Libra Sun 7th House

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With the Sun in Libra in the seventh house, you discover personal power by facing the opposition head-on with diplomacy, tact, and legitimate facts of the law. Your central purpose is to offer a fair viewpoint on relationships when the scales of equality tip out of balance. You gain confidence by recognizing that the people closest to you act as mirrors; some reflect you playing the hero others reflect you playing the enemy. You shine by fully standing in the other person’s shoes while still holding fast to your own position. You’re at a disadvantage because no matter how close you get to someone you can’t help yourself from pointing out the opposite side of whatever they say, and this causes conflict. Being you means that when you look in the mirror you see you and you see the way that others see you; will you swing in one direction or the other, or will you find equilibrium?

It occurred to me, when I was old enough to make rules of my own, that they should be fair and simple.
Moon Unit Zappa

If you want a definition of what a coward is, it’s needing to push a whole class of people down so that you can walk on top of them.
Andrea Dworkin (radical feminist)

Although we associate partners of any gender with the 7th house in contemporary astrology, initially the 7th house was mainly attributed to the female and was used to signify women in general.
― Deborah Houlding, The Houses – Temples of the Sky

Nico (The Velvet Underground)

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