Me riding my fat bike.

Me riding my fat bike (Winter 2015).

My name is Michelle and I’m the author of AstroFix. I have a BA in Fine Arts / Concentration in Oil Painting from Western Connecticut State University. I’m a member of the National Council for Geoosmic Research (NCGR) and the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA). I’m an Aries with Virgo rising and a Leo Moon.

When I was about 10 years old I picked up a newspaper and decided to spend a minute reading the horoscopes at the back for some family members – specifically I remember reading my grandmother’s horoscope and my step-brother’s horoscope. What happened next is that I felt extremely upset to look up my grandmother’s birth date and learn she is a Cancer. When I looked up Tim’s birthday, I made a mistake … he is a Pisces but I thought he was an Aries, and my reaction, because I am an Aries, was that I was angry … I didn’t want to share my sign! Later I realized he was a Pisces and I laughed when I realized how typically Aries I was in both my angry reaction and selfish motives. Oh well! He didn’t care because, well, why would he? He’s not so self-interested being a Pisces.

After this I read more about the meanings of all the signs. For my twelfth birthday my father’s girlfriend bought me my first tarot deck, Tarot of the Cat People. It’s not one of the most symbol rich tarot decks, but it definitely sparked within me the recognition of an internal process being projected onto an external image. From there I began self-study. I’ve read at least a hundred astrology books, which I still own and hope to review and recommend to readers here on AstroFix.

More to come :)

This chart uses Whole Signs but I use Placidus and Koch as well.

  • junemoonchild


    I admire you so much! I loved your astrological article about the 12 signs through the houses….I printed the whole thing to use as reference material. I was given my first Astrology book at the age of thirteen, Love Signs by Linda Goodman, and I have been a self-taught student ever since with a collection of over 200 books on the subject. I highly recommend Linda Goodman’s book(s) to you….her writing is beautiful, and she too was an Aries sun! I have also been learning and practing the Tarot for about a year now. My deck of choice is Golden Tarot by Kat Black. I wish you the best in all your future endeavors and :)!

    Sun-Cancer, Ascendant-Sagittarius, Moon-Capricorn

    • http://astrofix.net/ Michelle

      Thank you so much for the compliment junemoonchild (Brigitte) 😀 I don’t know what else to say! :)

      I have Linda’s Love Sign book- it was one of my first astrology books too. She really does a great job of describing Sun-Sun relationships.

      I’m not familiar with that tarot deck. I just bought the new edition of Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot
      and I’m loving it so far. I don’t have many other decks- just The Original Rider Waite, Tarot of the Cat People (my first deck) and Voyager Tarot. I gave some others away because I wasn’t using them.

  • Christine

    I checked your chart because I had a hunch about something. Your Eros conjuncts my Venus (3°), and my Eros conjuncts your Venus (4°). Does this mean that we’re hot for each other?

    • http://astrofix.net/ Michelle

      lol, um… I think you’re pretty hot 😉

  • http://astrofix.net/ Michelle

    Thank you for stopping by, Christine!

  • http://seductioncentral.ning.com/profile/Christine Christine

    Michelle, it is so great to read your writing and to hear about your life. Hope all’s well. Keep it up! I’ll be coming back!