profileMy name is Michelle and I think I knew I wanted to be an astrologer since about age 10. I’ve been collecting charts, taking photos, and being an astrological busybody my whole life. I’m studying to pass the NCGR-PAA astrology exams hopefully by the end of 2017.

AstroFix began in the fall of 2009 after I lost my job as a private art school director. My degree is in oil painting and you may soon see paintings and prints for sale on AstroFix.

I’ve been using flower essences since the late 90s. I concluded practitioner study with Cynthia of Desert Alchemy flower essences in Spring ’17 and I will be working with clients to pass my certification by the end of 2017.

I’ve kept a dream journal since 1996. I still remember the first dream I remembered. I use the program Alchera to make make sure that my dream journals are actual usable archives of subconscious experience and epiphany rather than cute decorative side notes to a girl’s life experience.

I studied the Thoth tarot with Carrie Paris in 2009.

I do everything on this blog myself from start to finish – the writing, design, web maintenance, customer service, report creation, technical stuff, and astrology readings.

Two of my favorite movies are Groundhog’s Day and Defending Your Life.

Originally from Connecticut, I’ve lived in New Mexico since 2003.

AstroFix has several birth charts but the one that makes most sense, when the blog actually felt real, was when I received my first comment from a reader:

AstroFix’s 1st Comment. October 9, 2009

My natal chart

My chart using Whole Signs house system.