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Gemini Houses


Gemini 1st house A curious and bright approach. Smart. Quick movements. Scattered energy. Looking elfin or impish. A twinkle in the eye. Up to no good. Mischievous. Boyish looks. Gamine looks. A physical trickster. Giving

Taurus Houses


Taurus 1st house Being acutely aware of the feel of textures and fabrics against the skin. Relaxed. Calm. Steady. Unwavering. Stubborn. Inflexible. Patient. Lazy. Liking to be physically comfortable. Simple needs. Uncomplicated desires. Persevering. Dependable.

Leo Houses


Leo 1st house A physical presence that commands attention. Proud. Bossy. Dignified. Sunny. Fun. Confident. Bombastic. Dramatic. Vain. Loyal. Courageous. Needs to feel appreciated. Needs to be acknowledged. Show-off. Overbearing. Loud. Regal. Willfully stubborn. Impressive.