Pluto / Descendant Aspects


rob-zombie-dia-de-los-muertos Partnership that takes you into the underworld. You start a relationship with a vampire (metaphorical or not). Relationships transform you (duh). Relationships compel you to undertake extreme behavior. You want to feel the highs

Neptune / Descendant Aspects


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Dissolving the boundaries between me and you. Not seeing your partner clearly. Your partner clouds your vision. You’re looking for an ideal. You believe in fairy tales. You want a fairy tale wedding. Cinderella. Snow

Uranus / Descendant Aspects

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Shocking relationships. Shocking companions. Shocking friendships. Shocking confrontations. Unusual enemies. Eccentric enemies. Bizarre romance. Unconventional pairings. Unexpected relationships. Outrageous enemies. Unexpected alliances. Unexpected bedfellows. Relationships that break conventions. Geniuses in love. Your partner is erratic

Saturn / Descendant Aspects



In it for the long haul. Long term commitments. Ultra long term commitments. Interminable long term commitments. Lasting love. Lasting friendship. The ties that bind. Tying the knot. Macrame. Wedding rings. Wedding vows. Business contracts.

Jupiter / Descendant Aspects


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Partners in adventure. Getting beyond your current viewpoint. Opening up to a world of possibilities. Open to others. The expanse of relationship. Love on the horizon. You grow through relationship. You and your partner get