Aquarius Man Secrets


Now You Can Win That Aquarius Man's Love & Get Him To Fall Head Over Heels in Love With You (Even If It Feels Like He's Been Pulling Away)

Here's a glimpse of what you'll discover here:

  • Uncover your Aquarius Man's secret desires by looking at some very specific points in his chart. Know a little more about what he likes, how he likes it, why he likes it… all from his favorite sex positions to the times of day he likes to go down and dirty.
  • Everything you need to know to fully understand the sexual side of an Aquarius Man so that you can understand his actions (or lack of action) and the right moves you can make to sink into his role-playing fantasies… even when it's not something directly erotic, but more about playing along with his hidden desires.
  • All the things you should AVOID in bed with an Aquarian man if you don't want to turn him off and push him away. Learn these so that you don't make the MISTAKES most women make in bed with Aquarian men. This is especially important in the beginning of your relationship while you're still just 'fooling around'. Simply avoiding these mistakes instantly puts you ON TOP and ABOVE all of his ex-girlfriends combined.
  • Seduction tricks, tips and ideas that he HAS NOT experienced before with any other woman. These are all things that'll make an Aquarius man view you as ONE OF A KIND — a woman that's hard to find in his eyes who he'll fight to keep. All of these make him want YOU and make him wonder how he can get you to like him. Reverse the game on him!
  • How to discover what Mars and Venus can show you about your love and sexuality! Look a little deeper into the different Mars, Venus and Eros placements and what they can tell you about how to best approach him.

Get That Aquarian Man To See You As “The One”

  • Understand why your Aquarian man does what he does (or what he did) and learn how to handle what seems like a huge stumbling block for your relationship. Because only he feels that you understand him is he open to sharing his feelings (or starting to feeling something for you).
  • The Essential ingredients to making your relationship work with an Aquarian guy. Without these BASICS, he'll never even consider you as a potential partner.
  • How to tell if an Aquarius man actually likes you or not (all the signs you should look for) — and what you can do if you didn't seem to catch his eye yet (this will get him to finally notice you and make a move).
  • What to do when he makes you feel like he genuinely doesn't care about you or your relationship (or does he?). His behavior can actually be pretty easily decoded if you know what you are looking for.
  • See what has been missing from your connection the whole time and why following regular relationship advice can only backfire with an Aquarian man.
  • Learn to understand his unusual ways of expressing his needs, desires and feelings so you can actually “speak his language” and talk directly to his heart.
  • How to recognize when your Aquarian man is actually trying to be romantic (in his own crazy way) and why missing these moments can make him never wanting to be romantic again.
  • How to handle an Aquarian man's commitment phobia in a way that reassures him that your relationship is heading in the right direction and that he has nothing to escape from (quite the opposite). Now you can finally make plans for the future with your Aquarian man and stop wondering whether he's serious about you or not.

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