Capricorn Zodiac Essence


Flower essences for astrology.

Sometimes reading about your chart isn't enough. Flower essences are vibrational remedies that restore energetic and emotional balance. You can use them to ground your understanding of your personal birth chart or to work with your current transits or progressions.

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Additional information

Weight .7 g
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3 in
How to take an essence

1. 4 drops under your tongue or in a glass of water 4 times daily or as often as needed. It is better to take your essence more often throughout the day rather than taking a lot at once.

2. Put in a spray bottle and spray in the air around you.

3. Put drops on your pillow at night.

4. Apply to skin.


1 ounce (30ml) glass dropper dosage bottle


Flower essences are not essential oils. Flower essences are made by allowing a flower to imprint its vibration into water over many hours at peak bloom on a sunny day. Flower essences create a vibrational resonance within you to bring your emotional and spiritual center to alignment.

These flower essences formulas use essences from the Desert Alchemy and Flower Essence Services flower essence lines.

Flower essences are safe for adults, children, animals, and plants.


Hi Michelle,

I loved it! I feel it absolutely helped and thinking about ordering it again. I feel more positive and much more in control about my life – whatever was in there definitely managed any and all anxiety for me.