Planetary Apothecary

Planetary Apothecary by Stephanie Gailing is a well-organized, travel-friendly guide filled with detailed wellness suggestions for each zodiac sign. This fat little book combines two of Stephanie's loves: nutrition and astrology.

Planetary Apothecary wellness suggestions showcase Stephanie's breadth of nutritional and health knowledge. Fusing astrology and nutrition, Stephanie creates a fantastic holistic, or wellness astrology resource in Planetary Apothecary.

Tips for every sign

  • Personal health profile
  • Areas of health focus
  • Healthy eating tips
  • Health-supporting foods
  • Spa and wellness therapies
  • Relaxation practices
  • Yoga poses
  • Aromatherapy
  • Natural remedies
  • Flower essences


The tips in Planetary Apothecary can also be helpful for handling transit and progression influences as well as your birth placements.

Uranus in Aries transit remedies

With so much emphasis on action-oriented Aries with Uranus in Aries right now, sometimes reading and talking about what is happening isn't enough, you need to do something about it as well.

Planetary Apothecary is a compact action plan to regain a sense of well-being during any transit you may have, or simply to maintain your innate personal balance year round.

  • The essential oil Vetiver with its deep, dirty earthy scent will put your feet back on the ground amidst the chaos.
  • The flower essence Impatiens will support slowing down and taking deep breaths when you feel stressed and impatient.

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About Stephanie Gailing & Planetary Apothecary

stephanie-gailingThe essence of Planetary Apothecary is infused in its name. To me, it signifies how we can use the wisdom of astrology to identify strategies and resources that can point us toward our own unique healing path. Additionally, I believe it reflects that the jewels of nature on our planet—including foods and healing plants—can themselves be powerful allies in our journey towards optimal health.

My work weaves together my experience as both a wellness educator and astrologer and is guided by my passion for being of service. My aim is to help you connect to a deep level of self-awareness and personal empowerment while offering you practical self-care solutions—such as flower essences, lifestyle routines and rituals, and more—that can help you achieve a greater sense of well-being.

To this aim, through Planetary Apothecary, I offer an ever-expanding array of services and educational resources. These currently include astrological counseling, customized flower essence formulas, mini-astrology readings at events, private Astro-Salons, regularly updated blog, monthly newsletter, interactive community on Facebook, and my Planetary Apothecary book.

With a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Administration from Cornell University, I continue to explore ways to expand my knowledge, attending lectures and workshops whenever possible. I have studied archetypal dreamwork with Laurence Hillman and am currently participating in the Flower Essence Society’s and Bach International Education Program’s Certification Programs.

While my home base is in Seattle, I frequently travel to New York City and other places, where I also teach and see clients. Thanks to technology, I also work with clients around the world, something for which I feel quite blessed.

If I could describe my guiding principle in one word it would be Namaste, the Sanskrit term that embodies compassion, reverence, love, and the inextricable connectedness between everyone and everything. It is from this sense of Namaste that I live, and that I approach my work.