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AstroFix Astrology Reports

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AstroFix offers a range of uncommon reports.
Get to know your chart off the beaten path!

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All Reports Bundle

AstroFix Astrology Reports Bundle
Asteroids + 1000 Asteroids List
AstroCalendar – 12 months
Degree Meanings
Fixed Stars
Flower & Gem Essences
Harmonic Highlights
My Best Places – 1000 Cities – 1 Region
My Best Places – Around the World
Natal Astrology & Profile Scores
Saturn’s Promise
Solar Return
Transits – 12 months


I feel like the reports were really helpful for someone like me who spends a lot time learning keywords and constantly tries to make astrological associations in her head. Someone who is very new to having their natal chart interpreted should definitely spring for a consultation, as i believe it would be a lot more beneficial. Otherwise, these charts are a good value, they arrive quickly, and are great reference for students. I especially liked the harmonic chart.

5 stars. Informative and Insightful. Please continue to add more reports.

5 Stars.

5 Stars

I’ve been coming to Astrofix for a long time and always enjoyed Michelle’s hard work. If you have any curiosity about anything in your chart I’d definitely recommend this place.

5 stars.
Well worth the investigation.

5 Stars

5 Stars

Thorough report as always from Astrofix and easily understood.

I´m very pleased. 🙂
Thank u very much Michelle…

So insightful and so well written that it’s enjoyable to read. Is this where former English majors work?

I loved it like I love all your work! Thank you so much! <3

These are great!

Thank you – the reports are amazing and helpful – ultra thorough!!!
I appreciate the style and flavor of your site and info – its very inspiring and helps me continue my own astro’ work and studies. I’m not an astrologer, but love to work with gemstones that are astro’ based. Much appreciation…

5 stars. It was unusual to see the moon aspects to 7th cusp. I looked at eclipse reports also, as I was interested in the moon’s effects astro-wise.