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AstroFix Astrology Reports

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AstroFix offers a range of uncommon reports.
Get to know your chart off the beaten path!

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Additional Information

All Reports Bundle

AstroFix Astrology Reports Bundle
Asteroids + 1000 Asteroids List
AstroCalendar – 12 months
Degree Meanings
Fixed Stars
Flower & Gem Essences
Harmonic Highlights
My Best Places – 1000 Cities – 1 Region
My Best Places – Around the World
Natal Astrology & Profile Scores
Saturn’s Promise
Solar Return
Transits – 12 months


These are great!

So insightful and so well written that it’s enjoyable to read. Is this where former English majors work?

I love this type of chart for myself very informative. Prompt service.

Thank you – the reports are amazing and helpful – ultra thorough!!!
I appreciate the style and flavor of your site and info – its very inspiring and helps me continue my own astro’ work and studies. I’m not an astrologer, but love to work with gemstones that are astro’ based. Much appreciation…

5 Stars

5 Stars

5 stars. Informative and Insightful. Please continue to add more reports.

4 stars. I wish it had a little info about what the aspects mean. Otherwise, great.

I’ve been coming to Astrofix for a long time and always enjoyed Michelle’s hard work. If you have any curiosity about anything in your chart I’d definitely recommend this place.

4 stars.

Aside from Chiron and nodes missing, the report emphasis is on empowerment: grounding astrology.

Thorough report as always from Astrofix and easily understood.

Wonderful resource, wonderful heart and mind, thank you

Interesting reports. The highlights were fun to read and mostly accurate, if a little bit vague/general at times. The best places, I can’t say yet, but I plan to try them out on my travels.

I loved it like I love all your work! Thank you so much! <3

I feel like the reports were really helpful for someone like me who spends a lot time learning keywords and constantly tries to make astrological associations in her head. Someone who is very new to having their natal chart interpreted should definitely spring for a consultation, as i believe it would be a lot more beneficial. Otherwise, these charts are a good value, they arrive quickly, and are great reference for students. I especially liked the harmonic chart.