Scorpio Rising

Criminal profiler Axel Crowe investigates the killing of a New York heiress, and discovers her death is linked to two other murders on the same day: a dot-com millionaire in San Francisco, and the team leader of a CIA counter-terrorist project in Los Alamos, New Mexico. A finder of wayward people and stolen possessions, the enigmatic Crowe profiles subjects in a distinctly unique manner – using astrology, palmistry and other esoteric techniques.

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About the Author

Alan Annand is a writer of crime fiction, offering an intriguing blend of mystery, suspense, thriller and occult genres. When he’s not dreaming up ingenious ways to kill people, he finds therapy in writing humor, short stories and book reviews. Before becoming a full-time novelist, he worked as a technical writer for the railway industry, a human resources manager and an underground surveyor. Currently, he divides his time between writing in the AM, astrology in the PM, and meditation on the OM. For those who care, he’s an Aries with a dash of Scorpio.

ALAN ANNAND: – Writer of mystery suspense novels. – Astrologer & palmist, trained in Western & Vedic astrology. – Amateur musician, agent provocateur and infomaniac. Websites: – Writing: – Astrology: Books available at Amazon & Smashwords: – Al-Quebeca (mystery thriller) – Harm’s Way (hardboiled mystery thriller) – Hide in Plain Sight (psychological mystery suspense) – Scorpio Rising (New Age noir mystery thriller) Previously published five novels under pseudonyms with New York publishers: – Harm’s Way (St.Martin’s Press), by Aleister Foxx – Antenna Syndrome (Tower Publications), by Alan Marks – Skyraiders (Tower Publications), by Alan Marks – Bearknife Gold (Tower Publications), by Alan Marks – Commando Attack (Tower Publications), by Alan Marks Education: – BA, English Lit – BSc, Math & Physics – Diploma, British Faculty of Astrological Studies – Diploma, American College of Vedic Astrology Citizen of the world: – Lived in Montreal 26 yrs, Toronto 6 yrs – Lived in England one year – Traveled USA, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe, Morocco, Lebanon, India, Thailand