Virgo Man Secrets


Here's how to make a Virgo man obsessed with you and beg you to be his girlfriend (even if he looks incompatible, cold, and distant)!

Here's what you'll discover

  • Reliable signs that tell if a Virgo man is really interested in you or not… If he is doing this one key thing, then no doubt you have got his interest.
  • Should you approach first or wait for him to approach you? If you approach him, will he see it as a warning signal? Alternatively, if you don't approach him will he approach you?
  • Do Virgo men make brilliant long-term partners? What's the best way to destroy his commitment phobia once and for all and transform him into your loyal lover?
  • If a Virgo guy is not interested, here are the best ways to start a conversation, capture his heart and make him sweep you up into his arms… never to let you go.
  • Incredible ways to seduce a hot Virgo guy. And discover what turns him on faster than a skimpy skirt. WARNING: common astrology tips and regular relationship advice can backfire faster than bad breath with these guys.
  • What is his favorite color and which he is likely to notice first? (useful on your first date with a Virgo man).
  • Here's the single best way to make a Virgo feel good about himself and you (no, it's not by showering compliments).
  • Never do this in front on a Virgo, it's a huge turn-off, and you'll get into hot water if he gets this impression.

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