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North Node in Libra and South Node in Aries, by House

North Node Libra 1st House/ South Node Aries 7th House Cultivating a balanced approach to life. Keeping an eye on what’s fair. Becoming attuned to how your actions affect other people. Developing a tactful and diplomatic approach. Becoming “we” oriented. No longer being selfish in partnerships. Approaching every situation with a cooperative attitude. Putting your

North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra, by House

North Node Aries 1st House/ South Node Libra 7th House Learning to take your own path in life. Letting go of the need to have your direction approved. Being more assertive in your approach. Learning to be comfortable doing your own thing. Charting your own course through life. Becoming decisive. Realizing that your life is

Aries Quick Fix

The Sun represents your conscious purpose in life. To contact your conscious purpose, to be you are meant to be, you must develop your Sun sign traits with purposeful intention. Although you may embody some of your Sun sign traits with little effort, you must work to develop others. For Aries, the quickest way to

Aries Houses

Aries 1st house Confrontational. Aggressive. Rough. Gruff. Ruddy. Athletic. Masculine. Impatient. Grumpy. Irritable. Courageous. Authentic presence. Independent approach. Quick. Competitive. Argumentative. Bold. Forceful. Pushy. Naïve. The need to develop awareness of how actions affect others. Awareness of being a separate individual. Awareness of your own needs. Enthusiastic approach to life. Brusque manner. Looking pissed-off. Leading