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Mercury/Ascendant Aspects


Excessive worry. An active, agile mind that asserts itself in the environment. Having something to say about everything that happens. Alert. Making constant connections. Cunning linguists. Word gymnasts. Fans of slogans, limericks, sayings, phrases, etc

Mars/Ascendant Aspects


A take-charge attitude. Leaders. Entrepeneurs. Confrontational stance. A one-man show. A one-woman show. Fighting your way through life. Making more enemies than friends. Pushy. A steamroller. Spitting fire. Feminists. Anger. In your face. Confronted with

Jupiter/Ascendant Aspects


Expanded vision. Seeing far and wide. Broad horizons. A desire for wide-open spaces. Born free. Visionary. The eyes of the world. World vision. Cultural vision. Cultural exposure. The ability to see from another’s viewpoint. Growing