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Chiron Conjunct South Node

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Move away from the endless search for self-healing. Stop trying to be your own doctor. Stop self-diagnosing, whether it’s your health, your love life, or your career. You’ve come into this life with knowledge of how to heal yourself, and you feel comfortable continuing to do so. Self-prescribing is a limiting habit. Give your attention

Chiron Conjunct North Node

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Avoid cliques and cliches. Become your whole self rather than identifying with the best parts. Embrace the whole journey of your life. You’re central purpose is to move toward wholeness – integrate your selves. Actively pursue alternative methods of healing. While seeking solutions to your problems you uncover methods of healing that you can share

Chiron/Pluto Aspects

The compulsion to explore something sinister within. Mistrusting deep instincts. Out of touch with innate inner knowing. Healing comes from learning how to trust your deep instincts. You have a blind spot for the darkness within you and within others. You don’t recognize the shadow within you. You are slow to recognize the shadow in

Chiron/Neptune Aspects


The wound of too many daydreams. The wound of the desire to be one with everything. The wound of the desire to slide out of your real identity. Crippling sensitivity to the harsh realities of the real world. Pain from realizing that reality will never match your fantasy. An imagination so intense as to make

Chiron/Uranus Aspects


Solving the collective rejection of society’s fringe elements. Waking up to the wounding of groups of people who have been marginalized and outcast. The pain of ostracized groups of people begins to be healed. We begin to let in the pain of outcast members of society. Healing generational wounds through unconventional methods. Healing through getting in