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Moon/IC Aspects


Living a sheltered life. Living in a secluded area. Living with your parents into adulthood. Running home to your parents when plans go south. Needing a lot of care and support from your parents. The pampered child. Expecting to have a cushy place to land if plans in the real world don’t work out. Finding

Mercury/IC Aspects


You feel comfortable in busy places … places where you can observe people coming and going, and have the option to engage with them. Dead silence makes you uncomfortable … you’re likely to fill it with your own mental chatter … unless, your head is filled with the words you’re reading from the book you’re

Sun/IC Aspects

The hearth. The center of the house. Finding an identity by putting down roots somewhere. Finding a place to live that you really identify with. Owning your own home or land is a big deal for you. Where you live has a big impact on who you become. Choose a home-site that supports who you

Venus/IC Aspects


Home is where the heart is. Devoted to a domestic life. Married to your home. Good taste in home decorating. Spending too much on furnishings. Living with women. A household full of women. Jealousy within the home. Women fighting. The social household. Social pecking order at home. A beautiful home, but perhaps only superficial, not

Mars/IC Aspects


Leader of the pack. Taking charge of your home and household. Running the house. One parent “ran the house.” Actively involved in family affairs. An energetic family. Liking to work on the house. Family involved in construction or contracting. Lots of house maintenance. Always busy at home. Fire under your butt. Domestic issues get your