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Mercury / Descendant Aspects


Attracted to brainiacs. Brains before brawn. Letting other people have your smarts for you. Giving away your intellectual power. A smart partner. An academic partner. 90lb weaklings and the people who love them. Marrying a

Mercury/Ascendant Aspects


Excessive worry. An active, agile mind that asserts itself in the environment. Having something to say about everything that happens. Alert. Making constant connections. Cunning linguists. Word gymnasts. Fans of slogans, limericks, sayings, phrases, etc

Mercury/Midheaven Aspects


Professional comedians, plain jokers and singer-songwriters. Quick-witted tricksters. Precocious kids and the precocious child in the adult. You appreciate intelligence in others and are inspired by intelligent role models. You want people to recognize that