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Moon/Mercury Aspects


Thinking with your heart. Logical emotions. Emotional conversations. Compartmentalizing feelings. A retentive memory. Conversations with women. Sensitive communication. Emotional communication. Having reasons for feelings. Heartfelt letters. Putting feelings in words. Instinct to communicate. Chatterbox. Gossip.

Moon/Neptune Aspects


Comfortable being a martyr. Comfortable with selflessness. Comfortably numb. Delusional feelings. Delusional hunches. Wanting to escape. Emotionally elusive. Self-pity. Refined emotions. Refined sensitivity. Emotionally delicate. Emotionally confused. Compassionate feelings. Artistic sensitivity. Imaginary emotions. Feeling comfortable

Moon/Uranus Aspects


Unusual attachments. Unusual friends. Feeling comfortable with nonconformists. Feeling nurtured by astrology. Astrology groups. Wanting to live in the future. Instinctively rebellious. Shocking responses. Unpredictable responses. Unpredictable emotions. An erratic emotional life. Unstable emotional life.