2022 Retrograde Dates

A downloadable table showing the dates and times when the planets and major asteroids go retrograde or direct, and the degree of the zodiac at which those changes happen, throughout 2022.
Jan14202211:41MercuryRx10 AQU 20
Jan14202221:21CeresDirect27 TAU 58
Jan18202215:26UranusDirect10 TAU 49 (FM)
Jan2920228:46VenusDirect11 CAP 05
Feb420224:13MercuryDirect24 CAP 22
Apr29202218:36Pluto Rx 28 CAP 36
May10202211:47MercuryRx4 GEM 51
Jun320228:00MercuryDirect26 TAU 05
Jun4202221:47SaturnRx25 AQU 15
Jun2820227:55NeptuneRx25 PIS 26 (NM)
Jul7202221:33VestaRx6 PIS 54
Jul19202215:21ChironRx16 ARI 26
Jul2520226:47JunoRx21 PIS 32
Jul28202220:37JupiterRx8 ARI 43 (NM)
Aug24202213:54UranusRx18 TAU 55
Sep1020223:38MercuryRx8 LIB 55 (FM)
Oct220229:07MercuryDirect24 VIR 12
Oct5202218:13VestaDirect22 AQU 58
Oct8202221:56PlutoDirect26 CAP 07 (FM)
Oct2320224:07SaturnDirect18 AQU 36
Oct23202213:04JunoDirect7 PIS 42
Oct30202213:25MarsRx25 GEM 37
Nov23202223:02JupiterDirect28 PIS 48(NM)
Nov3020228:36PallasRx26 CAN 33
Dec420220:15NeptuneDirect22 PIS 39
Dec2320229:31ChironDirect11 ARI 56 (NM)
Dec2920229:31MercuryRx24 CAP 21
  • (NM)= New Moon – Meaning this planet turns retrograde or direct on the same day as the New Moon
  • (FM) = Full Moon – Meaning this planet turns retrograde or direct on the same day as the Full Moon
  • Rx = Retrograde motion
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