Asteroids & Centaurs Astrology

Chiron, Pallas, Icarus, Ceres, Vesta, Juno, Sedna

Brainstorm: Chiron Conjunct North Node Astrology

Brainstorm: Chiron Conjunct South Node Astrology

Brainstorm: Chiron in Aries Transit Forecast

Brainstorm: Chiron/Ascendant Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm: Chiron/Descendant Astrology Aspects

Are you coming to me? Am I going to get my chance? Unrequited love. The pain of love not returned. The pain of being in love with your best friend. The pain of being in love with your best friend’s …

Brainstorm: Chiron/IC Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm: Chiron/Midheaven Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm: Chiron/Neptune Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm: Chiron/Pluto Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm: Chiron/Uranus Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm: Jupiter/Chiron Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm: Mars/Chiron Astrology Aspects

The wounded masculine. Wounded assertive personality traits. Lack of self-assertiveness. Trying to reclaim male aspects of the personality. Sexual wounding. Inability to defend yourself. Inability to …

Brainstorm: Mercury/Chiron Astrology Aspects

Pain associated with speaking, writing or other forms of communication. Extreme sensitivity to communication – what people say, how they say it, and when they say it. Words most definitely can hurt you. Learning how to use voice …

Brainstorm: Moon/Chiron Astrology Aspects

Emotionally wounded. Profound sensitivity. Wounded women. A wounded mother. Needing or giving emotional healing. Damaged sense of mothering. Damaged relationship to self-care. Holistic approach to emotional …

Brainstorm: Saturn/Chiron Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm: Sun/Chiron Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm: Venus/Chiron Astrology Aspects

How To Find All the Liliths in Your Birth Chart

Find all the Liliths in your astrology chart. Dark Moon Lilith (Waltemath Dark Moon), Black Moon Lilith (Mean Lilith), Osculating Lilith (True Lilith), Asteroid Lilith. Jacobson Lilith, Priapus, and Algol.

Icarus through the Signs and Houses in Astrology

Pallas Athene in Aspect to the Planets in Astrology

Pallas Athene through the Houses in Astrology

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