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Do you know the difference between a karmic relationship and a soul mate relationship?


essica Shepherd answers this and other questions about love in her first book, A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets for Drawing Your True Love into Your Life. A professional astrologer and author of the blog Moonkissd, Jessica Shepherd draws upon years of work with clients and friends, as well as her personal experience, to form 9 “secrets” on how we can manifest our true love. By changing our attitude and beliefs (mixed in with some magical know-how) we can use alchemy to create love in our lives. Throughout the book, Jessica’s voice is personal, reassuring and light-hearted. She writes for the men and women who have been through the mill of love and are ready to find “The One.”

Jessica briefly introduces her 9 Soul Mate Secrets in the first chapter, then delves deeper into them as the book goes on. Each “secret” has exercises, companion spells, and meditations, as well as tips and tricks. The spells are inspiring, easy and flexible, and the tips and tricks are informative and encouraging. The chapter containing Soul Mate Secret No. 4 is cleverly titled, “Think with Your Venus,” and describes Venus’s expression through the signs. In this chapter, Jessica shares how things can go awry when we use Mars to attract our soul mate instead of using our Venus. From start to finish, she reminds us that finding our soul mate requires inner work, and that each bad relationship is a learning experience. Every broken heart is an opportunity to learn about what we do and do not want in love. Surprisingly, she also suggests that sexual chemistry can be misleading, and she describes how love and spirituality go hand in hand. A Love Alchemist’s Notebook is full of strategies to conjure up the man or woman of your dreams – sprinkled with Eastern philosophy, chakra work, law of attraction guidelines, and insights gained from her personal observations.

A Love Alchemist’s Notebook includes mantra, spell, gemstone, flower, spice, food, feng shui, color therapy and Moon phase information that all become part of our love alchemist’s toolkit in pursuit of the love of our lives. Jessica Shepherd emphasizes that we have the power to manifest what we want in life and that we have the ability to “take this whole soul mate matter into our own hands.”

Though not strictly an astrology book, Jessica Shepherd’s A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets for Drawing Your True Love into Your Life would be great for someone looking to kick their attract-ive power into high gear and get love energy flowing in their direction.

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