Book Review: Planetary Apothecary by Stephanie Gailing

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lanetary Apothecary by Stephanie Gailing is a well-organized, travel-friendly guide filled with detailed wellness suggestions for each zodiac sign. This fat little book combines two of Stephanie’s loves: nutrition and astrology.

Planetary Apothecary wellness suggestions showcase Stephanie’s breadth of nutritional and health knowledge. Fusing astrology and nutrition, Stephanie creates a fantastic holistic, or wellness astrology resource in Planetary Apothecary.

Wellness, as shown by your birth chart

Read your Sun sign first, then your Moon and Ascendant signs

Your Sun sign represents your vitality and the essence of who you are. It is the spark that energizes your being and therefore a signficant factor in understanding your personalized wellness needs.

Tips for every sign

  • Personal health profile
  • Areas of health focus
  • Healthy eating tips
  • Health-supporting foods
  • Spa and wellness therapies
  • Relaxation practices
  • Yoga poses
  • Aromatherapy
  • Natural remedies
  • Flower essences

Unique remedies

  • Jasmine relates to the sign Cancer and the scent can lift your mood
  • Games and puzzles help Geminis relax
  • The aphrodisiac qualities of dark chocolate are a perfect match for Scorpio’s sensual nature


The tips in Planetary Apothecary can also be helpful for handling transit and progression influences as well as your birth placements.

Uranus in Aries transit remedies

With so much emphasis on action-oriented Aries with Uranus in Aries right now, sometimes reading and talking about what is happening isn’t enough, you need to do something about it as well.

Planetary Apothecary is a compact action plan to regain a sense of well-being during any transit you may have, or simply to maintain your innate personal balance year round.

  • The essential oil Vetiver, with its deep, dirty earthy scent will put your feet back on the ground amidst the chaos.
  • The flower essence Impatiens will support slowing down and taking deep breaths when you feel stressed and impatient.
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