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Brainstorm: Moon / Saturn Astrology Aspects

Brainstorm: Moon/Saturn Astrology Aspects interprets astrology aspects between the Moon and Saturn. Written in short, fragmented sentences, this article embraces phrases, concepts, imagery, and more to evoke meaning. Entertaining read for new and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Planetary Combinations astrology eBook.

elancholy. Depressed emotions. Little emotion. A responsible woman. Emotions are a burden. Heavy feelings. Sad feelings. Structured emotions. Rigid emotions. Emotional authority. An authority on feelings. An authority on habits. An authority on women. An authority on mothering and nurturing. Lack of emotion. Lack of caring. Lack of nurturing. Lack of nourishment. Anorexic. Denying feelings. Denying emotion. Cut off from emotion. Cut off from self-care. Denied nurturing. Denied happiness. Unable to feel happiness. Insecure.

Becoming a master of your emotional realm. Teaching yourself how to feel. Gaining mastery over habitual response patterns. Master of defense. Gaining mastery over emotional responses. Learning how to make your own happiness. Learning how to make your own joy. Learning emotional self-fulfillment Learning how to take care of yourself. Learning how to meet your own needs. Learning how to cope with depression. The amount you felt your father cared. An emotional father. Fluctuating feelings about responsibility. Fluctuating feelings about structure and authority. Fluctuating feelings about discipline and hard work. Feeling okay with hard work. A sensitive authority figure. A sensitive father. A defensive stance. Lack of joy. Emotional repression. Feeling okay with rules and regulations that support emotional response and expression. Comfortable not showing emotion. Conservative. Restrained.

Happy in a position of authority. Disciplined habits. Disciplined activities bring happiness. Surmounting obstacles brings happiness. Achievement brings happiness. Having an intuitive sense of time. Having a natural sense of authority. The capacity to handle responsibility with aplomb. Feeling that there is never enough time. Hardened emotions. A hard childhood. Lack of emotional expression as a child. Lack of support during childhood. Denied support.

Feeling responsible for mom. Single parent household. Taking responsibility for your mother. The child who takes care of the parent. Mom as the authority figure. Having a burdened mother. Mom was the disciplinarian. An authoritative woman. A responsible mother. Taking on responsibility at an early age. Early maturity. Emotional responsibility. Dutiful emotional expression. Dutiful habits. Inhibited emotional expression. The responsible child. Emotional management. Mood management. Learning how to be happy – the hard way. Making time for your own needs. Neglected by mom. Loneliness. Hardened emotions. Mature responses. Emotional mountains and barriers. Blocked intuition. Mastering intuition. Intuitive teacher. Hardened defenses. Crystallized habits. Master of the emotional domain. Mood master. Barren landscape. Bleak house. Keeping a stiff upper lip. Eating schedules. Finding happiness in the real world.

Fear of motherhood. Fear of mom. Fear of breaking out of your limits. Comfortable within boundaries. Mom creates boundaries. Mom makes the rules.


  • Emotion
  • Response
  • Habit
  • Mothering & Nurturance
  • Mood
  • Safety
  • Caring
  • Instinct
  • Fluctuation
  • Caregiver
  • Caterer
  • Tender
  • Supporter
  • Be human
  • Be involved
  • Check in with your emotions
  • Eat well
  • Feel something
  • Find common ground
  • Mood maintenance
  • Relate, and be relatable
  • Tend the body
  • Watch your behavior

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  • Cycles
  • Daily Rhythms
  • Life on Earth
  • Mood fluctuations


  • Ageing & Maturation
  • Discipline & Restraint
  • Fear & Reality Checks
  • Manifestation & Crystallization
  • Responsibility & Hard Work
  • Limitation & Boundaries
  • Seriousness & Gravity
  • Structure & Order
  • Wisdom gained through age & experience
  • He ate his kids
  • Elder
  • Grandparent
  • Killjoy
  • Loner
  • Old Fart / Fuddy duddy
  • Old Guard
  • Old Maid¬† / Cat Lady / Spinster (maybe with Venus or Moon)
  • "Old Soul?" (with Neptune)
  • Rule Maker
  • Stick in the mud
  • The Establishment
  • The Denied
  • The Neglected
  • The Wizened
  • Wise person
  • Cut back
  • Demarcate your boundaries
  • Draw a line in the sand
  • Get real
  • Get serious
  • Get your affairs in order
  • Give yourself a reality check
  • Go minimal
  • Just say no!
  • Learn the lesson, then move on
  • Less is more
  • Limit interations wherever Saturn falls
  • Trim the fat
  • Use your time wisely
  • Aches & pains
  • Aging
  • Cut backs
  • Getting wrinkles
  • Going bald
  • Gray hair
  • Lack
  • Limitation
  • Low resources
  • Maturation
  • Neglect
  • Responsibility
  • Restrictions
  • Slim margins
  • Trimming
  • Working harder for the same outcome
  • Father of Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron
  • Grandfather of Persephone
  • Son of Uranus

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