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Crimson Tide: Transiting Pluto Square Venus

June 12, 2010


Crimson tide

Transiting Pluto square Venus stirs up a hunger to be freed from complacency – conscious or not. You attract events, situations, and people that force you to deal with the complexities of love, worth, and money. The tension inside is what draws these experiences to you. Your hands get dirty as you discover what summons your lust. Riled from superficiality, autopilot, and taking the easy route, you are challenged to own up to your cravings, by choice, or through crisis. You are claiming what you desire, with passion.

This program has been cancelled

Pluto wants you to cancel your obsolete Venus programming.  For how long can you watch the same show before you get bored? End these tired ways of being and get closer to an authentic expression of your Venus.

Dead wood

If your heart is withered and dried, Pluto square Venus will compel you to pump blood back into it. You may feel renewed passion during this transit. You are no longer content to live a dull life. You find outlets for intensity and vitality. Apathy becomes intolerable.

Every breath you take…I’ll be watching you

Suspicion and jealousy threaten relationships. This is the transit that will make you think hidden cameras around the house aren’t such a bad idea. During this transit ask yourself, “How much of what I’m feeling is real and how much is based on insecurity and inner turmoil?” A lover can handle so much scrutiny and mistrust before he or she will want to leave. Pluto square Venus puts trust to the test. You must trust your lover enough to let them be. Interference, questioning, possessiveness and suffocation ruin good relationships. Pluto makes you want to clamp down on the people you love, depriving them of air to breathe. You may, without realizing it, convince them to give up things they love. You might draw their world in tighter and tighter.

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