Depression: Learning to Be My Own Cheerleader

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n my natal chart I have the Moon conjunct Saturn. That Moon/Saturn conjunction is the focal point of a t-square with Jupiter and Uranus.

I either completely lack emotion, or run to huge emotional extremes. Learning how not to seize up or lash out has been hard. I don’t think it helps that my Moon/Saturn conjunction includes Saturn in Cancer. My emotions flow in fits and starts and sometimes I don’t want to feel anything. At worst I sink into a deep sticky apathetic lethargy that I can’t pull out of.

Because my Moon/Saturn conjunction is the focal point of a T-square, giving myself enough appreciation, positive feedback and actual physical nurturing has been a learning process. Simple things like eating regularly, sleeping normal amounts and taking care of my body make a huge difference in my mood and can prevent a pending downward spiral. Saturn makes me want to neglect my needs and deny my emotions. I can’t allow myself to give in.

My Moon in Leo suffers in this t-square. It gets torn in a three way tug of war between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. What I do, instead of beating myself up (which is easy with Mars exactly square Pluto), is remind myself of all the things I’m doing right. Leo needs to feel appreciated and special, and that attention can come from within. I’m learning to be my own cheerleader.

What about you? How do you deal with depression?

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