Find Your Essential Dignities & Essential Dignity Tally


Find Your Essential Dignities

Find your essential dignities by downloading the free ZET astrological software.

Once you enter your data and “execute” the chart, scroll over to the right hand side of the screen and double-click on the green and red dignity/debility bars- the full chart of your essential dignities will appear.

Essential Dignity Tally

This is mine:

  • Venus +13
  • Moon +8
  • Neptune +7
  • Uranus +7
  • Mars +6
  • Saturn +6
  • Sun +4
  • Part of Fortune +2
  • Mercury -7
  • Jupiter -7

The three ‘softest’ planets have the most dignity in my chart. Maybe this is why, despite having the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries, with Mars square Pluto, I still manage to retain softness and femininity. Also, all three of the planets in fall and detriment (Mars, Saturn and Venus) achieve accidental exaltation (or dignity) through their house placement:

  • Venus in detriment in Aries, yet in accidental dignity by being in the 7th house
  • Mars in fall in Cancer, yet in accidental exaltation in the 10th house
  • Saturn in detriment in Cancer, yet in accidental dignity in the 11th house

What are your essential dignities?

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