How to Find the Tarot Card that Rules the Decan of Your Sun

How to Find the Tarot Card that Rules the Decan of Your Sun AstroFix Astrology

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e each have a card that rules the decan of our Sun.

The astrological signs have 30 degrees. Those 30 degrees are further divided into three 10 degree segments called decans.

For example:

  • 00° through 9° 59′ Aries is the 1st decan.
  • 10° through 19° 59′ Aries is the 2nd decan.
  • 20° through 29° 59′ Aries is the 3rd decan.

This process repeats for all of the other signs.

By looking at the degree of your Sun you can find which decan it is in.

Here’s a simple chart to find your tarot decan ruler.

The decan of my Sun is ruled by the 3 of Wands.

Which tarot card rules the decan of your Sun?

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