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Why do some astrologers approach natal positions as something to avoid?

Sometimes delineations of Venus in Aries read:

Venus in Aries: Don’t be selfish. Pay attention to other people. Learn to compromise. Work on patience.

OK, but… is the purpose of Venus in Aries to be more like Venus in Libra? Where’s the advice on how to work with the energy of a natal placement?

Do we have natal placements just to do the opposite of them?

Wouldn’t you think that the purpose of Venus in Aries is to be brave in love? To go after the things (and people) that bring beauty and love into your life, with assertiveness? Not to sit on a fence while life passes you by?

Why would my natal chart be a set of instructions on how to be the opposite of who I am?

With Venus in Aries, I’m learning how to be an individual within a relationship. I’m not learning how to lose my identity in significant relationships. The goal is not to become more passive. The goal is to be assertive – while taking other people into account.

Some astrologers suggest that you are born manifesting all of the energy from your chart – and you need to tone it down! I think that we are growing into the energies of our charts, not out of them. We are learning to use these energies wisely.

This post was inspired by the following statement:

Moon in Leo: During this lifetime you are learning to dedicate yourself to more universal causes that allow you to do your part in furthering the evolution of the race.

Say what?!

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