Interception, Landlocked Countries, and Björk

Interception, Landlocked Countries and Björk Astrology AstroFix

Intercepted signs are like landlocked countries

A landlocked country is a country entirely enclosed by land, or whose only coastlines lie on closed seas.

Historically, being landlocked was regarded as a disadvantageous position. It cuts the country off from sea resources such as fishing, but more importantly cuts off access to seaborne trade which, even today, makes up a large percentage of international trade. Coastal regions tended to be wealthier and more heavily populated than inland ones.

Intercepted planets are your personal resources

Intercepted planets are your personal diamond mines, rainforests and ore deposits that need to be discovered, and then integrated with, the rest of your chart.

These “countries” and resources can remain inaccessible for years. Intercepted signs and planets are isolated from the rest of the chart. They have fewer opportunities to branch out and thrive than planets and signs that are not intercepted. Intercepted signs and planets rely on the planet that rules the sign on the cusp of the house they are intercepted in to gain access to the rest of the chart. Because intercepted planets and signs are somewhat dependent on the sign and planet that rule the cusp, they may be underdeveloped or weak. It often takes a major transit from an outer planet (or Saturn) to access the energy of the intercepted sign and planet. Once they are accessed, they become wellsprings of power and energy- like having relied on foreign oil for 20 years only to discover you had an oil well in your own back yard all along.

Björk’s natal chart

bjorks natal chart with interception

Björk’s natal chart with interception

In Björk’s case, because Capricorn is “landlocked,” her Capricorn planets answer to Jupiter- the ruler of her Sagittarius 2nd house cusp. Sagittarius on the 2nd house cusp acts like a port of access for her Capricorn planets to interact with the rest of her chart. If you think about what it would be like to always have to go through an intermediary, ask for permission, or be stuck in one place, then you can begin to see how intercepted planets and signs behave. Intercepted planets and signs have a feeling of being held back and not getting full expression- like landlocked countries they are in a “disadvantageous position.” They have their own resources but have no way to ship those resources to the rest of the birth chart.

Björk’s intercepted Venus

It’s unlikely that anyone would say Björk is inhibited in her artistic expression, yet Venus is intercepted in her 2nd house. Artistic expression is something that Björk values and something that gives her self-worth. It may be that, up until her 2nd house Venus was transited by Uranus and Neptune in the early ’90s, the artistic process was a deeply personal and insular experience for Björk. Although she released her first album in 1977 at age twelve, and she was a member of the band the Sugarcubes from 1986-1992, it wasn’t until the release of her solo album Debut, in July 1993, that she came into her own as an individual artist and tapped into her personal artistic resources.

Watching Björk’s early Sugarcubes performance followed by her Human Behavior video you can clearly see Björk’s breakthrough in artistic self-expression (unfortunately both videos that were in this post were removed by the users on Youtube so you’ll have to search if you want to see them for yourself).

Duplicate signs

bjork astrology

Björk’s transits July 1993

Having intercepted signs means that you also have duplicate cusps. In Björk’s chart you can see that her 12th house and 1st house are both in Scorpio: her 12th house and 1st house cusps are both covered by the sign Scorpio. On the opposite side of her chart you can see that her 6th and 7th house cusps are both covered by Taurus: her 6th and 7th house are both in Taurus. Houses covered by the same sign have similar interests and work together for mutual benefit.

Putting it together

If you have two houses that are ruled by the same sign then you express yourself in a similar way in both of those areas of life. Björk’s approach to the mysterious and the spiritual is similar to her approach to her immediate environment and the way she presents herself. Occasionally, her need to explore the unknown mingles with the image she presents and causes her self-undoing- as in the infamous swan outfit (which I like).

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