Joking About Things That Aren’t Funny

7-2 (Demo)

October 29, 2009


went through a very difficult period with my boyfriend in 2007. We broke up after 7 years together, and spent 6 months apart. We worked through our problems.

During the time we were apart I had a string of intense awakenings. Suddenly I recognized the warning signs I missed the first time because I didn’t take them seriously, or, because I was complacent about addressing them. Joking about things that aren’t funny, is a relationship warning sign. We did that, but we don’t do it anymore. So far in October I’ve heard two women joke to their husbands, “I want a divorce!” You know what? It’s not funny. Joking about divorce is never funny and it’s even less funny now that Saturn is in Libra. Take relationships seriously, or lose them. It’s time to work on relationships, to put effort into them, and to be vigilant about shouldering your fair share. I think that many people will yearn for, and consummate, a new level of commitment in their relationships, while others will slack, joke, and find their partner filing for divorce.

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