Mega Astrology Brainstorm: The 3rd House and Things in the 3rd House


The 3rd House

Ear to the ground. What’s the beat, what is the word on the street? Boots on the ground. Let me show you the world through my eyes. Let me show you all my favorite neighborhood haunts. There’s the dive bar, over there, allá. Let’s hop on our bikes and go downtown.

There’s Barry, he’s the local baker. There’s Mary, she’s the local butcher. There’s Terry, they’re the local candlestick maker. Who are the people in your neighborhood? The people that you meet each day. The mailman. The store clerk. The gas attendant. What did they say and how did they say it?

Rolling rolling rolling. Catch ya, later! See you on your way back. The ins and outs. Comings and goings. Messengers on messenger bikes and instant messenger and Facebook messenger. Talking. Chatting. Texting. Rolling around on the floor. Rocking back and forth. Cracking your knuckles. Biting your nails. Wringing your hands. Tapping your fingers. Rocking chair out on the front porch in the sunshine. G’day y’all. Wave hi. Bird songs. Birdcalls. Catcalls. Looking gooood, Rita! Brothers and sisters fighting like cats and dogs. Howdy neighbor. Tweet tweet.


Won’t you be my neighbor? What’s up, doc? Street cred. Standing on the corner, shooting the breeze. Local color. The local yokels. You see that plaza there? That used to be a dirt lot where we played baseball as kids. Small town people. Small talk. Small minds. Rational mind. Natterings.

Talk normal. Talk like a real person. Have a conversation. Do you hear what I hear? The regional dialect. The local accent of the people in your town. Slang. Lingo. Vernacular. Colloquialisms. Inside jokes. The common names things in a particular region. It might be soda to you, but here we call it pop.

What’s on your mind? What do you say? Say it in your own words. Explain yourself. You are the company you keep. Gossip. Guuuuuuurrrrl, lemme tell you bout it!!!! Let me tell you a little diddy about Jack and Diane. Once upon a time. Storytellers. Tell me that story about the big snowstorm again! School teachers. Sharing ideas. Swap meet. Listening. Learning. Taking it in. Breathing in the details of daily life.

Word around town is that you might be looking for … a neeeew car! Salespeople. Marketers. Advertising. Word of mouth. Exchanges. Trade. Barter. Handshake. Seal the deal. Hi-five. Fist bump. Thumbs up. OK! Back atcha! Snapping fingers. Shuffle the deck. Pick that pocket. Pluck those guitar strings. Shuffling along, whistling a little tune. Walk around the block. Cruising along on a Sunday afternoon, top down, with the radio on. Diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin’ the scene with a gangsta lean. You may not have a car at all. They say there will be clear skies tomorrow too. Just be thankful for you got.

The street
Sheet music
Shared conversations
Singing a song
Walking the streets
Walking your neighborhood
Seeing the world through your own eyes rather than through concepts, ideologies or beliefs
Direct perception – not blind acceptance
Direct observation – not faith
The difference between the idea of a thing, and actually seeing it for yourself
Daily thoughts and mental processing
Street cred
Your local scene
City life
Mundane messages
Telephone calls
Envelopes and mailings
What do you have to trade?
What is your story!?
What is the story of your character?
What is your personal novel
What is your biography
Where is your voice
What are you saying?
Learn to articulate your experience
Let the local environment transform you
Become a local
Speak the language of the locals
Know the local names of things
Know the local hangouts
Who are you in your town?
How do the big questions matter to the individual
What subjects do you have something to say about?
Walking your talk
Taking your talk out into the street

Hey, I’m comin’ to visit, where you going to take me?
Where are your favorite spots in your area?

I quit my job blowing leaves
telephone bills up my sleeves
Everybody’s been over twice
Paintin’ the walls
throwin’ some dice
getting juiced up beyond belief

Brainstorm: Sun in the 3rd House

Local celebrity. Well, I think… Play me a tune, Maestro.

Brainstorm: Moon in the 3rd House (joy)

Having a sibling who also acted like a mother. Having a good memory. Having sisters. Local flavor. Food trucks. Local cuisine.

Brainstorm: Mercury in the 3rd House (accidental dignity)

Busy mind. Thinking about siblings. Petty theft. Cat burglar. Local news. Local reporter. Local weather.

Brainstorm: Venus in the 3rd House

Good sibling relationships. Creative mind. Charming. Flirtatious talk. The girl next door. The popular girl at school. Having sisters. All girls school. Street style. The local art gallery. The local art scene. The local clothing store. Let’s talk about aesthetics. Let’s talk about art. Let’s talk about money

Brainstorm: Mars in the 3rd House

Sibling rivalry. Fast talker. Mental gymnastics. Aggressive speech. “Boy crazy.” The boy next door. Joggers. The local bully. School bully. Street gangs. Having brothers, having a tomboy as a sister. All boys school. Beat cop. Street cop. Traffic director. Revving your motorcycle engine at 7am on a Sunday morning. Peeling-out. Tire marks on the asphalt. Street Fighter. The Fast & The Furious. Drag racing on a Saturday night on Main Street.

Brainstorm: Jupiter in the 3rd House (accidental detriment)

Coffeehouse philosopher. Parochial school. Joining the local foreign language group. ESL classes (English as a second language). The Big Parade through town. Car culture.

Brainstorm: Saturn in the 3rd House

Speech impediments. Hearing aids. Formal elementary education. Special Education. Difficult siblings relationships. Construction. Old school. Old school cool. Blocked education. Blocked local travel. Limited mobility.

Brainstorm: Uranus in the 3rd House

Original thoughts and ideas. Brainstorming. Unusual siblings relationships. The language of the stars. Computer code. Programming languages. Gifted classes. Advanced learning programs. Advanced Placement. The local alternative scene. Heretic. Blasphemer. The Local Crazy.

Brainstorm: Neptune in the 3rd House

Song writing. Siblings with drug or alcohol issues. Drug dealers. The local drug scene. The local music scene. The local spiritual scene. Hanging out at the local ashram. Talking about missing or lost brothers and sisters. Soul sister. Soul brother. Where the streets have no name. Anywhere, USA. The song of communication, written on a peace vibration. The coffeehouse musician. Coffeehouse poet. Songwriters. Music school. Photography classes. Film school. The local film scene. The Local Drunk.

Brainstorm: Pluto in the 3rd House

Street level surveillance. Neighborhood Watch. CCTV. The local police. Intense sibling relationships. Dark sibling relationships. Code talking. Encrypted languages. The local underground scene. The local criminal scene. The local gangster.

Brainstorm: Chiron in the 3rd House

Healing through talking, writing and listening. Healing words. Healing journaling. Healing writer. Gifted teachers. The local alternative medicine scene. The local herbalist who knows all the local plants and where to find them.

Brainstorm: North Node in the 3rd House

Can you talk about what you know about? Can you explain it in your own words? Don’t preach, converse. Learning to talk with your hands. Learning sign language. Learning how to make yourself intelligible. Increase your language abilities. Take speech classes of all kinds. Learn languages, of all kinds. Know all the buzz words of whatever things you’re interested in.

Brainstorm: South Node in the 3rd House

Travel beyond your town. Go out and see the world.

Brainstorm: Ceres in the 3rd House

Owning a local restaurant and using local food chain suppliers.

Brainstorm: Juno in the 3rd House

Local weddings.

Brainstorm: Pallas Athene in the 3rd House

Local patterns. Traffic.

Brainstorm: Vesta in the 3rd House

Dedicated to local. In”vest”ed in the local co-op growers market.

Brainstorm: Galactic Center in the 3rd House

Mouthpiece for the Universe.

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3rd House Astrology Keywords

  • Conversation, & Connecting & Spreading Information
  • Speech & Hearing
  • Daily Interactions
  • Reading & Writing
  • Mental activity
  • Dexterity & Manual Skills
  • Neighbors
  • Siblings
  • Classes, Teachers, & Education
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