Brainstorm: Neptune / Pluto Astrology Aspects

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eeply unconscious and difficult to define processes. The darker side of life becomes glamorous. We are dazzled by secrets and taboos. We can’t look away from the wreckage. We are mesmerized by the age we live in. We are fascinated by secrets and mysteries. We become obsessed with penetrating the unknown. Deep experiences of mysticism. Powerful unconscious forces. The flow that our collective survival urges carry us in. A weakening of the survival instinct. Being carried away by forces beyond our control. The dazzling darkness. The magic of deep discovery. Washed into the depths. What lurks beneath the surface. Intense, yet barely perceptible, changes in consciousness. Purging the collective psychic toxicity. Purging our illusions. Immersion into the unconscious. Moving deep into the flow. Hypnotic. Letting go of control. Letting go of our collective garbage. Healing our collective baggage. Carried out by the undertow. Swept out to sea. Deeply unconscious healing processes.

Becoming numb to pain and suffering. Becoming desensitized to trauma. The ability of those in power to lull us to sleep. The insidious power of media. Indiscriminately absorbing powerful subconscious messages. The permeation of the subconscious through mass messaging. Power to influence masses through indirect methods. The ability, and controlled use, of images to reach the subconscious. The unconscious processing of disturbing imagery. The power of the arts.

Renewal through spiritual cleansing. Renewal through compassion and giving of oneself. Transformation through developing receptivity to higher forces. Overhauling illusions while remaining deeply idealistic. Becoming aware of psychic powers. The controlled development of psychic powers. The ability to influence others through indirect psychic methods – for better or worse.

Pervasive drug use. Sex loses all boundaries. Sexuality regains its ties to spirituality and mysticism. The slow, yet complete disintegration of existing taboos and power structures over the course of a lifetime. We lose perspective on what is important for our survival. The powerful become vulnerable. The vulnerable become powerful. Deep illusions. Dissolving power boundaries. Illusions about power. Illusions about the amount of control we have. We are obsessed with escape. We plunge into the depths of nearly every facet of life. We have the opportunity to develop compassion when presented with taboo subjects. We have the opportunity to dissolve attitudes that need to be regenerated. Transformation through letting go. Learning to accept the inevitable transformation of the age. Faceless and nameless forces.

Liquid resources. Drilling for oil. Being careless with our resources. Forgetting what it is like to struggle. Letting experiences of pain fade away. Going into a deep trance. Relinquishing control and going along for the ride. We let our power slip through our fingers. Losing our grip on reality. Confusion about what is important. Free for alls.

Compassion offers catharsis. Compassion for those experiencing pain and trauma. Compassion is a resource. Deep sympathy for people in states of transition. Using psychology for healing. Using psychology to delve into the unconscious. Psychology only adds to the confusion. Going too deep causing some to lose realistic boundaries. Lost in transformation. Losing perspective on what we are transforming. Inability to come to a consensus. A sense of control gained through knowing ourselves in our depths.

The unknown and the unknowable. An age in which we probe what was previously unimaginable – good and bad. We have opportunities to re-imagine what life can be like. The power to transform the world through focused vision. The power of imagination. False endings. Fake deaths. Pretend crises. End of the world hoaxes. Just another drop in the bucket.

…in the period covered by the sextile of these two heavenly bodies, we are likely to see a collective need for unification and for a development of spiritual values.
— Karen Hamaker-Zondag

How rare is it?

The Neptune/Pluto conjunction occurs every 492.328 years.

Neptune Astrology

  • Dreamer
  • Poet
  • Visionary
  • Ethereal
  • Abandonment
  • Disappointment
  • Limitless
  • Intangible
  • Confusion

Pluto Astrology

  • Underworld
  • Underground
  • Underbelly
  • Cleansing & renewal
  • Treasure
  • Trash
  • Rebirth
  • Sex
  • Alchemy
  • Annihilation
  • Black magic
  • Sorcery
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