Nodal Synastry and the Magic Bullet

Why nodal or karmic connections with someone may not be the best thing to look for in a new relationship

There is no magic bullet in love.

There is no one connection between astrological charts that can say, “Yes! We are destined for each other: YOU ARE THE ONE.”

Aspects between charts, and in composite, tell what type of energy is present in the relationship- but not whether that energy is right for you. Rather than searching for “good” connections, look for the connections that give you what you want.

Are you non-committal? You want to have your cake and eat it too? Maybe look for positive aspects between Venus-Uranus or Mars-Uranus. These aspects between charts or in a Composite chart would show that the partners allow each other a certain amount of freedom in the relationship.

What you want in a relationship, what will make you happy, isn’t necessarily “their node on my Venus.” Relationships don’t need to be full of karmic ties and baggage to be right for you either. Starting fresh, with someone you’ve never met before, someone with few, if any, nodal connections, might be just the thing.

What is your experience with node contacts in synastry?

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