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Composites in Astrology_ 1+1=1 AstroFix
Composites in Astrology: 1+1=1
When you combine your Sun sign with your partner's Sun sign, there are only so many outcomes.
AstroFix Reader Question_ Planets on Cusps in Astrology (1)
AstroFix Reader Question: Planets on Cusps in Astrology
What does it mean to have a planet on a house cusp in astrology?
Mars Synastry_ 1st House Overlay in Astrology AstroFix
Mars Synastry: 1st House Overlay in Astrology
What happens when someone's Mars falls in your first house in astrology, or when your Mars falls in someone else's first house in astrology.
The Ascendant Template in Astrology
How the houses of your birth chart are connected by having a common house ruler.
The Astrological 6th House_ You Better Work It
Transiting Saturn in the First House Astrology_ Getting Fit
Transiting Saturn in the First House Astrology: Getting Fit
What happened when transiting Saturn in Virgo passed over my Ascendant and into my Virgo 1st house.
Icarus through the Signs & Houses in Astrology
Icarus through the Signs and Houses in Astrology
Interpretations of the asteroid Icarus through the astrological signs and houses.
Brainstorm_ Sun_Mars Astrology Aspects AstroFix
Brainstorm: Sun/Mars Astrology Aspects
Interpretation of the astrological Sun in aspect to Mars.