Past Lives, Active Dreaming and Transiting Mars in the 12th House


I still have a grand trine in fire: transiting Mars (19 Leo) – transiting Sun (19 Sagittarius)/ natal Neptune (14 Sagittarius) – natal Sun (19 Aries) in houses 12-4-8.

I’m reading The Holotropic Mind: The Three Levels of Human Consciousness and How They Shape Our Lives by Stanislav Grof, M.D. and it’s making me feel like I don’t take enough risks in dealing with my unconscious material. Perhaps it’s the Sun/Mars trine from the 12th house to the 8th house that’s making me want to engage my dreams more actively.

I have a need right now to experience adventure- no doubt from the Sagittarius Sun conjunct natal Neptune. This morning it occurred to me that Neptune in Sagittarius could be the “spiritual adventurer” or “dream explorer” and I wondered why I don’t embrace those potentials more. I mean, I have been keeping a dream journal since 1999, but the only truly active move I make is in asking questions and advice. I don’t try to travel, which is another Sagittarius theme. Traveling in dreams seems like another Neptune in Sagittarius manifestation. It seems a shame to have a nice natal Sun/Neptune trine and not take more risks in my dream life.

Another urge I have is to attempt an exploration of past lives through dreams. I’ve tried before, but without success. The 12th house is usually considered the depository of past lives. Having transiting Mars there makes me want to be more active in exploring past lives, and to decide if I believe in them or not.

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